Saturday, November 5, 2016

Turn Back Time

This morning started with a bang.

Actually, this morning started more like the fizzle at the end of fuse when the TNT is a dud.

My husband woke me up and I went back to sleep.  He woke me up again and I groggily asked, "What time is it?"

"9:30" he said, and I was out of bed like a rocket.

You see, 9:30 is the time I have to leave the house to be at work on time!  So I'm making a quick breakfast, throwing canned ravioli in by bag for lunch, and texting my boss.

The powers that be were smiling at me today though, because bossman was in a GOOD mood.

And then time SCREECHED to a halt.  The rest of the day ran by so very slowly.

I described it like this: "If today goes by any slower it's going to be YESTERDAY again soon."

So I'm glad that time "Falls Back" tonight.  (Well, at 2am on Sunday morning, which I count as still being "tonight")

I'm going through a "Why can't I freaking sleep like a normal person?!?" phase and I really wish the temperatures would drop so I could sleep a little better.

The reason I was sleeping so hard this morning was because it was well after 3am before I even started nodding off.  And then I woke up a billion more times.

Maybe a billion and 2.

So, yeah, time is strange.  It streches out and shrinks into nothing.  It passes like its nothing at all when you are sleep, and can strand you in endless hours of darkness when you can't sleep.

Someone recently said somewhere that time is a human construct, but that's not true.

After all, bears know time, getting ready for hibernation.  Then hibernating.

Hibernation must be nice.

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