Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Prowling Tiger - Wordless Wednesday

"Hello Beautiful," I said as he prowled by.
"How can a tiger be beautiful," my son asked.  "It can KILL you!"
"He could totally kill me," I told him," but he's still very, very beautiful."

He's only 7, he doesn't yet know that often the most lovely things are the most deadly.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Aliens in the Kitchen

 I've been up since 3ish with an upset stomach.  Much of the early morning hours were spent in the bathroom, sitting on the porcelain throne and reading Duma Key while I waited for my stomach to settle down.

Around 8, Parker ran into the bathroom looking terrified and shut and locked the door. "I heard something in the kitchen," he said. Paused a second, "And I'm ready for breakfast."

"What kind of noise did you hear?" He demonstrated a noise that sounded like a dinosaur in a movie and said he's been hearing it all morning.

The bathroom shares a wall with the kitchen and I had heard nothing.

"What do you want for breakfast?"

He bent over to look under the bathroom door. "A Poptart.  What are you doing in here anyway?"


Usually, me saying I'm pooping sends him running out of the room holding his nose.  I sometimes tell him I'm pooping even when I'm not just to get him out of the bathroom.  This morning he stayed right there.

He followed me to my bedroom while I get dressed and hid under my covers.  He stood in the hall as I looked in the kitchen.

"It looks fine," I told him.  "Nothing in here."

"So no alien?"

What sound DO aliens make anyway?"
(Bath Tub Aliens available on Amazon)

"No baby, no alien."

I tried to tell him he was probably still half asleep and dreaming the noise he heard, but he wasn't buying it.

At least now that we're all awake he is fine.

Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Okay to Be Mediocre

Adulting Stickers (for moms)
Adulting is harder than it looks.
(buy me)

I adulted today.

I did two loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen twice.

I went shopping and bought a cheap belt cause mine was being held together by masking tape.  And I bought a cheap pair of shoes because the sole was coming off of one of mine.  I looked at the desks but didn't buy one even though I really wanted to.

I fed my kids.  And played with my kids.

I did a lot of other things that normal people do every single day.

And I kind of want an atta-girl.  And by kinda I mean I very much want an atta girl.  I want my husband to notice that the kitchen is clean and the kids are still alive.

I'm the kind of person who needs a pat on the back from time to time but rarely gets one.  Then I get frustrated from doing the exact same thing every single day.

I've washed those same dishes every single day for 15 years.  The laundry gets washed and put away despite my urge to leave it all in the dryer until such time as I need to fish it out.  I put on shoes and pants on my day off for crying out loud.  Don't I deserve a tiny nod of recognition for being able to (pretend to) adult properly?

See, people think that "getting a trophy for participation" is a bad thing.

Clearly I am not one of those people.

Gold Thumbs Up Trophy
Awesome job being human today!
(buy me)

Why?  Because I'm normal.  I'm mediocre.  And just like the larger part of the world's population, I think it would be nice to be told "good job" from time to time.

I kept my kids alive today.  Way to go!
We all have clean underwear.  Great Job!
You didn't spend money you can't afford to spend.  Have a gold star!

Hell, sometimes I feel like someone should greet me outside of my bedroom door just to applaud me for getting out of bed in the morning.  Cause its hard.

Luke Skywalker balancing Yoda on one foot while doing a hand stand.
We don't all have the force, you know.
(buy me)

People like this Star Wars quote too.  "Do or do not, there is no try."

That is utter BS.

Why is our society so gung-ho to tell people they are not good enough?  Not special enough?  Not worthy of any praise at all unless they can be extraordinary?

Fish can't climb trees, and the average person isn't going to be a movie star, an Olympic Athlete, or be able to multiply in the thousands the in their heads.

The average person is going to be average every single day of their lives. And because the average person isn't "special" they don't often get the praise that everyone deserves.

Yes, EVERYONE deserves to be told they are doing a good job.  EVERYONE deserves a pat on the back.  EVERYONE deserves to be recognized for.

So, if you have someone in your life who does the same old normal things day after day after day, give them a gold star.

EVERONE deserves one.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Depression VS Bedroom Before and After

Depression.  It leaks out into every part of a sufferer's life.

