Monday, February 27, 2017

Journal Monday

Meet my art journal.

It is a small pocket sketchbook (3.5 in x 5 in) with 60 sheets of unlined paper.  This one came from Michaels, but they don't have it anymore.  You can buy it on Amazon.  Also, Moleskine has a similar one.

I've been using this one as my art journal off and on since March of 2015, but recently have been doing a ton of pages.  Several pages a week.

Some of the images have been getting a lot of praise on facebook and on Instagram, so I thought I'd start sharing my favorite pages here weekly.

 I had intended for this page to have text on the right-hand page, but couldn't find anything that I felt went with it. So, now its just a stand alone page as it is.

"Break" is my favorite page I did this week.  The background was done with watercolor paints and a water brush.  The collaged images are all from a lipstick ad in a magazine.  You can see more about the thought process behind this one at Break - An Art Journal Page

"Go Bold" started out as a page where I was sticking down scraps of paper that were scattered on my desk after doing "Break".  Then I found the gymnast while flipping through another magazine.  I liked her black and white against the colored paper scraps

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Neighbors Beast - Wordless Wednesday

Our neighbors have had a rottie for a while.  She would come to the fence and bark to be petted.

Recently he has gotten a pit bull.  Now, I don't hate pit bulls.  I grew up with an awesome one.  I know friends who have awesome ones.  But this one is a scary beast.

brown pit bull dog behind chain link fence

When it's not picking fights with the rottie (we hear them fighting off and on constantly) if we are in the yard he'll stalk the fence, then rush it barking, sometimes growling and sometimes trying to get over the fence.

The rottie used to bark at us too, but her's was a "Come pet me and love me" kind of bark.  His is much more threatining.  

I'm afraid of this dog.  I'm afraid for my elderly and sick dog.  I'm afraid for my children.

They are afraid for themselves too.  They don't want to go outside and play in our own back yard, because they are afraid. Because a mean doggie lives next door.

Brown pit bull dog behind chain link fence

Irresponsible pet owners drive me up the wall.

The video below shows him barking at us.  He's wagging his tail, but that is NOT an indicator of friendliness.  You can hear him growl a little as I stand up to film the rottie, laying in the yard being all peaceful and stuff.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Weigh In - The Beginning


I'm rather disappointed in myself at the moment.

I weighed myself this morning.  I've not really stepped on the scale since the 1st of January.  I used to step on it daily but people said I weigh myself too often.

Well, in my hiatus from the numbers I have gained 5 pounds.  Almost 6 pounds.

This makes me very sad because it puts me back in the 230s, and I had managed to stay in the 220s for almost 2 years.  (I was over 240 at my highest.)

Well, clearly I need to go back to monitoring my numbers daily.

I also need to rein in my eating habits that are getting out of control.

I've been having a soda or two every day.  A bag of chips or two every day.  Eating fatty meals of ham and bacon.  We've been eating out a little more than usual.  I've been avoiding vegetables.  I've barely been drinking any water at all.

My Plan for this week is to stop having soda and chips with my lunch at work, and to step up my water intake.  Aiming for 4 to 6 cups of water for this week, will add more as we go.

We'll see where those two small changes get me this week.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

My New Years!

Happy New Year friends!

I don't know about you guys but I'm kind of happy to have 2016 behind us.   It was not a kind year to so many people.

I am planning on 2016 being a better year for me, if I can help it!

Last night (the 31st) we went outside right as I got off work and shot off a few firework.  We were afraid it would rain, and also the little guy wouldn't NOT be awake at midnight, no matter what.

The boys enjoyed the fireworks.  And a neighbor came over to join the festivities.

Parker did stay up until Midnight and popped more fireworks.

I did mean to get up early today and make pancakes, but I didn't wake up until 10!  Hubby said he didn't wake up until 9.

Today was a lot of video game playing by the boys, and I worked on my vision board most of the day.

Nanna cooked lunch.  Greens, black eyed peas, ribs, rice, and more.  I stuffed myself!

Parker went to spend the night with Nanna, and Spencer fell asleep between 7:30 and 8.

Cleanse is my Word of the Year so I put it right in the middle.  Or it started in the middle and kind of floated up a little.  I explained my vision board a little better on niume if you want to know what its all about.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Holidays VS Merry Christmas

I won't say that I'm not easily offended.  Fat jokes offend me, and entitled men offend me, and our whole political system offends me but...

If you wish me a Happy Holidays I'm totally NOT going to be offended.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit.

