Saturday, November 5, 2016

Just Playing

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Sometimes you just have to shrug off the stress and pretend that you had a normal day.

Tonight I came home from work with my back and shoulders aching from having to lug large boxes down a flight of stairs and around some tight corners.

The baby had refused to eat for my husband and hadn't had a bath so, as usual, I had to handle things before I could even sit down and eat my own meal.

After eating I put the baby to bed early, looked at my older son and said, "You wanna play Go Fish?"

I had just gotten the game, and he had never played before.  The deck I got isn't like this one exactly, but it's close.  It has fish shaped cards with different colors written on them.  So we get to play a game and refresh his color memory all at the same time.

He beat me a couple of times.  I beat him a couple of times.  He beat me a couple more times, then he decided he was done, so he drank sat in my lap and drank my coffee from a spoon.

Sometimes I get so stressed out by everything that working full-time and being a mom encompasses that I simply forget how nice it is to just play with my boys.

After he went to bed we watched Z-Nation, then we watched Paranormal Activity 2 having watched the last one last night.  I crocheted my way through both the show and the movie and still only got 9 squares crocheted.  I'm NEVER going to get over 800 squares done by Christmas.

But now its time for bed.  Back to work in the morning.....I just hope I'm not in too much pain to move.

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