Did you know that a dirty home can be a sign of depression?  While you might want to blame laziness on the filthy homes you see on shows like Hoarders, you can bet that most of them have underlying mental issues.

Depression can cause you to let your home go, and being surrounded by clutter can make you feel more depressed, which makes the clutter grow.

Eventually, it can get out of control.

I'm lucky.  My depression seems to come in waves, or spirals.  I seem to be at my lowest at the start of most months, and feeling more normal midway through.  That means I an get on top of my clutter before my clutter gets the best of me.

The past couple of weeks have seen me in a very low depressive slump.  And while there my bedroom, supposedly a safe haven, had become uncomfortably dirty.  (And this coming from someone who is not particularly tidy.)

Tonight, in under 2 hours, I cleaned up a large amount of what was making me feel bad.

Here are some before and after shots of my bedroom become a haven again:

An unmade bed covered with dirty clothes.

This first shot is of my bed.  Unmade.  Covered in dirty clothes and bags of shopping that have not been unpacked.  Not exactly something you'd look forward to climbing into at the end of a long day.

A neatly made bed with a double wedding ring handmade quilt.

Cleaned off, made up and topped with a beautiful HAND SEWN quilt made by my aunt, its much more welcoming at the end of the day.

A side table covered with books and clutter.

This one is a shot of my night table.  Not a night stand like most people have, but a long table.  So covered with books and debris that you can't put another thing on it.

And, for laughs, if you look at the bottom left you'll see a book.  The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.

You can't make this stuff up you know.

A side table neatly clean, with a journal and candle on top.

Now, books back to their proper shelves.  Trash in the trash.  Clutter be-gone. 

There is my journal (previously on the floor at the right of my bed as you'll later see) and fountain pen within reach.  I could even light a candle in my salt lamp without setting the whole place on fire.  I can even reach my stereo to turn it on.

Not perfection of course.  The corner shelf needs love, and the under shelves are still a catch-all of craft supplies, but the top is peaceful again.

A messy room with clothes on the floor.A pile of clothes on the floor of a dirty room.

These two photos are of the floor on the right and left hand sides of my bed.

MOUNTAINS of clothes and stuff thrown on the floor.  I had to climb on the pile to set my alarm or reach my lamp.  Almost just to climb into bed.

On that floor, behind the green clothes basket, was my JOURNAL!  Clearly its not helping me out at all if its down on the floor not being used!

Look!  Now there is a floor under there!

Again, not perfection.  The clean clothes and bags of shopping still need to be dealt with, but for now its contained and not spread over the whole bedroom floor!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Day of 1,000 Sleeps and Thoughts on the Walking Dead Final

Yesterday was a day of a thousand sleeps.

After working 3 days in a row with no breaks, no lunch and no backup I was too exhausted to human in a functional manner.

I slept until almost noon.  Ate lunch.  Surfed some flash fiction sites, then took a mid-day bath and went back to bed.  I got out of bed shortly after supper just in time to bathe my boys and watch The Walking dead.

I had just settled in on the sofa and was watching the ongoing saga of Rick vs Negan when my youngest woke up screaming.

"Why doesn't he ever wake up during the commercial breaks?" I asked my husband.

He hates sleeping in his bed. (The kid, not my husband)  He's 3 years old and still wakes up multiple times a night, until we put him in his playpen that we (yes, still) have set up in the living room.

Since my show was on I lay him on the sofa with me and he immediately went back to sleep.

So soft and cute.  So precious.   You would never know that when he's awake hes a mean little sucker who terrorizes his older brother.

Eventually, he went back to his bed.

Meanwhile its Monday morning in my little corner of the world, and looks like it wants to rain.  I want it to rain.  Like, if it starts raining about 1 and goes at it hard and heavy for the next 9 hours I'd love it.

I have to close tonight and I just hope that I'll have some backup for a few hours before everyone leaves me.  I'm not ready to be the only keyholder again.  I also hope everyone shows up to work so that I dont have to do ALL the things, but that's laughable.  I can't remember last time everyone showed up.

Now, enough small talk, lets get down to the important things:

Can We Talk About The Walking Dead Though


So last night was the season finale of The Walking Dead, and I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with my Sunday nights for the next 6 months.

