Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Okay to Be Mediocre

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I adulted today.

I did two loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen twice.

I went shopping and bought a cheap belt cause mine was being held together by masking tape.  And I bought a cheap pair of shoes because the sole was coming off of one of mine.  I looked at the desks but didn't buy one even though I really wanted to.

I fed my kids.  And played with my kids.

I did a lot of other things that normal people do every single day.

And I kind of want an atta-girl.  And by kinda I mean I very much want an atta girl.  I want my husband to notice that the kitchen is clean and the kids are still alive.

I'm the kind of person who needs a pat on the back from time to time but rarely gets one.  Then I get frustrated from doing the exact same thing every single day.

I've washed those same dishes every single day for 15 years.  The laundry gets washed and put away despite my urge to leave it all in the dryer until such time as I need to fish it out.  I put on shoes and pants on my day off for crying out loud.  Don't I deserve a tiny nod of recognition for being able to (pretend to) adult properly?

See, people think that "getting a trophy for participation" is a bad thing.

Clearly I am not one of those people.

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Why?  Because I'm normal.  I'm mediocre.  And just like the larger part of the world's population, I think it would be nice to be told "good job" from time to time.

I kept my kids alive today.  Way to go!
We all have clean underwear.  Great Job!
You didn't spend money you can't afford to spend.  Have a gold star!

Hell, sometimes I feel like someone should greet me outside of my bedroom door just to applaud me for getting out of bed in the morning.  Cause its hard.

Luke Skywalker balancing Yoda on one foot while doing a hand stand.
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People like this Star Wars quote too.  "Do or do not, there is no try."

That is utter BS.

Why is our society so gung-ho to tell people they are not good enough?  Not special enough?  Not worthy of any praise at all unless they can be extraordinary?

Fish can't climb trees, and the average person isn't going to be a movie star, an Olympic Athlete, or be able to multiply in the thousands the in their heads.

The average person is going to be average every single day of their lives. And because the average person isn't "special" they don't often get the praise that everyone deserves.

Yes, EVERYONE deserves to be told they are doing a good job.  EVERYONE deserves a pat on the back.  EVERYONE deserves to be recognized for.

So, if you have someone in your life who does the same old normal things day after day after day, give them a gold star.

EVERONE deserves one.


  1. I feel the same way, especially the past week. Some days people look at my crazy messy curly hair and say " I like your hair." I just say "thanks" but they do not know It has not been brushed all day because I just did not feel like all the trouble.

    I would love to hear the house looks great and smells great, instead I get "there are no clean plates, or what is that smell? The trash needs taken out."

    I dont want a gold star I want a freakin trophy!

  2. All of the above! Totally agree Noner we all need that pat back and your article :)


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