Monday, May 8, 2017

Aliens in the Kitchen

 I've been up since 3ish with an upset stomach.  Much of the early morning hours were spent in the bathroom, sitting on the porcelain throne and reading Duma Key while I waited for my stomach to settle down.

Around 8, Parker ran into the bathroom looking terrified and shut and locked the door. "I heard something in the kitchen," he said. Paused a second, "And I'm ready for breakfast."

"What kind of noise did you hear?" He demonstrated a noise that sounded like a dinosaur in a movie and said he's been hearing it all morning.

The bathroom shares a wall with the kitchen and I had heard nothing.

"What do you want for breakfast?"

He bent over to look under the bathroom door. "A Poptart.  What are you doing in here anyway?"


Usually, me saying I'm pooping sends him running out of the room holding his nose.  I sometimes tell him I'm pooping even when I'm not just to get him out of the bathroom.  This morning he stayed right there.

He followed me to my bedroom while I get dressed and hid under my covers.  He stood in the hall as I looked in the kitchen.

"It looks fine," I told him.  "Nothing in here."

"So no alien?"

What sound DO aliens make anyway?"
(Bath Tub Aliens available on Amazon)

"No baby, no alien."

I tried to tell him he was probably still half asleep and dreaming the noise he heard, but he wasn't buying it.

At least now that we're all awake he is fine.


  1. Once my nephew had a monster under his bed at my house. I found the monster a week later, A momma cat had kittens under the bed and they were wild and made monster hisses. She was coming and going from a single window pane that was just laying aside on the outter seal.

    1. Now THATS the kind of monster I'd like to have in my house. lol
      Its POSSIBLE he heard a rat in the attic. We have one that is avoiding all our traps.

  2. Glad all ended good! Hope you tummy settled down too.

  3. We'll have to see how he does tonight.

    The tummy is still rumbly, but I think its empty now.


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