Wednesday, August 2, 2017

National Coloring Book Day!

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I have always enjoyed coloring.  From the time I was a little girl making multi-colored easter bunnies, to the time I was all grown up and still buying kids coloring books from the dollar store to color in.

I was "Adult Coloring" before it was cool!

But now, Adult Coloring is the IN thing to do.  A ZEN thing to do, as coloring is supposed to help you calm down, destress and refocus.

Also, its just plain fun!

National Coloring Book Day

Turns out that coloring has a national day.  National Coloring Book day is TODAY, August 2nd.

Who doesn't want 100 crayola pencils!
Now, I still own bunches of kids coloring books from the dollar store, but I also have a few of the "adult" kind too.  Not to mention a full Coloring Pages Pinterest Board.

Now an Adult coloring book isn't black and white photos of grown ups in compromising posistions (well, some of them might be).  They are just coloring pages with tons more detial.  They might be mandalas, or cat, or garden walkways.  I have a David Bowie coloring book and a Princess Bride one.  If there is a person, place or thing that you like, its almost certain to have a coloring book of its very own.

Now that you KNOW it is National Coloring Book Day, I know you want to celebrate it properly, right?  How do you celebrate?  Well....

You can:
Download a Free Mini-Coloring book
or you can
Find a Coloring Book Event in your local area (or host one if you can't find one!)
there are even
online coloring parties via Dover Coloring's facebook page!

So, let me know:
Do you color?
Do you have a favorite coloring book?
How many coloring pencils do you currently own?


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