Monday, May 9, 2016

The Amazing Shrinking Noner Part 1

My (6 year old( son took this photo of me one night
recently as I worked in the yard.
I started a diet on Thursday.

Yeah.  Thursday.  I know, a totally random day to start a diet, right?

Well, today is Monday, so I guess I can adjust my "Start" date to today as far as blogging about it goes.

Meanwhile, I was at 220 pounds this morning.

That was already 4 pounds down from Thursday.  Which Is totally all water weight, but its still weight, right?

When I start a diet I weigh in every day.  A lot of people fuss and me and say, "you don't need to weigh that often" and they'll give their reasons they dont think I need to weigh that often.  But for myself, it really does help.

The blue line is my projected weight loss over 6 weeks.  The red squares (which are totally not on the chart in this picture because it was just the first day) are my daily weigh ins.  I'll try to share an updated picture of my chart every week.

Last time I lost weight I went from around 235 to 224.  And I dropped from a size 22 to a size 18 in jeans.  Not too shabby right?  Then I stopped.  It got dark too early, and was too hard for me to get out and exercise.

Now when I get home it is still light out.  I can start walking again.

My body and exercise don't get along.  I have a bad back, bad knees and the achellies tendons on BOTH my feet scream with almost every step I take.  When I walk, it is at about a 2mph pace, which is actually pretty fast for my short little legs despite myfitnesspal telling me its a slow pace.

Anyway, I wear a fitbit and have started tracking on myfitness pal again, so you can connect if you want (but only if you promise not to scold me for my food choices, as long as I'm not going crazy over calories):

My Fitness Pal

Anyway, if you want to follow my weight loss (achieved without a gym membership, any equipment, or fancy foods) feel free.


Age: 34
Height: 5'3

Start Date: 5-5-16
Starting Weight: 224
Current Weight: 220

(Body Measurements taken monthly)

Starting Inches

Arms: 14"
Thighs: 28"
Waist: 44.5"
Hips: 48.5"
Chest: 46"

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers day is rough for me.  It has always been a holiday full of mixed emotions.

As a child I hated mothers day.  It made me sad to see all the mother filled commercials, and doing all the projects "for mom" in school.

I didn't have a Mom.

My mother and I.
Well, I guess I did have a mom, somewhere.

But she was not part of my life.  In my mind she left me when I was a baby.  I didn't even remember her.

As an adult I know it wasn't all her fault that she was gone from my life.  As an adult I know that my dad most likely played a part in keeping her away.

But as a child all I knew was my mom left, and I didn't have a mom like everyone else did.

Of course I had mother figures.  I had my Granny, and Aunts that I loved as much as I could have loved a mom, and they loved me as much as their own children too I'm sure.

And there was my Mr Mom.  My single dad raised me, and played both roles as well as he could.

As an adult I've still got conflicted emotions about Mothers Day.

As an adult I have my mother in law, who is wonderful.

I also have two little boys who are my whole world.

My sweet boys.

But I also still have that little girl feeling of never having a mom.

I also have a husband who does nothing to make mothers day special for me.  My boys are too young to even know what the day IS, so it would be up to him to make it special at this point.  (of course he doesn't do anything special for his mom either, so its not just me....)

So, I've never had a mother, and I'm not exactly ever celebrated in my own motherhood.

Meanwhile, there is a whole world of moms outside of myself.

We have a family member who lost his mom not even a whole month ago.  He's still hurting, a lot, and the whole world is yelling Happy Mothers Day.  Not that it matters how long ago you lost someone you loved.  When their special day comes around the hole they left in your life aches.

I have friends who have lost children both born and unborn.  I have friends who have had to give their children up for adoption.  I have friends who desperately want to be parents but are unable to conceive for one reason or another.

In conclusion...

Moms are great, except when they are not.
People love their moms, even if they are gone.
Moms are moms, even if they no longer have a child to hold.

Moms from my favorite show.  Bonus points if you know who they are!
So, what are you doing special for you mom today?  (even if its just in remembrance)
If you are a mom, is your family doing anything special for you?

Forgot a gift? No problem, send your mom or mother figure an amazon gift card so they can treat themselves to something nice.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blogjob Rewards Program Suspended

Yesterday (May 4, 2016) Blogjob announced it was going to have to "temporarily" disable its rewards program.

I saw the signs of the end to this revenue stream.

Blogjob was one of the revenue sharing blogging sites I had most recently been writing on.

I can't say that I was surprised by this announcement.

Why?  Because I've been a member of profit sharing websites for a while, and one thing they all have in common is that the always quit sharing their profits.  Either they will come forward and bravely admit they cant pay and have to stop, or they will just sit back silently and not paying out.

I was a little shocked by the timing of this one though, because just earlier this week it cut its points payment system by 50 points, so you could only earn 100 points a day (minimum) instead of 150.

Now, I know (again from experience) that cutting payment earnings is closely followed by the removal of payment entirely.  I've just never seen it happen that quickly before. 

The next step will be that the site will likely either be sold, or disappear entirely.

This happens all the time for the same reason.  These sites share revenue, which means the give back some of the money to its writers that they earn from the ads there.  But these sites never generate enough ad profit to keep paying the tons of writers there to earn a buck.  There is just never enough search engine traffic.

