Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Koi Pond - Wordless Wednesday

"The best lesson we can teach our children is to have fun.It's infectious, it's contagious." 
- Vince Poscente


  1. That's a wonderful quote and picture :-)

  2. looks like you all had lots of fun.

  3. I love ponds with those big fish. We have one at a local Hyatt- so peaceful and quiet

  4. Koi are so fun to watch, so relaxing. My daughter raises koi to sell. They are pretty amazing and can grow so big with hungry appetites.

  5. Fabulous photo, Winona! I love koi ponds. I could sit and watch the fish swim for hours.

  6. Awesome! Love the photo.

  7. I think it is wonderful to show children a koi pond. To sit and enjoy the serenity is a beautiful lesson unto itself.
    Thank you for sharing.
    - Lisa


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