Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Weigh In - The Beginning


I'm rather disappointed in myself at the moment.

I weighed myself this morning.  I've not really stepped on the scale since the 1st of January.  I used to step on it daily but people said I weigh myself too often.

Well, in my hiatus from the numbers I have gained 5 pounds.  Almost 6 pounds.

This makes me very sad because it puts me back in the 230s, and I had managed to stay in the 220s for almost 2 years.  (I was over 240 at my highest.)

Well, clearly I need to go back to monitoring my numbers daily.

I also need to rein in my eating habits that are getting out of control.

I've been having a soda or two every day.  A bag of chips or two every day.  Eating fatty meals of ham and bacon.  We've been eating out a little more than usual.  I've been avoiding vegetables.  I've barely been drinking any water at all.

My Plan for this week is to stop having soda and chips with my lunch at work, and to step up my water intake.  Aiming for 4 to 6 cups of water for this week, will add more as we go.

We'll see where those two small changes get me this week.


  1. I have gained weight again too. I am up to 165. I hate the extra weight when I have been eating healthier. Problem is I am not mobile enough to keep teh weight off.

    1. I lied I am up to 170. Just weighed myself with the scales that came in the mail today. I guess I better try and get more exercise in.

  2. The soda is probably your down fall. You'll get back on track, I too have to shed a few pounds that sneaked up on me.

  3. Its the tater chips! I had to give up my one true love, potatoes before I seen the scale move down. Keep a notebook with what you eat every day and you`ll see what the problems are, that is how I found out I was eating to many taters. Dont give up!

  4. You have also been under a lot of stress and that it's helping. We all have setbacks. Change a few little thing and you will be back on track.


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