Sunday, April 26, 2015

Share a Link Sunday - 4/26/15

Good Sunday Morning friends!

Yesterday we had a great deal of very hard rain, but today the sun is out.  Our sunday is starting Fresh, Clean and Shiny new!

Here is this weeks link up, also shiny and new, all ready for all my writing and blogging friends to re-fill this week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our Beautiful Bowls - Wordless Wednesday

So I recently wrote about the beautiful bowls I see on other blogs and magazines, and how my own bowls are not so beautiful.  While I mostly meant it as metaphore I thought it was funny that my family made bowls this week!

Our family of bowls.
Parker got a Pottery Wheel for Christmas, and we finally go around to putting batteries in it and using it.

Daddy made the first bowl, to try it out and to show Parker how it worked.  Then Parker made his.  Then I made one.

The next day, after they had had plenty of time to dry, we all painted our bowls.

Daddy's Bowl
 Daddy wanted to use EVERY color of paint that came with the pottery wheel.  So he did.

Parker's Bowl
Parker painted his bowl green outside and purple inside.  Once that dried he wanted to paint the bottom too.  He painted the bottom of his bowl white.

My Bowl
My bowl had an accident.  I dropped it while I was painting it!  And it chipped the lip!  I painted over it and you can hardly tell where the chip was.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beauty and Bowls

I am a lover of beautiful things.

This does not set me apart.  It does not make me different.  Beauty is one that many people find appealing.  (Thought what is considered beautiful is in the eye of the beholder... or the beer holder, depending on who you ask.)

I spend a lot of time watching people make art on youtube, but sometimes I'll pull down an old issue of Artful Blogging and browse through it.

Once upon a time it was my dream to have my blog featured in this publication.  I've given up on that that dream.  

I blame the bowls. blog featured in this publication are artistic, thus the name.  And there are a lot of photographs.  And they are stunning and professional and I can look at a picture of bowls on a shelf (because there always seems to be a picture of bowls on a shelf) and I tell myself my bowls are not that beautiful, my shelf is not that beautiful, my photography and picmonkey editing is not that beautiful.

Now, the bowls, while sometimes being actual bowls, are also a metaphor.

The people who run these beautiful blogs do not life my kind of life.  They live in beautiful houses.  They have money to buy beautiful things.  They have time to make beautiful things.  They have time to take 400 pictures of their beautiful things and edit the 1 best one into award winning artwork.

My bowls have chips in them, and if I manage to take a picture of them I'm lucky if I have time to download them to the computer and run them through the auto-correct feature of picmonkey between diaper changes and 9 hour work days.
This makes me daydream.

I want to live on a hobby farm.  I want to bake bread from scratch in my rustic kitchen (but it only LOOKS rustic, all the appliances are modern, and my microwave will be so smart that I could tell it to program the VCR and it would tidy up the den while it was at it).  I want to take beautiful pictures of beautiful bowls.

My life is beautiful in its own way, but it is not beautiful in a way that is ever going to get it featured in a magazine (or a reality television show).

So its a good thing I have the internet, and this blog.

And its a good thing that thanks to Pinterest, I'll never run out of beautiful bowls to look at.

PS. The bowl images I shared in this blog are from pinterest.  If you click them they will take you to my For the Home pinboard.  I fully intended to make a Bowls pinboard just for this post.  I might still do that.

PSS. I was going to take a picture of some of my bowls to share at the end of this post, but its almost midnight and I don't have time left in the day for a photo shoot.

PPSS. My perceived lack of beauty is not the only reason I'll never be in artful blogging.  My tenancy occasionally drop the F-bomb for no good reason at all

Share a Link Sunday - 4/19/15


I hope the week behind you was productive and the one ahead of you is full of joy and grace.

Last week we had more linkers than ever, and I hope that number keeps growing!

We also had a good many click outs, which is even more awesome!  Remember, you want YOUR link visited so make sure to visit what others share.  We're still a small linky, so its easy to visit every other post right now!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Budding Artist - Wordless Wednesday

I'm cheating a little and sharing this wonderful picture that I shared earlier on My Instagram.

He's been asking to paint ever since the night after I did my gelli print.  I love that he wants to paint.  I don't so much like cleaning up after he paints.

I gave in tonight after work though, spread out his stuff and told him to have fun.

Funny thing...shortly after I took the photo he decided he was done. Days of begging for mintues of painting.
(I sear, it took me longer to clean up than it did for him to create his masterpiece.)

Monday, April 13, 2015

I long for ADVENTURE

Somewhere deep Inside of me there is a girl who is free spirited and ADVENTUROUS.

Unfortunately the part of my closer to the surface is rather like a hobbit.

What does that mean?  Well, lets look at this snippit of conversation between Gandalf and Bilbo that takes place in The Hobbit why don't we?

“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone.'

I should think so — in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit
 See, its like this:

Whenever I read a really good novel, usually a coming of age novel, with a grand adventure and lots of excitement I get the urge to wander.  I want to travel, to explore, to be chased by killer sewer clowns.

Okay, maybe not the killer sewer clowns, but...adventure.

The young adult novels give me this longing the most.  Coming of age novels where the protaganist is helped through the adventure by his or her best friends or new friends.

As a child I spend most of my days alone.  I only saw my friends during school, and there were certainly no adventures invovled.

The idea of adventure makes me want to grab my whip and fedora and run out the door.

That is when my inner hobbit speaks up and tries to talk some sense into me.

Not just the "you have a job, two kids and a mortage" kind of sense, but the "you have social anxiety, you're afraid of the dark, and you get lost trying to find your way back tot he waiting room of your doctors office!" kind of sense.

There are people in the world who are meant for adventure.

Then there are people in the world, like myself, who are meant to read about adventure.

But that doesn't stop me from feeling adventurous from time to time.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Frazzing Week

Today is the end of a very long week, and frankly I'm feeling frazzled!

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The first few days this week were a frantic frenzy of cleaning and clearing and fuss was being made because we had an "important" visit at our store.

Spring Tour.

Our new manager wanted to "win" but I doubt we did.  At least we didn't fail.  At least if we did our manager didn't share it with us.

Thursday was the visit, and after that you would think we would feel fancy free, but that was not meant to be.

They day after our big visit our Lowest Prices of the Season sale started.  Crazy good sales bring in lots of shoppers.  Unfortunately it also brings a lot of confusion.

Many, many MANY times lately I've had to say, "No, the sale is 3 for the price of one, NOT 3 for a dollar."

Because when shoppers in the middle of a crazy good sale see the number 3 and the number 1 beside either other, they don't really stop to read what is say in between those numbers....they just make it up as they go along.

Meanwhile at home I have the two small children.

Much like growing old, having small children is not for the faint of heart.

So, its Sunday and I'm off tomorrow!  Sweet mother of mercy I'M OFF TOMORROW.

Well, I'm off of work tomorrow.  I still have to do the mommy thing.

What I really want right now is a back rub.  A nice, long, stress releaving back rub.

I'm not sure what this feels like but it looks
a - FREAKING -mazing.
I'll settle for getting to sleep in tomorrow.

And by sleeping in I mean getting up to feed my frantic offspring at 8am instead of 7:am.

Also I fully intend to feed my face some bacon in the morning.

Bacon is almost as good as a back rub, right?


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