Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Finger Painting for the First Time - Wordless Wednesday

A few days ago my oldest son wanted to paint.  He has graduated from fingerpaints to acrylics, but I KNEW his little brother would not leave him in peace.

So, I dug out the finger paints, and little brother got his first finter panting experience!

Some paint may or may not have been tasted that day.  But....its non-toxic so we're cool.

Parker used some of my acrylic craft paints, or various brands.  This is what I gave the baby to play with (and ultimately taste test)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Share A Link - 8/29/15

Hi friends!

Sunday has come around again, and with it another chance to share some of your work, and a few chances to visit the work of others as well!

I've been a littel busy the past couple of weeks.  I'm still adjusting to my oldest son being in school, and the extra hours that takes away from my day.

I've started a couple of new blogs recently.  Once is Yellow Circle, and the other is on BlogJob which is another place that will pay you for your blogging.

In the upcoming week I hope to continue to grow my blogs, by putting time and effort into them more often.  After all, readership comes with activity.

Meanwhile, drop a link, visit a link, and have fun with my Share A Link Sunday!

My Actual Shed

Yesterday while I was on my "I Wanna She Shed but I can't afford $4,000+ to get one" kick, a friend pointed out that it doesn't have to be a NEW shed.

Most She Sheds are, in fact, "reclaimed" storage or tool sheds.  And, as you can tell in the photo above, we have one of those.

On the outside its not that bad.  I mean, clearly it needs to be power washed, and some of the jungle needs to be trimmed away from it, but other than that its got a lot going for it.

On the outside.

Inside is a different story.

Above we see what is probably the most fixable thing about this.  The steps are broken.  They've been broken for a while.  And the makeshift brick step is much lower than the threshold.  But, that's okay.  That's fixable.

What is inside isn't as easily made better.


Honestly, I don't like to step into my shed beyond the threshold.  If its deep enough in that I have to take a couple of steps, I don't venture in to get it and just do without.

If you keep reading you'll find out why.

Okay, "Storage Shed of Doom" is probably a little overly dramatic for my shed.  But it is a storage shed  You can see our Christmas reindeer and our holiday Yoda hanging out 'til the day after Thanksgiving rolls around.  You can see my stored "I currently don't have a rodent so lets get this stuff out of the house" paraphernalia. You can see my sons Lightning McQueen power wheel (you can't see my other son's Mario Kart power wheel, but its in there too.)

These are all outdoor things that need storage, therefore they are stored in our outdoor storage shed.

Now lets look to the right.  THIS is where it become a little more problematic.  All those boxes.  All that STUFF, is my husband's things.  We have no room in the house for these things, so they live here.

This is what it looks like after a CLEANING.

A few months ago he did finally get rid of some stuff.  This is the stuff that he can't live withouth, that he ABSOLUTELY cannot part with.

There are broken VCRs in there that he "might have repaired one day."  And there are empty boxes from every electronic toy and lego set ever.  And there are boxes of old magazines.  And there are boxes.  And there are Boxes.  And there is a papasan chair that has no cushion but he won't get rid of, because he likes it.  (Which, come to think of it, with a coat of white spray paint and a new cushion would fit in my Imaginary She Shed pretty well)

But even if someone turned the AC on in Hell, there is one more reason I could never, ever, ever, EVER remake this into a place for me (and why I don't like to go in any farther than one step into the building):


Well, THAT is a cobweb, but there are lots of active webs in this place too.  And what do they house?  They house these:

That, my friends, is a Kukulcania hibernalis or Southern House Spider, and it is the biggest, fattest, blackest, juiciest, scariest looking spider that Georgia has to offer.  And this shed is FULL of them.

Once upon a time I reached into a bag of pine chips in the shed and came out with a fist-full of this hell-spawn.

Now, they are not deadly, but I don't fancy sitting down to write and having one of these heifers climbing up my leg either!

Now, even if I could get rid of my husbands junk, and get rid of the eight legged nightmares, there is still ONE more factor.

This place STINKS.  Like only really old places that have been unused for a really long time can stink.  That shed was old when we bought this house, and its even older than that now!  And its always just been a giant junk room, hardly opened.  I'm not sure there is enough air freshener in the world to get the stink out of the wood this shed is built of.


Now, even if hubby did clear his stuff out, and I was able to scrub, de-stink and de-spider the shed to my liking, I would still have a lot of outdoor storage to share my space with, which would defeat the purpose.

So I still want (and still can't afford) my own she shed.

Friday, August 28, 2015

My Imiginary She Shed

Today a friend of mine posted a link to Facebook about tiny homes, and it made me start thinking.

I would never want to live in a tiny home.  My own home is on the small side, but far from tiny, and I already don't have enough room.

That got me started thinking again about the concept of She Sheds.

You know how men have their "man cave."  Well, historically the female version of the man cave as the laundry room.  NO MORE!  A She Shed is typically a garden shed that has been re-claimed as a getaway space for the lady of the house.

Well, since my second son was born my "office" has become a 3x2 foot corner in a doorway of our dining room.  High traffic, loudest room of the house, no privacy, no extra room.

And I really want a She Shed of my own.

I found one I really like the look of:

This is the Santa Rosa 12 ft. x 8 ft. Cedar Garden Shed, and it has several of the things I want in a she shed.
It has a floor.  It has windows (with flower boxes!) and it has a porch.  I really wanted a covered porch, so I can put a rocking chair on it.

Unfortunately with a $4,000 price tag, this beautiful shed will not be mine any time soon.

But, just for fun, here are a few things my dream She Shed would have:

It would be the shed above, painted in yellow, with white trim.  I would have a rocker on the porch, and a little table.  I could sit there in the mornings, and have my coffee before the kids got up.