And the owners always try to fix it, but it can never be fixed.

I hope I am wrong, and that Blogjob can come back from its downfall.  But I'm not holding my breath.

I was, of course, sad to see it go.

Losing Blogjob means I'm losing money.
These sites all seem to fall down after I discover them.  I make one cash out, get close to a second then it happens, it gets harder to earn points, and I never do make it to that next pay out before they shut down.

Many people have been burned by all the sites, just like I have, and are talking about moving their posts to their own domains.

I would do the same, but have never had any luck at monetizing my free blogspot blogs.  And I certainly can't afford my own domain.  I'm working on these revenue share sites for a reason, after all, and that reason is because I have $0 leftover after bills are paid.  My online earnings are supposed to be my fun money.

I will not be posting on Blogjob while its rewards system is suspended.  I can post for free right here on Noner Says.

I will, however, continue to read and comment on the blogs that I have been following there.  That is, if those bloggers continue posting there.

There are other sites that still share revenue with their writers, but I'm not "good enough" to write there.  Which is to say, I'm a personal blogger, not an article writer, and most of those sites don't look kindly on personal blogs because they don't bring in enough revenue (case in point being Blogjob).

Meanwhile I'll be posting here and hoping to get enough traffic to my own blog to maybe convince someone to click an amazon link and buy a thing.  That's as close to monetization as I get. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Digging in the Dirt - Wordless Wednesday

 This little circular "garden" was growing nothing but weeds.  So I tore the weeds out.

 See, it looks much better now.

Then I platned some flower seeds.  I planted a lot because I don't really expect any of them to grow.  Right now I'm calling it my "Popsicle Stick Garden."

If it does grow I will have hollyhocks, 4'oclocks, and sunflowers.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard:

 Can you tell that this is a section of  yard surrounded by bricks?  I can just barely see them and I know where they were.  So I started digging them out.

 The first night I only got about half of the bricks uncovered before I ran out of sunshine.

The next night I got the rest of the border uncovered.  It looks better.

BUT, its still a work in progress.

Because in the center of that circle of bricks, is a rectangle of bricks.  It is a grave left behind by the previous owner of our house.  Her dog is burried there.

But you can't see the rectangle of bricks so the next thing I'm gonna do is unearth those.


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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Freaky Nighmare

I had a HORRIBLE nightmare last night.

I killed a woman seemingly for the fun of it (and that's not even the worst part of the dream.) Then I befriended and started a relationship with one of the people looking for her (I think it was a coroner?) Then something happened that I don't remember (I remember being on the front porch of Daddy's house and a noise and bright flash but not why there was noise and a bright flash)

Then I was in the afterlife/underworld following the dead woman on a path. She was following a wooden ball that was rolling down a rock wall beside the path. It was picking up other wooden balls and getting bigger (like snowballs do in cartoons) But then it rolled OFF the wall, and got small again. 

It rolled off the path and into a forest.

The woman kept following the ball and I was screaming at her to not follow it, to stay on the path, but she followed it off the path anyway.

Then the ball changed direction shot at her and went in her chest. She fell down paralyzed but her eyes were moving, and this was where I started getting really, really afraid in the dream.

She stood up, ripped all the skin off of her body and said, "I have been delivered. I have been delivered into the Desert."

Then there wasn't a forest anymore, but a blasted desert wasteland all around.  Where the woman had fallen when she was hit by the ball was a smoking blackened crater.  She walked away, past me, and every place her foot touched turned into a smoking black hole.

Then I woke up to the sound of our doorbell ringing. A very clear and loud Ding-Dong. Except our doorbell DID NOT RING. Everyone else in the house was still sleeping peacefully. Even the dogs. Only I heard the doorbell ring.

It was exactly 3am and I was totally freaked out. I got up looked out the door and saw nobody, walked around the house, checked on everyone. My heart was pounding and it took me FOREVER to be able to go back to sleep.

Meanwhile 6 hours later I'm still creeped out by the dream. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

March Freebies and Online Earnings

(Free Samples, or Free Items In exchange for a Review)

Collage This Journal by Eleanor Shakespeare - Received from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.
Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray - Received from influenster in exchange for an honest review and feedback.
Bic Soleil Shine razors - Received from Bzzagent in exchange for spreading bzz.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Place of My Own - Wordless Wednesday

Lately I have felt suffocated, at work and even in my own home.

I've been struggling to find one little slice of something that is MINE.

I've been reading about "Sacred Spaces" (which I will talk about more in depth later).  And decided maybe I needed a space of my own.

The house is full, so the only space I really have is my catch-all bedside shelf.

Yesterday it looked like this:

Today I took everything off of the counter itself (ignore the messy shelf to the right...not sure what's gonna happen with it right now)

Going into my fabric stash I found a scrap of fabric I liked.  I've had it for years, even taken some photos of my rats on it before.  It doesn't cover the whole shelf, but it does help to seperate a section, to call it out as "special."

Then taking another scrap of fabric (lacey), my itty-bitty Buddha and some fake succulents, along with my current journal (in the bottom right if you don't see it) I'm starting to fashion a Sacred Space of my own.

This will be a little slice of the house that is MINE.  I will keep it clutter free, but will add things to it that I like, things that make me happy.

I'll talk more about it later when I have more on it.

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