Thursday, October 20, 2016

Walking Through the Spider Webs

And as midnight creeps around again
you think it would be so much easier to just let go.
You want to post 2 words to facebook
just 2, so they scream in bold black letters.



Because you know in  your heart of hearts that they all lie.
It doesn't get better.
It might not get any worse.


But it's never going to get any better.

And as midnight creeps around again
you curl down in your covers but know
you won't sleep.

And when the sun comes up again,
you will come up again.
Against your better judgement
and carry on.

Same Shit.
Different Day.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Post Matthew

It rained.
The wind blew.
Trees fell down.

Matthew came through and trashed some stuff.

We were lucky really.  No damage was done to our home, just loss of power for many days.  Loss of everything in the fridge. 

It was painful throwing things away, a full head of lettuce.  Most of a bottle of salad dressing.  Half a jar of jelly.

Loss to our checking account as we were overcharged for a hotel room (charged more than double their regular rate apparently) and having to buy canned mac and cheese for the kids, boxed juice and chocolate milk.  Bottled water and food for us.

The power was restored by linemen who worked tirelessly.  Most from other cities, other states.  Most people not being grateful they were working just complaining they didn't get the power back on fast enough.

The first night I lay sleeping under my own fan after a hot bath I loved them.

It had almost been nice with the power out.  We spent the night playing scrabble at the table with candle light.  I slept with the window open, the barred owls hooting at me.

In the end it was little more than a scary inconvenience.

We were the lucky ones.

Now its back into the swing of things, going to work every day.  Restocking the fridge.  And now, blogging.  Though I've failed at another ultimate blogging challenge.  :(

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Top 4 Retro Horror Movies

Scary is a rather objective term.  Different things scare different peple.

People who know me now might be surprised to find out that when I was younger I HATED horror movies.  In fact, I hated anything even a tiny bit scary.

When I was just a little Noner I remember my aunt putting in The Labyrinth for me and the first time they showed the gobins (puppet goblins mind you...this was a Jim Henson movie) they scared me and I would not watch the whole movie.

Over time I learned to love the horror genre, and while they very rarely scare me anymore, I still enjoy watching them.  Some of my favorites are older movies that are almost campy and cheesy.

Here is a small selection of some of my favorite horror films.

The Gate - Its an oldie, released in 1987, but this is the first horror movie I remember watching and ENJOYING.  It still scared the pee out of me, but it was the first time it was an enjoyable scare for me.

Since it IS an 80s movie it probably wont be scary at all to people in this day and age, and its not scary to me any more, but I do still love to watch it from time to time.

In this one two boys, Glen and Terry, accidentally open a gate to hell.  Tiny demons come from the gate, which is beneath a rotten tree in the familys yard.  The two boys and older sister Al are alone and have to figure out how to survive the tiny demon hoard and  how to close the gate before their parents get home.

One scene, where the tiny demons were in the walls, really freaked me out when I was a girl.

And, so you won't be to sad when the movie ends I'll let you know that there is a sequel.  The Gate 2.

In the Mouth of Madness - In this film novelist Sutter Cane has written a novel which seems to drive everyone who reads it insane.  Murderiously so.  When Sutter Cane disappears the publishing agen gets an insurance investigator named John Trent to find out what is going on.

Trent finds himself surrounded by people, and places, that take place in Cane's latest mind altering novel.  He eventually finds himself trapped in the town of Hobbs End, which he thought as a fictional place. 

At the end of the movie you are left wondering if any of it was real, or if Trent has been in "The Mouth of Madness" the whole time.

While there are monsters and the usual horror fare in this one, it was more of a psycological kind of scary to me.  Messes with your brain.  If I ever see a novel by Sutter Cane on the shelves I don't think I'll be reading it.

Demon Knight - This one is a Tales from the Crypt movie, and when the Cryptkeeper is involved you just KNOW you are getting a decently mixture of scary and funny.

A stranger named Brayker turns up in a small town looking for somehwere to spend the the night.  As it turns out he is the protector of the last of 7 very special "Keys."  The Key is really a container that holds a small ammount of the blood of Christ.

He has to explain this to the band of misfits he is sharing a run down bed and breakfast with in order to get them to help protect him and his relic from the demonic Collector.

If the Collector gets the last Key he can open the realm of hell and chaos on earth.

Over night the Collector haunts the B&B.  He can't come inside unless he can convince one of the people inside to let him him in, and he tries very hard to get in.

From Dusk 'til Dawn - Easily the most adult of the movies I've shared here this one was made back when vampires were still bloodthirsty killing machines.

The Gecko brothers on on the run after Richard breaks Seth out of prison.  Seth is a bit of a hothead, so even though Richard wants to keep a low profile they end up leaing a wake of death and destruction behind them.

They steal and RV, taking the family inside as hostages and end up seeking refuge in a seedy truckers bar with the colorful name of the Titty Twister. 

As the sun goes down they realize the establishmen is a nightmares, as all the people who run the place, from the band to the strippers, turn into hideous vampires.

The Gecko's and their hostages end up having to work together to try and survie the night.

Interested in checking out some of my favorite horror films?  They are a available through Amazon.