If you've not watched the season final yet you should skip all this till you do.

 The night was full of "Holy Shit"s on my part.

Never did trust that weird trash woman.

I have an embarrassing admittal though.

Even though this is a freaking ZOMBIE show and all, and I KNEW Sasha was going to be dead when he opened the coffin, for some reason I never expected her to pop out of that thing like a freaking undead jack in the box.

Then Carl doesn't even hesitate and it doesn't' really surprise me that the first shots in the war came from that fantastic little shit.

Then the calvary arrives on horseback, you get to see Carol REALLY back in the game and of course the King himself and his amazing flying tiger death.  (Which according to Chandler Riggs is a man in a green suit leaping off of a trampoline....the more you know....)

Rosita gets shot, but I was really hoping she'd die.  Like Zombie Sasha getting a hold of Rambo Barbie would have made me huge kinds of  happy.  (I've thought of Rosita as Rambo Barbie since shortly after her appearance when the director thought a close up of her rear in G.I.Jane booty shorts was just what the show needed.)

Wait, lets back up a step...

Rosita gets shot. Rick gets shot (yes....again).  Michonne gets the ever loving shit beat out of her.

And Negan escapes.....riding off into the sunset with his middle finger raised.

Back at the sanctuary Negan declares war, and back at Hilltop Maggie blames the whole sordid mess on Glenn....but in a really sweet way.

And Eugene is Negan and I really want to shave his mullet and throw him in the incinerator.

Then there is Dwight's toy soldier left behind with a message.  Didn't Know.
What didn't you know Dwight?  That the Garbage Pail Kids were evil?  That Negan is afraid of Tigers?  That Daryl WOUDLN'T kill you?  Now I have to wait until next season to find out.

But...I somehow totally missed Maggie's entrance to the battle so I need to watch it again to catch it.  Did Negan see her?  I have no freaking idea.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Share a Link Sunday - 4-2-17

Once upon a time, when I used to write for Squidoo, I had a weekly linky.  Share a Link Sunday.

Looking back at my archives, they were some of my more popular links.  Go figure right?

While Squidoo doesn't exist anymore, people are still writing all over the place, from Hubpages to Niume to their own personal blogs.

I decided to renew Share a Link Sunday so that people can share their online writing with others.  New posts, old posts, all are welcome, as long as it is to something you have written yourself.

As for myself, I've done very little this past week.

I did decide to do April's Ultimate Blogging Challenge, and talked a little about that.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April - Ultimate Blog Challenge and NaJoWriMo

April is here and with it comes again the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

The Challenge is to write every day in the month.  Not only to write to be sure you share your writing, and that you visit and interact with other bloggers as well.

The goal is to gain more views, more subscribers to your blog.  It should also have the effect of making more sales if that is what your blog is meant for.

These days all blogs are meant for making sales, it seems.

That is why I have dropped out of all the previous blog challenges.

My blog is vastly different from most fo the ones I see when I'm clicking links.  I'm not pushing a product.  I'm not trying to sell an ebook, and my blog is barely monetized at all.

I'm from a past generation of bloggers.  Ones that actually blogged as if they were keeping a journal online.  A personal blogger. They call it "Lifestyle" blogging these days, but thats funny to apply to my little slice of the web.  To grand of a word.

I would like to get more readers though, and more comments.  I think I miss comments more than anything in my "once upon a time" early blogging years.

For the month of March I got roughly 18 views a day.  Which really isn't THAT bad considering I last made a post back in FEBRUARY!

I do need to get in the habit of blogging more often, and I know that interaction is the best way to get more readers to my blog.

So I guess I'll just plug along best I can.  Even though I might have some trouble fiding a nice comment to leave on a blog post that is little more than plugging and ebook that I'll never read, I'll have to try my best.

Hopefully by the end of April I'll have much bigger numbers to brag about.

April is also National Journal Writing Month.  I'm cracking open a new journal and will be getting back in the habit of journaling daily like I used to do back in 2000.  I think the therapy of spewing things out onto paper will do me some good, as well as giving me fodder for my blog.
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