Monday, April 3, 2017

Day of 1,000 Sleeps and Thoughts on the Walking Dead Final

Yesterday was a day of a thousand sleeps.

After working 3 days in a row with no breaks, no lunch and no backup I was too exhausted to human in a functional manner.

I slept until almost noon.  Ate lunch.  Surfed some flash fiction sites, then took a mid-day bath and went back to bed.  I got out of bed shortly after supper just in time to bathe my boys and watch The Walking dead.

I had just settled in on the sofa and was watching the ongoing saga of Rick vs Negan when my youngest woke up screaming.

"Why doesn't he ever wake up during the commercial breaks?" I asked my husband.

He hates sleeping in his bed. (The kid, not my husband)  He's 3 years old and still wakes up multiple times a night, until we put him in his playpen that we (yes, still) have set up in the living room.

Since my show was on I lay him on the sofa with me and he immediately went back to sleep.

So soft and cute.  So precious.   You would never know that when he's awake hes a mean little sucker who terrorizes his older brother.

Eventually, he went back to his bed.

Meanwhile its Monday morning in my little corner of the world, and looks like it wants to rain.  I want it to rain.  Like, if it starts raining about 1 and goes at it hard and heavy for the next 9 hours I'd love it.

I have to close tonight and I just hope that I'll have some backup for a few hours before everyone leaves me.  I'm not ready to be the only keyholder again.  I also hope everyone shows up to work so that I dont have to do ALL the things, but that's laughable.  I can't remember last time everyone showed up.

Now, enough small talk, lets get down to the important things:

Can We Talk About The Walking Dead Though


So last night was the season finale of The Walking Dead, and I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with my Sunday nights for the next 6 months.

If you've not watched the season final yet you should skip all this till you do.

 The night was full of "Holy Shit"s on my part.

Never did trust that weird trash woman.

I have an embarrassing admittal though.

Even though this is a freaking ZOMBIE show and all, and I KNEW Sasha was going to be dead when he opened the coffin, for some reason I never expected her to pop out of that thing like a freaking undead jack in the box.

Then Carl doesn't even hesitate and it doesn't' really surprise me that the first shots in the war came from that fantastic little shit.

Then the calvary arrives on horseback, you get to see Carol REALLY back in the game and of course the King himself and his amazing flying tiger death.  (Which according to Chandler Riggs is a man in a green suit leaping off of a trampoline....the more you know....)

Rosita gets shot, but I was really hoping she'd die.  Like Zombie Sasha getting a hold of Rambo Barbie would have made me huge kinds of  happy.  (I've thought of Rosita as Rambo Barbie since shortly after her appearance when the director thought a close up of her rear in G.I.Jane booty shorts was just what the show needed.)

Wait, lets back up a step...

Rosita gets shot. Rick gets shot (yes....again).  Michonne gets the ever loving shit beat out of her.

And Negan escapes.....riding off into the sunset with his middle finger raised.

Back at the sanctuary Negan declares war, and back at Hilltop Maggie blames the whole sordid mess on Glenn....but in a really sweet way.

And Eugene is Negan and I really want to shave his mullet and throw him in the incinerator.

Then there is Dwight's toy soldier left behind with a message.  Didn't Know.
What didn't you know Dwight?  That the Garbage Pail Kids were evil?  That Negan is afraid of Tigers?  That Daryl WOUDLN'T kill you?  Now I have to wait until next season to find out.

But...I somehow totally missed Maggie's entrance to the battle so I need to watch it again to catch it.  Did Negan see her?  I have no freaking idea.


  1. I have never watched the walking dead, so yes, I skipped most of it.
    But I loved the way you take care of your son and his nightmares. Well done Mummy.
    I hope you are not alone at work tomorrow.

  2. Trash ppl... Lol Jadis calls them Heapsters. So you know lol. I read that the heapsters are not the whispers either, so not sure when they will show up. Personally I loved Negan's exit salute. ��

  3. He didn't know that Sasha was turned into a zombie.

    As for the garage lady, I never liked her. Never trusted her.

  4. Yes he seen Maggie and said the dead widow or something like that when she walked up with all the others shooting. Love me some little wild ass Carl! I knew Sasha was dead because of the flash backs, but Damn she was awesome!

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