Monday, August 18, 2014

Ingrid Michaelson Girls Chase Boys - Music Monday

Today I discovered Ingrid Michaelson.  Watching other videos on Youtube I was suggested I watch Girls Chase Boys.

Here, you watch it too!

And I thought it was amazing.  Except for the part where every last freaking man in this video is better looking than me.  Like....dude, stop being a sexier woman than I'll ever be please!

The song isn't bad either.  I listened to it about a dozen times, not counting the initial time when I watching the video.  I had it playing in the background while typing this up actually.

The hate in the comments of this video is disgusting though.  I hate hate!  Maybe they are all just jealous that these men are better looking women than the actual women they know.

Meanwhile, this video is actually a tribute to another video.  Imagine that!

If you have EVER heard 80s music, then chances are very good that you know the song, "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer.

Have you ever seen the video for Simply Irresistible?  No?  Well here you go:

See, if you felt like "Girls Chase Boys" made you question your sexuality, then you should feel okay after watching that one right?  Its back to objectifying women....just like music videos are supposed to.

Now...I just wish I was Tech Savvy enough to put Ingrild Michaelson's song over Robert Palmer's video. Then maybe people would actually LISTEN to the song instead of spreading their homophobic hate all over the video......

Meanwhile, if you are like me and actually listened to the music, you can purchase both Girls Chase Boys by Ingril Michaelson AND "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer on Amazon. "

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Can Summer Be Over Now?

Autumn in my power season.  There is just something about the air during the autum months that fill me with an extra charge.  I feel like I can take on anything and everything.

Sadly, it is not currently autumn.  It is, in fact, Summer.

A lot of people like summer.  The world is full of "OMG!  BEACHES AND BARBECUES AND BIKINIS!"  And I'm over here laying like a slug in front of my fan going, "Ugh, its to HOT to MOVE!"

I'm not a fan of heat.  You see, even in the winter I sleep with a fan blowing on me.  I covet cool.  In summer, there is no cool to be found.  Even indoors with the AC on and a fan blowing on me I'll be sweaty and uncomfortable.

Summer is the kryptonite to my get up and go.

Take this very blog entry for example.  I started writing it around 5:30 pm.  It is now 10:12 pm.

What did I do during those hours.  Well, I had supper, washed dishes, and fed the kid.  But other than that I did a whole lot of NOTHING.

I had plans for today.  They included getting some projects finished to go in my shop.  I've done exactly 0 projects.

Having done 0 projects also explains why I'm making 0 dollars from my etsy these days.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Musings on Keeping My Happiness

The world can be cruel and harsh and mean.  Nobody is spared.

But there are also moments of great beauty.  Some people might find this beauty in nature.  Some in architecture.  Some in the sculpted curves of the human body.

That beauty is there is easy to KNOW.  But when the ugly of the world raises its head, which it does often and with menace, that the beauty is there is hard to remember, easy to forget.

Since about a month before my birthday I've been focusing on mindfully changing my outlook on life.  I'm tired of being pessimistic.  I'm tired of being sad.

And people have commented that they like the new me, even though the new me is still a work in progress.

There has been back-sliding.  This past week was particularly bad.

I hate it when the ugly of life pushes me to such a dark place that this little guy get a snippy snarly mommy.

For myself.  For him.  For his brother.

Time to practice some deep breathing, some visualization, some affirmations.

Time to put on my big girl panties, which are really, REALLY big girl panties because seriously have you guys SEEN the size of my rear these days?

that made me smile today.

1.  Parker playing with Spencer.
2.  Spencer clearly looking for his brother when he heard his voice.
3.  The feel of my husbands hands on my back and shoulders.
4.  The taste of coffee in the morning.
5.  My friends might life in different cities, different states, but I DO have friends!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Just Give Me Your E-mail!

I recently had my yearly review at work.  Leave out the part where a person who has worked with me for less than a year was the one who gave me my review, it was still a worse review than I thought it would be. 

Not that it was a BAD review.

Still, I got lower marks because of my e-mail collection.

See, where I work when you are on the register they want you to collect e-mails.  We have a certain % we are supposed to meet.  They want each person to collect 25% of our customer e-mails. 

I only average around 5%.  They tell me that I'm not asking every customer! I do ask every customer.  Not every customer gives me their e-mails.

The ones that DO give me their e-mails are usually the regular customers.  They don't count though.  I can get 100% e-mail from regulars and still have a low percentage of collection because only  NEW e-mails count.

I fully understand people not wanting to give out their e-mails, but their reactions tick me off.

"I don't have one" they will say, while they are clearing on facebook on their smartphone.  Um...if you have facebook you have an e-mail!

Once I had a woman tell me, "I don't have one." and her daughter immediately said, "Yes you do mom!"

Jesus people, I'm asking for your e-mail, not your social security number.  You don't have to LIE to me.  Just saying NO is fine.

