Wednesday, August 2, 2017

National Coloring Book Day!

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I have always enjoyed coloring.  From the time I was a little girl making multi-colored easter bunnies, to the time I was all grown up and still buying kids coloring books from the dollar store to color in.

I was "Adult Coloring" before it was cool!

But now, Adult Coloring is the IN thing to do.  A ZEN thing to do, as coloring is supposed to help you calm down, destress and refocus.

Also, its just plain fun!

National Coloring Book Day

Turns out that coloring has a national day.  National Coloring Book day is TODAY, August 2nd.

Who doesn't want 100 crayola pencils!
Now, I still own bunches of kids coloring books from the dollar store, but I also have a few of the "adult" kind too.  Not to mention a full Coloring Pages Pinterest Board.

Now an Adult coloring book isn't black and white photos of grown ups in compromising posistions (well, some of them might be).  They are just coloring pages with tons more detial.  They might be mandalas, or cat, or garden walkways.  I have a David Bowie coloring book and a Princess Bride one.  If there is a person, place or thing that you like, its almost certain to have a coloring book of its very own.

Now that you KNOW it is National Coloring Book Day, I know you want to celebrate it properly, right?  How do you celebrate?  Well....

You can:
Download a Free Mini-Coloring book
or you can
Find a Coloring Book Event in your local area (or host one if you can't find one!)
there are even
online coloring parties via Dover Coloring's facebook page!

So, let me know:
Do you color?
Do you have a favorite coloring book?
How many coloring pencils do you currently own?


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Chicken and Squid Jerky

Exhaustion is my constant state of being.  Like....for reals.

I didn't have to go to work today, and my husband was off, so I got to sleep in.  And boy did I EVER sleep in.  While I was woken up off and on from the time the boys got up until I finally got up, I slept more than I was awake.  And when I did finally climb out of bed it was 12:30 in the afternoon.  That's an unheard of time for me these days.

Today was a day of little excitement.

Hubby and the kids watched movies.  I collected a list of 31 Unique Holidays to Write About as well as penned a future post that I scheduled to appear on its day.  So I'm at least one post ahead of the game. 

Cooked a chicken in the crock pot for supper. That will be my meals for most of the rest of the week, since I'm closing every single night except Monday and wont be able to make many meals at home.

Played ball with Oscar and tried to ignore the yappy little Schnauzer that moved in next door.  I'm about read to sell a kidney to be able to afford a privacy fence.  We now have dogs on both side of us that just never stop barking.  I don't mind doggy neighbors, but I would like to be able to play in my own backyard without a constant surround of woofs and yips.

I'm about to go crawl into a hot bath with my book of Zombie stories and try to decompress.

Wish me luck.


(that made me smile no particular order)

1.  The bats feasting over my house at dusk.  Brought a smile to the task of taking the trash out.
2.  I got to stay in bed until 12:30.  Even when I don't have to work that is usually very rare.  My tired body, mind and soul needed it.
3.  Squid Jerky.

Conquering the Tooth, Power Outages, etc


Oscar is a killer of toys.  He has mutilated a stuffed bone, he has condemned a rope tug toy, he has dismantled a ball, and makes short work of rawhide.  The only thing he coudln't destroy is his Kong, but he only seems to be interested in it when it has a treat inside.

He is a chewer.  And as he lay in my bed and tried to chew my fingers, I KNEW we had to find something he could chew without destroying it.

NylaboneEnter the Nylabone.

I gave it to Oscar today, and he immediately took to it.  He pranced around the house for a bit acting like he had the most amazing superfantastical thing ever given to dogdom.

Then he settled down to work.  Bone braced between his front paws, crunching, clacking and cracking could be heard around the house as he set to work trying his best to dismantle the bone.

As I left for work I said, "If this thing is still in one piece when I get home I'm going to give it a 5 star rating."

Guess what.  That thing lasted.  Both ends look very chewed on, but no pieces are missing.  And, he stil seems to be enamored with it!  I asked him where his bone was when I got home, and he ran all over util he found it, then started chewing it again!

This was not a sponsered post, I really am just in awe at how this bone is holding up under Oscars extra pointy poodle hybrid teeth.  So, if you have a pooch that is hell on toys, you might want to check out the Nylabone Dura Chew Flavored Bone Dog Chew Toy.  The one I got was giant size, chicken flavored and made in the USA.


