Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons

It is that time of year again when Noner ages another year.

On June 22 (Just 3 days away as I write this) I am going to turn 36.  As usual that makes me stop and take a look at my life where it is now, where it once was, and where I want it to be.  My reaction is pretty well summed up by this:

One curse of the ineternet is getting to see other people do amazing things with their lives on a daily basis.  Creating great art, teaching classes on things they love, owning/operating their own businesses, traveling to amazing places.

Meanwhile I'm over here knowing I might not even have a job after July 15th because after 12 years of service they've deided I'm not doing a good enough job.  Many thousands of dollars in debt after multiple surgeries (human and pet) the closest thing to travel I can afford is a trip to Target for toothpaste and toilet paper.  As for owning my own business, I can't even manage to sell stuff on e-bay, most less open the brick and moarter store I've dreamed of since my early 20s.

Yesterday while facebooking I came across this:

That's a lot easier said than done when you've faked it so long that you don't even know what "real" is anymore.

I work.   I wife.  I mother.

But what is my REAL?

Constants, I enjoy reading.  I enjoy art and crafts, though I'm not too good.  I like to write.

Writing.  I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up.  Repeated rejections led me to stop trying to get fiction published.  But I have my blog(s).

This is where the dragons come in.


 I've kept a blog since around 2001.  I've always wanted to make something special of it, to have a loyal readership and to be able to monetize it.

But making something of yourself in the blogging world is like trying to fight a dragon.  The odds are stacked against you.  And I'm not even a knight with a sword.  I'm hadly a toddler with a toothpick.

I would like to move from blogspot to wordpress, and have access to bigger and better blogging tools.  I'd like to host this on bluehost, because it gives me the lovely free domain with hosting.

Right now I can get 5 years for about $200 but......we don't have $200.  Remeber those many thousdands of dollars in debt we are?  Remember the possible joblessness come July?

Well, I started a GoFundMe in hopes of raising the $200 I need to start a "real" blog.

Of cousre the last Go Fund Me I made (to help pay for vet care for Rusty, who needed surgery and after care) got me 2 donations (thanks guys!) and one horrible comment telling me I should just let him die.  (Well, he DID die, so I guess I made at least one person in the world very happy).  I'm not holding my breath you should say, but one could hope.

Anyone wanna throw me a sword?  And let me borrow some armor?


  1. I have a free WP blog and I would love to self host but too much for me to take on...I am not that computer literate or Pc savvy...But for 8 pounds a month I can monetise my WP blog so that will probably be my way forward for now until I get braver but I may well decide that is enough..Who knows but as monetise is my priority then thats not a bad deal is it? Good Luck :) Nona :)

    1. The free wordpress blogs don't give me the options I want. What I REALLY want is the flipping YOAST plugin to help with SEO. And from what I can tell, even with the wordpress.com hosted you an only monetize using their system, so I coudln't use my amazon links like I do here.

    2. Oh I was told I could use Amazon not the anaylitics but affiliates? Back to the drawing board then..Why is nothing simple :)

    3. You might be right. I really don't know. I saw one place that said no....but never really dug into it.

  2. Back around 9 years ago my dad died and I was so deep in grief, then I was homeless, yes I owned rental houses but I did not have one to live in myself, the income was getting less and less because I HAD to pay someone to collect. Life was getting worst by the day but you know what? it all happened for a reason.

    You may or not believe in God, I do, but this was his way of closing one chapter of life to move you UP. Yes I did have to get to the bottom to come back up and it sounds like you have.

    You should get a better job where you are treated with respect by the boss and the other employees and I am sure you will, your blood pressure will also improve without that stress

    As far as the bills, pay rent, lights and water first because they matter for the well being of your children. Doctor or vet bills? send them $5 a month they have to accept payment.

    I will not piss on your dream as a writer or blogger but you have already expressed its not a money maker, I know this too and that is why I work 2 jobs to pay bills, but we still write and one day you will hear the words " yes" and I also look forward to hearing those words.

    Vacation? the closet I have gotten was 4 night in the local hospital sleeping in a chair with Tony in the bed. Nothing happening here either.

    I know you are a strong woman and you will become everything you were meant to be in life and more, so look up, ask for blessings from God. Look for a job and let that be the number one thing because you do have to support your children.

    Hold your head high, smile and kick the worlds ass!

    1. Sadly there are no "better" jobs. I have retail options only. You have to "know" someone to get in anywhere else in this city. So, if I do lose my job (which I'm pretty sure I am) I'll be moving down to a part time job at a lower pay rate, so I'll end up having to try to find 2 jobs or more, its a nightmare.

      It bothers me so much that nothing I want in my life has turned out how I wanted it to, while other people are living the life I've always dreamed of. Like, a girl I knew in school is a pro-blogger now, and I'm just like....no, that's what I wanted!!!

  3. hang in there... i really believe when one door closes, another does open... check out godaddy for their host/domain specials w a coupon. If you hit it right, you can get a domain and their hosting for about $20 for the first year. (prices will revert after year one). You'll have wordpress plus all the freedom to use yoast etc that you want...


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