Sunday, April 16, 2017

Depression VS Bedroom Before and After

Depression.  It leaks out into every part of a sufferer's life.

Did you know that a dirty home can be a sign of depression?  While you might want to blame laziness on the filthy homes you see on shows like Hoarders, you can bet that most of them have underlying mental issues.

Depression can cause you to let your home go, and being surrounded by clutter can make you feel more depressed, which makes the clutter grow.

Eventually, it can get out of control.

I'm lucky.  My depression seems to come in waves, or spirals.  I seem to be at my lowest at the start of most months, and feeling more normal midway through.  That means I an get on top of my clutter before my clutter gets the best of me.

The past couple of weeks have seen me in a very low depressive slump.  And while there my bedroom, supposedly a safe haven, had become uncomfortably dirty.  (And this coming from someone who is not particularly tidy.)

Tonight, in under 2 hours, I cleaned up a large amount of what was making me feel bad.

Here are some before and after shots of my bedroom become a haven again:

An unmade bed covered with dirty clothes.

This first shot is of my bed.  Unmade.  Covered in dirty clothes and bags of shopping that have not been unpacked.  Not exactly something you'd look forward to climbing into at the end of a long day.

A neatly made bed with a double wedding ring handmade quilt.

Cleaned off, made up and topped with a beautiful HAND SEWN quilt made by my aunt, its much more welcoming at the end of the day.

A side table covered with books and clutter.

This one is a shot of my night table.  Not a night stand like most people have, but a long table.  So covered with books and debris that you can't put another thing on it.

And, for laughs, if you look at the bottom left you'll see a book.  The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.

You can't make this stuff up you know.

A side table neatly clean, with a journal and candle on top.

Now, books back to their proper shelves.  Trash in the trash.  Clutter be-gone. 

There is my journal (previously on the floor at the right of my bed as you'll later see) and fountain pen within reach.  I could even light a candle in my salt lamp without setting the whole place on fire.  I can even reach my stereo to turn it on.

Not perfection of course.  The corner shelf needs love, and the under shelves are still a catch-all of craft supplies, but the top is peaceful again.

A messy room with clothes on the floor.A pile of clothes on the floor of a dirty room.

These two photos are of the floor on the right and left hand sides of my bed.

MOUNTAINS of clothes and stuff thrown on the floor.  I had to climb on the pile to set my alarm or reach my lamp.  Almost just to climb into bed.

On that floor, behind the green clothes basket, was my JOURNAL!  Clearly its not helping me out at all if its down on the floor not being used!

Look!  Now there is a floor under there!

Again, not perfection.  The clean clothes and bags of shopping still need to be dealt with, but for now its contained and not spread over the whole bedroom floor!


  1. You are brave to post the before pictures! You Go Girl!

    I had plans to re-do my shelves this weekend - I have floor to ceiling built-in shelves in my office. To many, they seem 'cluttered' and un-tidy. My wife is great at organizing and I asked for her help this weekend. Unfortunately, I came down with a cold and have been in bed all weekend long. So, it will be another week that it gets done.

    1. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon!

      My bookshelf (not in this room) really is just cluttered. I need to tackle it too. Its not depression clutter though, just "Noner is kind of messy" cluttered.

  2. You go girl! Brave and tidy. In the world of Feng Shu, of which I am not an expert, de-cluttering is the key to allowing the energy to flow freely and encourage change. I had to clean my office this weekend, must be spring. I felt so much better. Thanks for you post.

  3. Reading this makes me smile so big! I am so proud of you, I say this because I do understand how hard it is to deal with depression and have 2 little kids at home and a husband to take care of AND you work full time.

  4. You can absolutely tell how I'm feeling by just looking around my apartment! I don't suffer from depression per se but when I don't feel on top of things, my environment is the first sign that something's wrong. Well done you! :)


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