Thursday, November 10, 2016

Losing a Good Friend

My kindle is dead.

Well, its not ENTIRELY dead yet, but it might as well be.

Half the time when I plug it in, it doesnt charge.  When I can get it to charge I can't leave it charging long because it gets EXTREMELY hot to the touch.  And what little charge I can get it, it doesn't hold long.

It has lived a good life, I suppose.

I got it back in 2011 when the Kindle Fire was a brand new thing.  My husband got it for me because I wanted an e-reader and a tablet, and the fire was the best of both worlds.

I've read a TON of books on it, and my children and I have played a ton of games on it.

It was $200 back then.  Now you can get a Fire 7 for just $50.  Maybe I can get a new one from Santa.  With a pretty YELLOW case!

There is always a debate among people who like to read, what is better and e-book or a real book.

I have room in my heart for both.  But, I do have to say that unless I drop it in the tub (which does happen from time to time) I've never had a book just stop working on me.

Right now I can't read any of the hundreds of books I have downloaded.

Well, I guess I COULD.  The Kindle App is free for most devices after all.


I read curled up in bed all cozy and comfy, until I fall alseep.

One simply does not curl up with a laptop.

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