(Today's post was inspired by Rusty 2 Rusty's October 216 Writing Challenges.  Please take a moment and read about the scariest movies she has seen.)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Onlne Earnings and Freebies

Goodbye September 

Fall has arrived and the holiday season is approaching way to quickly.


(actually received)

Nothing earned and received this past month.



I got a few free books this month. 

I got the physical book Extraordinary Ordinary Moments from Blogging For Books.  It another creative journaling book where each page is a prompt and you are supposed to fill it up.  I'm in LOVE with this one, and will be reviewing it soon.

From NetGalley I've gotten several e-books to read and review.  Those inculde:

Reviews of each of the above will be shared on my book blog as soon as they've been read.

Free Sample of EmergenC and EmergenC Immune Support. - Get Yours Here!

Free Sample of Truvia Nectar - Get Yours Here!

Various free magazines (Shape, Family Fun, Parenting, Cosmo and more) - Give me your e-mail and I can send you a referral.

Influenster's Vox Box  including coffee, pens, laundry detergent, floss sticks and more - Click here for more info.

Free Sample of Nivea in Shower Body Lotion - Get Yours Here!

Free Sample of Astroglide - Get Yours Here


I earn money and gift cards online, and you can too!

Join any of these places and you can start earning your own PayPal payments and Gift Cards today.

Swagbucks is my #1 earner.  I can usually get at least 1 $5 gift card a month just from answering polls and doing web searches and occasionally watching videos..  I could get much more if I put effort into it, or if I did a lot of online shopping.  You earn more when you shop.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What's Online at

 While that is my main earner I do earn other places as well.

ForumCoin - A discussion forum.  You can earn 10 FC a day, and can cash out for $5 for 500FC

MyPoints - this one is a slow earner for me, becasue you mainly earn from online shopping.  But you can also earn from reading e-mails, and doing searches from their site.  You can redeem a $10 amazon gift card for 1700 points.  Other gift cards can start as low as 1600 points, or you can donate your points to a charity for even less.

MyLot - another discussion platform.  You earn cash for quality participation in other peoples discussions or by participation in discussions you start.  Current payout threshold is $5 paid if you reach that amount by the end of the month.  If it is not reached, the amount you have earned rolls over to the next month until you reach minimum.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Betta Fish - Wordless Wednesday

Back in July I got a betta fish. (This guy right here) This fish ended up being damaged and I wasn't aware of it. He only had 1 pectoral fin that made swimming difficult for him. This didn't become noticable until after we got him home, out of his cup and into a tank.

Unfortunately we ended up losing him after I'd only had him about 17 days.  (For the record my bettas usually live 3 to 4 years)

Today we went to PetSmart for some fish food for George, and I convinced hubby to buy me another betta.

Here's one photo of my new boy. (See more photos here)

Notice, a small little fish swimming around, and a HUGE reflection of him on the side of his cup.

I hope this is an indicator of a huge (and healthy) spirit.  I don't want to lose him in 2 weeks.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cranberry T-Spray - Tooth and Oral Care Spray

I've been using a mouth spray called T-SPRAY Cosmetic Teeth & Breath Spray.

The flavor I used was Cranberry, but it is also available in Cool Mint and Green Tea.

The information that comes with the spray says that it:

  • Freshens breath
  • Prevents stains
  • is Antimicrobial
  • pH Level Control
  • Protects gums
  • Remineralization through calcium supplement
This product is also:
  • 100% edible
  • no preservatives
  • No medicines or harsh chemicals
  • no colorants
  • no Triclosan
  • is safe for pregnant women
  • is safe for children ages 2 and up
It is very easy to use this product.  You just spray it onto your teeth and gums and tongue.  You can spray up to half an inch from your mouth, and can use your tongue to spread it on the teeth you might not be able to reach .

T-Spray tooth film is convenient to carry and easy to use.
While it might help to prevent stains from forming, I have to say that it DOES NOT work as a tooth whitener.  At least not in the amount of time I've had to test and review this product.

The lighting is different in the after photo, but the yellowing has not changed.

I will continue to use it as a breath freshener, however, and to prevent bacteria from forming after meals when I'm not near my toothbrush.

T-SPRAY should be used WITH your regular tooth brushing routine, NOT as a replacement.

(I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week End Wrap Up - Sept. 4th thru 10th

 Welcome to my first Week End Wrap Up!

You know I post in several places online!  Just in case you missed any of the awesome things I posted anywhere this week you can catch up right here!

All links should open in a new window.  Some links might take you to sites other than blogspot.

Feel free to visit all, and leave comments where you can because Noner loves comments.

How to Cook Tasty Eggplant Parmesan Sticks -  Learn a little bit about eggplants, and get the recipe for Eggplant Parmesan Sticks that are easy to make and pretty yummy too.

Used Bookstore Haul -  See all the wonderful new (to me) books I got from a used bookstore that is closing down.  With video of me reading the back cover text to tell you what the books are about.

Mushroom at Ground Level - A Wordless Wednesday posts, lots of close up photos of a white mushroom growing out of a pile of dead leaves.

Bats in the Air - Not in your Hair -  Read all about what I saw flying over everyone's heads at the supermarket, and find out how you can attract bats to your yard, and why you should want to.

Back 2 School VoxBox Unboxing - Read about the free goodies I got for being a part of!  (With video)

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