Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Goodbye Sweet Boy


  1. Oh no; did you have to say a permanent goodbye to one of your furry family members? That can be so rough especially in light of the holidays.

    1. We did. We had to make the HARDEST decision. But he was in pain. He could no longer stand, and his doctor said she doubted he would last 24 more hours. We helped him out.

      This will be a SAD thanksgiving.

  2. Oh that is heartbreaking. We have had to make that decision before and it is so painful. Hugs and healing to you and your family. Remember our dogs remain forever in our hearts and memories.

  3. Oh I am sooooo sorry!! He looks so trusting and loving in that photo though. Like he knew you were helping him. Dogs are the best part of creation, so sorry for such a big loss at the holiday time. :(


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