Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Cat-like Helper

My oldest son reminds me of a cat.

When he wants extra attention he comes and rubs his face against my arm like a cat would.

I think it might be the skin to skin contact, but whatever it is, when he starts rubbing his face on my arm I know he needs extra attention.

Tonight I came home in an evil mood, as usual.  To a filthy kitchen, as usual.

It was Walking Dead night, so I knew I had to cook, eat, wash dishes AND, get both kids in bed in less than an hour before the show started.  I had to rush.

As I started running the water for the dishes he came up to me and started rubbing his face on my arm.  "Hot water!"  He said, because I run my dish water like my bath water, EXTRA hot.  "I'ts gonna be helper water tonight," he said.

He wanted to help me wash dishes!  No!  No! A thousand times now!  I needed to hurry!  I needed it done now!

He leaned his face on my arm, rubbed from side to side.

Damn it!

"Okay buddy, roll up your sleeves."

It might have beeninconvenientt, but I knew my buddy wanted to spend some time with me.  So I let him rinse while I washed.  This meant a few extra stops to re-arrange the dish drain, but I still got done in time to get them both to bed before the show stopped.

Letting your children "help" is very important.  If you don't LET them help when they want to when they are younger, when they grow up and it becomes a chore they fight you with doing it is nobody's fault but your own.

Also, it does give you extra time with your child.  Let them help, get them to talk about their day.  This is especially special for moms who work outside of the home like I do.

Love your family, always.  Everything else can wait.

Oh, and speaking of Walking Dead night, may I present you with:

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