Sunday, June 25, 2017

Oscar, the Bearded Wonder

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I am a person who has never NOT had animals.  Cats, dogs, chikens, rats, mice, fish, I've always had a critter.  I love them.  Animals are perfect and amazing and, for a friendless child like I was, they were my best friends.

Daddy used to call me Elmira, after the over zealous animal lover from Tiny Toon Adventures.

Sadly, in November of 2016 we lost our lab, Boomer.  Then in February of this year we lost our second dog, Rusty.

Since then I've looked at the local Humane Society website EVERY DAY.  I would look at cats first, then dogs.

Hubby and I had said we wanted a small puppy so our boys could grow up with a pup.  But puppies didn't come in often and went very fast.

Then, on June 21, the day before my birthday, I saw this face looking back at me.

I fell in LOVE with that face!  I squealed out loud and my husband came over to see what I squealed about and said, "Good lord, its a Werewolf."

Well the next day was my birthday and I began to petition for this pooch to become part of our family.  He wasn't a puppy, he was one year old.  Still very young and very playful.  But since he wasn't tiny still I thought I didn't stand a chance.

The next day we went to meet the dog, who was named Oscar.  He didn't bark, or jump.  He just pressed his face or the side of his body HARD against the door of his kennel.

Like I said, he was a year old.  Part Labrador and part Standard Poodle, he's technically a Labradoodle.  I've never been a fan of the 'Oodle designer dogs, but was still in love with this bearded boy pressing up against the cage door.

We asked some questions and found out he had recently been returned to the Humane Society.  From what I understand this was the 2nd time he had been returned. 

We took him outside in the play yard to get to know him better.  It was raining a little, but that didn't stop him from running around and playing.  He LOVES fetch.

He also knows sit and down, and will jump hurdles on an agility course.

Oscar is very ball oriented.  He will chase a tennis ball for HOURS.
Just to be fair, we did look at another dog.  She was older, around 7, and reminded my husband a lot of our dog Rusty.  Her name was Cupcake, but I really, really REALLY wanted the bearded wonder.  And we DID want a younger dog for the boys to play with.

Well, we had just gone in for a meeting BUT:

We bought a collar and leash and Oscar came home with us!

He has been a GREAT addition to our family.  He loves to play, and my youngest son espically loves to play ball with him. 

He's very smart, and we found out he knows how to shake hands as well as being good at sit and down.

His head is VERY furry, but the rest of his fur is short and coarse and he doesn't seem to shed much, if at all.  Sleeping in my bed he doesn't seem to have left any fur behind.

This, apparantly, is common for Labradoodles to be no or low shed dogs.

He does pull HARD when we try to walk him on a leash, but that's okay.  He's smart and I know we'll be able to teach him to walk like a good boy.

His first night home he slept all night in my bed.  He did bark and growl every time my husband walked down the hall.  The second night he slept in the living room with the boys and barked and growled every time I went to the bathroom.

Going "Gaurd Dog" in the middle of the night is really the only bad thing we've found about him.  Just can't understand how at least 2 different families have given him away!

I am very happy that Osar, the Bearded Wonder has become part of our family!


  1. He was brought back because he was waiting on you and your family to come get him :) Love him already! A guard dog is good for the boys.

  2. ooo! Congrats - he is fabulous! So glad you and your family and Oscar found each other! Great Bday fate!

  3. He looks like a sweetie :)
    (I ordered cat food from the amazon link lol)


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