Then there are the people who say, "Oh, you don't need that."

One day I'm going lose it and say, "Yes, I KIND OF DO!"  I wouldn't be asking you for it if I didn't need it! Whether or not you give me your e-mail determines whether or not I get another "talk" at the end of the week.

Then there are the people who say, "Not today, I don't have time for that."

Don't have time for that?  All you have to do is spell out your e-mail to me.  It takes SECONDS.  You just spent 4 minutes looking up a coupon for your $1 item you just bought, so don't tell me you DON'T HAVE TIME.

Oh, and that brings up another minutes per transaction is low too.  I'll save that for a different post though.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Coppertone Clearly Sheer: Bzzagent Review


As a Bzzagent I was given a chance to try a new sunscreen.  I was sent samples of Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunscreens.

I was hoping that I would get my samples BEFORE my family had a trip to Disney, because that would have been the perfect chance to try them out.  They didn't get here till we got back, however, and I've only had a chance to use them in our pool.

Clearly Sheer offers you 2 differnt sunscreen options:

CLEARLYSheer For Sunny Days:
Clean and light formulas are ideal for everyday use under makeup with a fresh citrus scent that’s appropriate for routine daily activities.

CLEARLYSheer For Beach & Pool
Delightfully light, refreshing formulas feel clean on skin, are water resistant for up to 80 minutes and have a subtle tropical fruit and flower fragrance.

A few talking points of the sunscreen were these:

  • Absorbs in seconds for a clean and light feel
They did absorb fast, on myself and my children.
  • Moisturizing formulas help leave your skin soft and smooth
My skin did feel smoother after using it a couple of times.  I didn't noticed any difference in my kids skin, but they have flawless skin anyway.
  • Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts (clinically tested on acne-prone skin)
I have certainly had no breakouts because of this sunscreen.
  • Matte finish is perfect for use under makeup

 I can't talk up this one because I don't wear makeup!

Overall I was satisfied with these sunscreens.  They did what sunscreen is meant to do, and protected skin from the sun.  Even the sensitive skin of my children.  I would certainly recommend the product to anyone looking to better their sun protection. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Tie Dyed

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fish Happens

For many years I've been a keeper of the fish they call Betta.  My first every Betta was named Aplha.

Alpha lived a long Betta life.  So did the consecutive Bettas, none of the rest of whom were ever named after Greek letters.

When my last Betta died I couldn't decide whether or not to get another one.  After all I had the "real" aquarium now. I also had 2 kids, 2 dogs, the rat cage, the housework, the full time job.  Did I really need that ONE MORE chore on my to-do list?

So I just let my betta tank sit on the counter and dry out.  Then it sat there empty and stained for many months.

Today I took it down and dumped out the rocks and scrubbed the aquarium.  I had the rocks soaking to clean the accumulated gunk off of them and Parker spent much time playing in the tub of warm water and rocks. 

We were going to the pet store to get more stuff for the filter for the big aquarium, and I thought briefly about getting a Betta while we were in there.  Then I watched a bunch of "My First Betta" videos on youtube.  Then I decided that I didn't want another pet container to clean.

Then, when I grabbed the rat food out of the cabinet its kept in something fell out.

That something was the container of betta food I had bought the week my last Betta died.  He had died rather unexpectedly.  Swimming and flaring his gills threateningly at me one day, dead the next.

Anyway, I'm not usually one to see signs in things, but since I had been hemming and hawwing about getting another Betta, then the universe literally threw some Betta food at my feet I thought maybe I SHOULD get another one.

I asked Parker if he wanted to go to the pet store and pick out a fish and he said yes.

So when we went to the pet store I totally let him pick out the fish he wanted.  It wasn't my favorite, or my husbands, but it was the one he wanted and it looked as healthy as a pet store fish in a little jar can look, so its the one we got.

Oddly enough, the store was completely out of the fish filter stuff I needed, so I got a new fish, but not what the original purpose of the trip was for.

He came in a cup, and sat in the cup beside his new home while both of them became the same temperature.  Then tonight, just before hubby went to bed, I put him in his new home.

When I left the room he was contentedly swimming around checking the place out.  Down to the bottom.  Into a corner.  Between the plant fronts.  Resting briefly on the gargoyles nose before going back up to the top.

Now, Parker has not given the new fish a name.  I'll ask him again tomorrow, but Robert seems convinced that he's NOT going to give the new fish a name.  So it might fall on me to name the new fish.

In which case, suggestions are welcome.

The small things that made me smile today.

1.  Having chicken soup in the cabinet when I needed it.
2.  Cuddles on the sofa from both of my boys.
3.  Getting a new fish.  Pets make me happy.
4.  My mother in law cooked supper, including fried egg plant.  SUPER yummy.
5.  A trip to the library.