I would put a gutter on it, and it would drain into a rain barrel.  I would collect water in them to water the plants in my planter boxes, and the other plants in my yard. Or for filling up my paint brush rinsing cups.

I would have solar panels on it, to power my shed, so I would not have to run electricity and pay "the man" for my shed's power.  That would also let me run a stand alone AC in the summer, or heater in the winter.

It would be surrounded by a garden bed full of cedar chips, in which I would grow some greenery like Hostia plants.

Inside on one side I would have this kind of desk/shelf built:

That would be for my writing desk, with my notebooks and journals stored on the shelves.  I could write in my notebooks, or I could take my laptop out there. another wall I would have a fold up table.  Something not always in the way, but that I could fold down and use if I wanted to do some beadwork out there, or work on art out there.  I really like the look of this one to the left.

I like the extra storage inside the table.  I might not like the chalkboard though.  I'm not crazy into chalkboard.  Probably I'd like a cork board there, to pin up pretty pictures and inspiration.

Then, on the third wall of my imiginary she shed I would have a futon.  It could be a sofa, or I could pull it out and lay down to read or take a nap if I wanted to.

The floor would be unfinished.  Rough.  I would make a latchook rug for it, or a rag rug.  When I wasn't painting I would have the rug on the floor.  When I was painting I could pick it up.  I would not care if my floor got paint on it.  It would make it feel more like a studio to me.

I would paint the inside walls white, but there would be TONS of bright colors.  The rug.  Art on the wall.  The curtains.  I love color and won't have to be drab in my She Shed like I have to be in my own home.

I would have SHELVES everywhere on the wall, but I want the metal bracketed kind.  Where you lay a plank over movable boards.  So I could always move them to make room for bigger art or more books.


Well, I spent a LARGE part of today scrolling pinterest, finding things I want for my imiginary She Shed.  I guess I better quit wishing and face the $4000 reality.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Share a Link - 8/9/15


You are wonderful people and I'm happy to have you here with us again!

I know that everyone is pretty busy with the school season starting up again.  My own little one started for the very first time this year and I know it has already added a lot of extra crazy to our days.

I hope that despite the extra crazy going around that you were still able to get some writing and blogging done this week.

Even if you didn't manage to get something new written, you can share something older that needs a little more love!

Post a link or two, and take a moment to view the links others have shared.

If you didn't do it, visit the links shared on LAST WEEKS LINKY.

You never know, you might just find your new favorite blog, or make a new friend!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Parker's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was a MAJOR day in our lives, and specially in Parker's life.

Today was Parker's first day of school!

We walked him to his classroom and left him all alone with his teacher Ms. Herb and her aid, whose name I can't remember.

He walked right on it and the aid led him to his spot, where he put on his name tag.  I went in and took a picture, and kissed him and said we were going.

His dad went to him and told him a few things again that we hope he remembers about school.

He said, "Leave me alone I'm trying to color."

I'm not even entirely sure that he knew when we left the room.

We cried.

The parents always cry, or so other parents have told me.  Yet the children never do.

Now I'm trying to burn time until it is time to go pick him up, so I'm blogging.

I don't remember if I cried on my first day of school or not.  I probably did.  I'm sensitive like that.

Robert said he hated kindergarten, but liked first grade.

I don't think I hated kindergarten, because in kindergarten I had not yet started to be bullied.  I don't remember much about it though.

Leave me alone, I'm trying to color!
I remember learning my alphabet in Kindergarten.  I remember watching the Letter People.

I remember nap time.

Now children are supposed to know their alphabet BEFORE they start.

I wonder if they still have nap time.  Parker has not taken a nap since he was 2 years old.

Do you remember Kindergarten?  Do you have kids in Kindergarten?  Share your first day of school stories here!

Monday, July 27, 2015

"Game" of Life

So tonight I was going to sit down and write a blog post on growth and change.  It was going to compare the "game" of life to other games.  Specifically I had Nintendo and D & D in mind.

Now, game systems, like Nintendo, come with a reset button.  If you don't like the way the game is going you can reset it, and start all over.

This is nifty.  Nice feature.  Too bad it doesn't apply to real life.  Like, lose too many hearts, reset, hearts come back.  Sure, you have to do some things all over again, but you've done them before, you know how to do it now.  Better, faster, with more power.  Okay, with less power, but you know where I'm going with this right?

Lost your sword? Its dangerous to go alone! Hit reset!

Now D & D (Dungeons and Dragons for those among you who don't speak geek) isn't a console game.  It doesn't come with a reset button.

Come to find out it doesn't really fit with my anology either, but I'm gonna roll with it.

(Get it... Roll with it.  I made a joke.  It was funny.  Laugh at me damnit!)

When you play a Nintendo game, you have a character given to you.  Once upon a time if it was an RPG you could name your own character but after that you were sort of stuck with the game as the programers programed it.

D & D is different.  You get to create your own characters.  You have to do this based on a certain set of rules, but they are your creation.

Now, these characters grow.  They change.

Now this is where I get a little murky on the whole thing, since I've never actually PLAYED the game.  But I've heard people talk about it.  Had a conversation about it on FB tonight in fact.

Meanwhile, while your console game character is limited to a set number of choices and a set number of outcomes, your RPG chracter has a wider variety of directions to go, you can learn and you can grow.  And while you might never change your alignment you will be a vastly different character at level 15 than you were at level 1.

And maybe if I had played more D & D and less Super Mario then I'd be a little better at this whole "LIFE" thing.

Because I kind of really want to hit the rest button, you know?  Like, who is this turtle and why did he just bite my feet off?  RESET!

The Game of Life does not come with a reset button.

But there really are turtles that can bite your feet off!
I've got to learn how to roll the dice instead.  And hope for a natural 20 (because that is apparently a good thing)

So, time to start rolling!

Think this is enough dice guys?

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