See, I am aware that while Christmas is the most celebrated holiday around these parts, but I'm also aware that its not the ONLY holiday celebrated.

Now, if I were a better blogger I'd go looking for all the holidays and all the people who celebrate them, and post statistics and stuff.

I'll just settle for saying that in my store alone I have spoken to several customers who are not celebrating Christmas.  One that I'm aware of was shopping for Yule decorations.  And many, many, many of them are Jewish so, no Christmas for them either.

And, while I am celebrating Christmas you know what else doesn't offend me?

If someone, who does not celebrate Christmas, wishes me a happy, merry, joyous whatever it is that they DO celebrate.

Saying Happy Holidays is NOT a War on Christmas.  While saying Merry Christmas is very exclusive.

Now, I'm not saying everyone should say Happy Holidays instead.

No, what I think is that people should be able to say whatever they want.  If someone tells you Happy Chaunaka they are not attacking you.  They are asking you to be HAPPY for crying out loud.  And instead of getting all defensive you should totally wish them a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) right back.

Because this time of year is supposed to be all about GOOD TIDINGS and it has turned into a bickering free for all.

I'm pretty sure that misses the whole point for most of the celebrations of the season.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

25 Days of Blogmas 2016 Prompts


What is Blogmas you ask?

Blogmas is Christmas Themed blogging.  25 (or 31 if you're ambitious) days of writing about something Christmas related EVERY SINGLE DAY.

To help myself (and others) stay motivated in the event of a Christmas emergancy I'm throwing together 31 quick writing prompts. 

If you don't celebrate Christmas I don't mean to exclude you.  Feel free to celebrate a countdown to the holiday YOU celebrate.

1.  Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?  Which one do you say?  How do you react to the opposite.
2.  Pretend that you are still a kid.  What TOY do you want this year? (Real toy-toy, not grownup toy)
3.  Do your children (or the chilren in your family) beleive in Santa?
4.  What is your Wish List for this Christmas?
5.  What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Why do you like it?
6.  Share a childhood memory of Christmas.
7.  When you are feeling grumpy and anti-christmas do you think of yourself as Scrooge or The Grinch?  Why?
8.  Big presents are easy, but what about stocking suffers?
9.  Do you have one person who is almost impossible to shop for? How do you gift them?
10.  Christmas carols - love them or hate them? Do you go caroling anymore?  Do carolers come to your neighborhood?
11.  Christmas Parties.  What is your favorite party theme?  Cookie party, pajama party, ugly sweater party, or something else entirely?
12.  Christmas Decor - do you prefer white lights or colorful ones?  Santa or a nativity? Share your own Christmas display if you have one.
13.  What is your winter weather like?  Is it warm where you are, or will you have a white Christmas.
14.  Handmade or store bought?  What kind of gift means the most to you?  Do you prefer solid gifts, or cash/gift cards?
15.  Christmas Goodies - The holidays bring out our sweet tooth.  What are your favorite Christmas only sweet treats.  (Share a favorite recipie if you have one)
16.  Your christmas tree, is it themed?  Do you put an ecectic mix of ornaments on it?  Do you have more than one?  Share your tree(s) with us.
17.  Speaking of ornaments, do you have special ones on your tree? Share one (some) with us and tell the story.
18.  Getting...and giving.  Many of my prompts have been about getting gifts.  Do you do any charitable giving in December?  Do you also give other times of  year?  Why?
19.  Hot cocoa or egg nog, what is your go-to drink during the holidays?
20.  Elf on the shelf, yes or no?
21.  Is there a relative you only see during the holidays?  Is their presence enjoyable or a nusiance?
22.  If you have to give up one part of Christmas, FOREVER, what would it be?  Why?
23.  We're almost there!  Is your shopping all done?  Are you a last minute shopper or get it all done early?
24. Christmas Eve - What Christmas eve traditions do you have with your family?
25. Merry Christmas!

OKAY, there's 25 up until the day of, how about 5 more to get you thorugh the end of the year.

26. Was your Christmas day wonderful?  What was everyones favorite gift?
27.  How long after Christmas do you wait to take your decorations down?  Why?
30. What is your favorite memory from 2016?
31. (Predictably) What are your resolutions or goals for 2017?

Okay, there are 31 prompts that came straight off the top of my head to keep you blogging this Blogmas.  But if you want more don't fret, check out Rusty2Rusty's Chatter for more than 31 Days of Blogmas prompts!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Goodbye Sweet Boy

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