 Saturday is always busy when you work retail. Today the boss cut out a couple hours earlier than usual.  We had 2 events in the classroom then a birthday party.

Well, right as the birthday party was about the start the POWER WENT OUT.

Now, its not uncommon for the power to go out at home when it rains, but its not quite as common for a businesses power to go out.

We were dark between 30 mins to a hour, but the power did come back on and in the end the birthday family was happy.  So there's a plus.


(that made me smile no particular order)

1.  The wind that came up while I was collecting carts.  I just stopped what I was doing and turned my face into the wind.  Because sometimes you just have to.

2.  Spencer and Oscar playing together in my bed this morning.  Sure, its pretty annoying to have a 3 year old and a dog bouncing around on top of you, but the giggles were totally worth it.

3.  Sleepytime tea.  I may be a coffee drinker, but I do love to hold on to a warm mug of tea and breaks in the steamy smell of it.  Sometimes I actually get around to drinking it too. 


Friday, July 28, 2017

Mailbox of Affirmations

If you follow me on facebook you know I've been having a horrid time lately.  Going on 3 months now of stress and of uncertantiy if I'm still going to have a job at the end of every two week period.  And every time I think things are getting better, they get worse instead.

Meanwhile, as my blood pressure runs high and my temper runs short, I went to the mailbox this morning and found an envelope full of affirmations.

 My beautiful, wonderful and amazingly sweet friend Karoline made them and sent them to me.  I've gotten #1 Noner ornaments from her before, and have a larger motivational panting she gave me before she moved away.
This one is my favorite.
She used to work with me, and was my PTCEM for a while.  I always enjoyed her company, and miss her now that she's gone.
 These affirmation cards are just what I needed today.  They made me smile, and maybe made me cry a little too.
 Because in the 12 years I've been with the comany I'm with, I have worked with a lot of amazing people.  At times we are not just co-workers we are family.  I hate to be forceably ripped away from such a devoted group of amazing people, with large hearts and open minds.  I doubt I'll find that at any other retail store.

This glitter-splosion says "You are Worthy"
Now, to go put my favorite one on my bedside altar so I'll see it first thing when I get up and last thing when I go to bed.  Gotta remember when the world feels like its turning against me, there are a few people out there who care.

Monday, July 3, 2017

UBC Time Again - Ultimate Blogging Challenge July 2017

This year June turned into July way to fast for my liking.  Somehow as my birth month slipped away, another round of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge slipped in without me noticing.

Another change to get into a daily blogging habit, while finding new readers and getting the numbers higher on my blog.

Now, blogspot stats are not as all encompasing as I hoped, but since I an't monetize a free wordpress blog, it is all I have.  So lets take a peek.

Click to view large size.

So, this is an overview of June.  995 views for the whole month.  June 30 was my best day with 81 pageviews.  June 15 was the smallest with 6 views.  Not to shabby when you consider I only posted 2 new posts for the month.  And I have 56 followers.

Speaking of posts, Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons was my most popular post for the month with 96 pageviews.

So I'd like to see the number of views and followers grow, of course.

It will be interesting to see how my stats change by the end of the month.  Lets see what I can learn.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Oscar, the Bearded Wonder

Get this on a t-shirt at Amazon!
I am a person who has never NOT had animals.  Cats, dogs, chikens, rats, mice, fish, I've always had a critter.  I love them.  Animals are perfect and amazing and, for a friendless child like I was, they were my best friends.

Daddy used to call me Elmira, after the over zealous animal lover from Tiny Toon Adventures.

Sadly, in November of 2016 we lost our lab, Boomer.  Then in February of this year we lost our second dog, Rusty.

Since then I've looked at the local Humane Society website EVERY DAY.  I would look at cats first, then dogs.

Hubby and I had said we wanted a small puppy so our boys could grow up with a pup.  But puppies didn't come in often and went very fast.

Then, on June 21, the day before my birthday, I saw this face looking back at me.

I fell in LOVE with that face!  I squealed out loud and my husband came over to see what I squealed about and said, "Good lord, its a Werewolf."

Well the next day was my birthday and I began to petition for this pooch to become part of our family.  He wasn't a puppy, he was one year old.  Still very young and very playful.  But since he wasn't tiny still I thought I didn't stand a chance.

