Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Apple Seed - Wordless Wednesday

I ate an apple.  Inside of the apple were 2 sprouted seeds.  I've never had an apple with sprouted seeds before.  For a joke I decided to plant them.

These are the rest of the seeds from the same apple.  I've thought about planting them as well.  Or at least a couple more of them because...

 Roughly a week after I planted the sprouted seeds I have a little green apple tree poking its head above the ground.

Not only that but its sibling seed is valiantly trying to push its head out of the ground too.  Its just a slower on the uptake.

The same thing can not be said for my sons Eye Grow Buddies.  They have passed their 7 day mark and have not sprouted fuzzy hair. I thought it might happen since they were so old, but I had hoped they would grow.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Share a Link Sunday - 3/22/15

Hello Everyone!  Welcome all of you to our fabulous Share a Link Sunday Link Up!

I hope that you are all ready to Share a Link with us today!  I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful blogs and articles you will share with me and all of our friends.

But first I want to share a couple of Important Links with you guys.

A very special person and a wonderful woman I met online is in a bit of a bind.  She's been told that she has to get out of her current home.  The only place she has found where she can go and keep her beloved friend and companion Valentino with her is in Washington.  Which is a big deal because she is currently in Florida!

I need all of my pet loving friends (and I know I have a lot of you) to help keep Valentino and Ruth together on this journey!

Now that I've shared that very important link with you this Sunday, it is time for you to share your links with the rest of us!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

C is for Cookies and Cranky and Crafty

C is for Cookie, That's what it means to me.

Well, no, not really.  What does C stand for in my life?

Lately I've been reaching for the bad C words.

C is for crabby, cranky, crappy.  C is for crazy, which I'm pretty sure I'm going to be before this month is over.  C is for closed in and confined and constricted.  C is for controlled, as opposed to being IN control.

C isn't a nice fellow once you get past all the cookies.


C is for creativity.

That image up there is the 2nd of my "found poetry" collages I did this week (see the 1st one here).  Except its not exactly poetry, though the images and the words were FOUND in 2 different magazines.  (One of them was Cosmopolitan, how coincidental.)

I'm not done with this one.  It wants something else.  I'm thinking I might break out my white paint and my chevron (another non-emotional c word there) stencil and do a doodle or two.

It seems the more constrained I feel, the more my inner artist wants to come out and play.

And I love being Crafty.

I see more of these little collages in my future.  Because they are little, and  can do them at my desk with just a pair of scissors and a glue stick for the most part.

And maybe I'll work my way out of this corrosive depression I've fallen into.

Find out more about the ABC challenge.
Click to the list of Emotions that start with C.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Broken Pot, A Crushed Spirit

Remember a few days ago when I shared a picture of my sad back yard after a fight with my husband drove me out there.  I was stressed out, and I wanted my yard to be a haven, but it wasn't.

Well, yesterday while planting seeds and watering "gardens" with my son, I decided I was going to do everything in my power to make it a haven for myself.

I can't afford new pots to pretty up my patio, so I was going to take my old weather worn pots and paint them.  Most of my pots are plastic and cracked and not even a coat of paint will help them, so I picked out my favorite terra-cotta pot.  I love it because of its shape.

 I took it inside, and I scrubbed many years of yard dirt off the outside and inside of it.

Then after it had dried I started prepping it to be painted.

Have you ever painted terra cotta?  Unless you seal it it is thirsty and drink up LOTS of paint.  Well, I don't have terra cotta sealer, but I do have gesso.

Last night I put not one, not two, but THREE coats of gesso on the thing.  I was super excited.  I was going to come home tonight and put on a turquose base coat, then I was going to decorate it with spots and stripes.  I was hoping to plant some petunias in it.  Or some moss roses.

Well,  got home from work today and my pot was not where I left it.  The cardboard I painted it on was there, the round white ring where my pot was sitting when I left for work was there, but my pot was gone.

I asked my husband, "Where is my pot?"

"Oh." He said.  "Well, I wanted that hole puncher and it fell.  I don't know how it fell it just did."

That was it.  He didn't offer and apology or anything.

And last night I had been gushing to him about how I was going to paint my old pots since we can't afford new pots, and I was going to make my back yard pretty.

And there is a very LARGE part of me that things he broke it on purpose.

I went out back to pick the next pot, but they are all the hideous cracked plastic ones.  Nothing can make them pretty, and any spark of inspiration I had is gone now.

