Thursday, November 3, 2016



I need to go to bed.  I need to have been in bed an hour ago.  Or two.

I'm getting sick again.  Feels like a sinus infection, maybe in my ear too. My jaws and teeth ache with it.

I'm dreading work tomorrow.  It's Friday, and I think my boss is leaving shortly after I get there so I'll be alone for several hours.  I hate that.  It's stressful.

I'm over stressed. 

On a scale of 1 to 6, I'm totally at a 6.

Honestly, I've been telling my husband want I want to be honest about.  I want to be able to quit my job before it kills me.  I tell him, "I'm so tired."  But I don't think he's getting what I'm saying.

I'm not just tired, I'm freaking TIRED.  My bones are tired. My SOUL is tired.


This blog post sucks, and is proof positive that I'll never be a good blogger who makes money because this should be something like,"5 Things Honest People Do" or "This celebrity told his/her biggest secret, See what happened next."

I need a Niche, but I honestly don't give a big enough care about any one thing to devote an entire blog to it.

Honestly, I want to crawl into bed and just sleep and sleep and sleep forever.  Being awake is overrated.


I also wrote a post on A DIY Day today on Making Tile Coasters.
I also wrote a post on Niume today, about how you can get painted people in your art, even if you can't draw.


  1. Please don't get discouraged, Nona! I know just how you feel. Too much work and you still have to parent and take care of the house and dogs. And I am also the only female in my house except for our elderly, special needs cat (who I also take care of and clean up after). And then trying to be the "good blogger who makes money." This is so totally me! I make my living ghost writing blog posts for OTHER people, and I would love to crack the code on monetizing my own blog, too. My mom used to say, "just keep putting it out there," so I do. It really helps that I am starting to understand SEO! Maybe your niche is "working mom" or "mom of boys" (I am still trying to figure this out, too...and have changed my blog title and subtitle so many times in the past week as I prepared for NaBloPoMo!) Best wishes! :-) You're not alone!

  2. Nona,

    I'd like to send you some serious words of encouragement this morning. Your post really moved me.

    I was in a similar situation about fifteen years ago. My job was incredibly soul-crushing. I worked at a major retail establishment that is no longer in business.

    Karma? Perhaps.

    It was a kind of employment purgatory which seemed impossible to escape. I was hanging on financially by a very thin cord. My hours were added or cut at whim. I was in constant fear of being unable to pay my rent or put food on the table. The environment produced a never-ending cycle of stress and heartache. I just couldn't imagine life getting any better. It seemed to be my destiny. My self-esteem was slowly chipped away. Those were some of my darkest days.

    Thankfully, my life today is quite different. Don't get me wrong...I definitely have my stressful days and frustrating moments. But, over time, I was eventually able to start my own pet-sitting business. I've always loved animals and it was a wonderful way to earn money and help others. In turn, it gave me the flexibility to write. This allowed me the space and the time I needed. To my amazement, I was offered a publishing contract last month. This would have been an unimaginable dream in my days of "Retail Hell".

    Your blog is amazing. Seriously. I look forward to the posts every week. You talked one day about getting a tiny house as a kind of "woman-cave". I've been dreaming of one ever since. I love that idea! Your articles are informative, honest and inspiring. Keep doing what your doing Write. Then write some more. It will eventually pay off.I guarantee it. I'm really routing for you. Don't give up! You're an amazing person and creative being. Hugs! :)



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