The next day we went to meet the dog, who was named Oscar.  He didn't bark, or jump.  He just pressed his face or the side of his body HARD against the door of his kennel.

Like I said, he was a year old.  Part Labrador and part Standard Poodle, he's technically a Labradoodle.  I've never been a fan of the 'Oodle designer dogs, but was still in love with this bearded boy pressing up against the cage door.

We asked some questions and found out he had recently been returned to the Humane Society.  From what I understand this was the 2nd time he had been returned. 

We took him outside in the play yard to get to know him better.  It was raining a little, but that didn't stop him from running around and playing.  He LOVES fetch.

He also knows sit and down, and will jump hurdles on an agility course.

Oscar is very ball oriented.  He will chase a tennis ball for HOURS.
Just to be fair, we did look at another dog.  She was older, around 7, and reminded my husband a lot of our dog Rusty.  Her name was Cupcake, but I really, really REALLY wanted the bearded wonder.  And we DID want a younger dog for the boys to play with.

Well, we had just gone in for a meeting BUT:

We bought a collar and leash and Oscar came home with us!

He has been a GREAT addition to our family.  He loves to play, and my youngest son espically loves to play ball with him. 

He's very smart, and we found out he knows how to shake hands as well as being good at sit and down.

His head is VERY furry, but the rest of his fur is short and coarse and he doesn't seem to shed much, if at all.  Sleeping in my bed he doesn't seem to have left any fur behind.

This, apparantly, is common for Labradoodles to be no or low shed dogs.

He does pull HARD when we try to walk him on a leash, but that's okay.  He's smart and I know we'll be able to teach him to walk like a good boy.

His first night home he slept all night in my bed.  He did bark and growl every time my husband walked down the hall.  The second night he slept in the living room with the boys and barked and growled every time I went to the bathroom.

Going "Gaurd Dog" in the middle of the night is really the only bad thing we've found about him.  Just can't understand how at least 2 different families have given him away!

I am very happy that Osar, the Bearded Wonder has become part of our family!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons

It is that time of year again when Noner ages another year.

On June 22 (Just 3 days away as I write this) I am going to turn 36.  As usual that makes me stop and take a look at my life where it is now, where it once was, and where I want it to be.  My reaction is pretty well summed up by this:

One curse of the ineternet is getting to see other people do amazing things with their lives on a daily basis.  Creating great art, teaching classes on things they love, owning/operating their own businesses, traveling to amazing places.

Meanwhile I'm over here knowing I might not even have a job after July 15th because after 12 years of service they've deided I'm not doing a good enough job.  Many thousands of dollars in debt after multiple surgeries (human and pet) the closest thing to travel I can afford is a trip to Target for toothpaste and toilet paper.  As for owning my own business, I can't even manage to sell stuff on e-bay, most less open the brick and moarter store I've dreamed of since my early 20s.

Yesterday while facebooking I came across this:

That's a lot easier said than done when you've faked it so long that you don't even know what "real" is anymore.

I work.   I wife.  I mother.

But what is my REAL?

Constants, I enjoy reading.  I enjoy art and crafts, though I'm not too good.  I like to write.

Writing.  I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up.  Repeated rejections led me to stop trying to get fiction published.  But I have my blog(s).

This is where the dragons come in.


 I've kept a blog since around 2001.  I've always wanted to make something special of it, to have a loyal readership and to be able to monetize it.

But making something of yourself in the blogging world is like trying to fight a dragon.  The odds are stacked against you.  And I'm not even a knight with a sword.  I'm hadly a toddler with a toothpick.

I would like to move from blogspot to wordpress, and have access to bigger and better blogging tools.  I'd like to host this on bluehost, because it gives me the lovely free domain with hosting.

Right now I can get 5 years for about $200 but......we don't have $200.  Remeber those many thousdands of dollars in debt we are?  Remember the possible joblessness come July?

Well, I started a GoFundMe in hopes of raising the $200 I need to start a "real" blog.

Of cousre the last Go Fund Me I made (to help pay for vet care for Rusty, who needed surgery and after care) got me 2 donations (thanks guys!) and one horrible comment telling me I should just let him die.  (Well, he DID die, so I guess I made at least one person in the world very happy).  I'm not holding my breath you should say, but one could hope.

Anyone wanna throw me a sword?  And let me borrow some armor?

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