So, just like that my excitement and dreams of trying to pretty up my back yard with what I have on hand have been shattered into a million pieces....just like what used to be my favorite pot.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Watering His Garden - Wordless Wednesday

After soaking our EyeBuddies yesterday, my son wanted to plant some flowers.  When I told him I didn't have any flower seeds, he started watering all the weeds in our yard.

"My garden is dying" he declared.  "I have to water it."

Clearly I need to get the boy some flower seeds.

EyeGrow Buddies Teaching about Spring

A while back, when I was cleaning out one of my many boxes of random stuff, I found a pair of EyeGrow buddies that I had forgotten I had.  These things must have been in storage for 2 or 3 years at least.

Well, today being a beautiful spring day I took Parker outside to teach him about Spring.  How the weather gets warm in the spring and how this is when seeds sprout and grow.

The EyeGrow buddy is made by Grow-a-Head.  They are grass seeds wrapped inside of a material much like nylon stocking, with soil and a wick.  These "heads" have plastic eyes on them, and a little plastic pot for a body.  You fill the pot with water and the wick helps keep the grass watered when it starts growing.

Parker is soaking his head in water.  It has to get saturated.
Our Eye Grow buddies, waiting to sprout.
Now that we have them soaked, and sitting in their mini greenhouses we just have to wait for them to sprout.

The pack says they should sprout white fuzzy "hair" in 5 to 7 days, and after that their grass hair will grow rapidly.  (If it grows at all.  Remember my buddies are very old.)

Parker said he can't wait for them to grow flowers.  I had to point out that they are only going to grow grass.  He said he wanted to grow flowers, and spent quite some time planting leaves and watering them, "to see what they grow."

So I think I need to get the boy some flower seeds.

Meanwhile, the Grow a Head has evolved past the EyeGrow buddy stage.  They have some pretty awesome buddies to grow.

One of my favorites is the goldfish, in its own bowl!

This goldfish bowl and other Grow-a-Head pets can be purchased from Amazon.>
Just click the fishie.

Isn't he awesome!  The fish is cute.  The bowl is cute.  The whole thing is just....cute.
It would work similarly to the EyeGrows I have.  The fish waters itself with a wick that hangs down into the water of the fishbowl.

The only thing that would make it better for me is if it were a betta instead of a goldfish.

However, as cute as he is, that is not the most awesome thing.  The MOST awesome thing was this:

This Zombie family and other Grasslands can be found on Amazon.
Just click the image.
That's right folks!  The people that brought you EyeGrow buddies and Grow-a-head pets brings you a whole freaking zombie family!  And you guys all know how much I love zombies!  (They also have fairys and gnomes and some golfers, but they don't hold a candle to this awesomeness.)

Now I can continue on and tell you how I went from a homeschool lesson on spring and growing seeds to finding out there is a such thing as a chia zombie arm, but I'll save that for another post.

I'll leave you with these thoughts:

1.  Spring has sprung.
2.  EyeGrow and Grow a Head are cute things that can teach many lessons, from how seeds grow to simple pet care. (If you don't water your pet it dies after all)
3.  Zombies are awesome.

Traffic Woes

Well, it come as no real surprise to me that traffic is woefully low to my blog.

Now I know some of this is my fault, because I'm not posting with any regularity.  But at the same time, I like to know that the time and effort I spend writing a post isn't going totally ignored.

I do what I know to do to get traffic.  My link is in my e-mail signature.  I promote it on all my social sites.  If my social "friends" all visited I'd be getting thousands of hits per entry.

I'm getting under 10 hits on an average post.  More than that on wordless wednesday, because its linked at wordless wednesday.  You just cant fail there.

Tonight I joined a traffic exchange that a friend blogged about.  While I did earn some random credits and $0.01, after surfing for 101 pages worth of clicks, I don't think my blog belongs there.  Unless I start some random business web page I may never go back again.  I have about 300 points, and I don't want to put them on my blog because my blog just doesn't fit in that rotation.

And I'm really missing sites like entrecard and blogazoo.

Let me tell you a story....

Once upon a time there were blogging traffic exchanges where you really got to see other blogs, meet and make connections with other bloggers.  You blog got views, comments and READERS!

Now, most of the blog link exchanges are all gone to cyber heaven, and the ones that still exist are full of spam and selling sites.  I was clicking through one earlier, and it might as well have been a commercial link exchange site instead of a blogging one.

Anway, long story sort (or TLDR) What are you helpful tips for getting more views to your blogs.  (just don't say social sites because that does bupkiss for me.)