Monday, October 24, 2016

Should I Stay or Should I Go

As the temperature has finally dropped where I live, we have reached the time of year that is most precious to me.

This time of year I feel different than usual.  When I step outside, take in deep breaths of Autumn air, scented with dead leaves and wood smoke, I feel like I can take on the world.

I also feel a sense of yearning.

For change.
For adventure.
For something different.
For something more.

I love this time of year, even though it is very conflicting.

No matter that I feel the urge to strike out on a new adventure, I also feel the need to stay where I am planted, to not leave the comfortable routine.

Decisions Decisions.

Now, applying this in a less broad sense...

I'm restless with my blog.

I've felt this way for a while.

But I keep putting off changing to a new blog, which would actually bo rather easy.


Because I don't want to leave "Noner Says."  Not the blog, but the outward web presence.  It is my twitter, it is my instagram, it is my facebook fan page.  Each of them have followers.  Thousands of followers in a couple of instances.

My social media following isn't especially loyal, but at least it looks better to the rest of the world to have over 1,000 non-clicking followers than to have 0 followers altogether. 

I have been looking at starting a personal blog on Wordpress, for the chance of getting different eyes on my blatherings than I have currently.

Wordpress offeres things I love.  It also takes away things I love.  Like the ability to have adsense (not that I've ever gained a penny from having adsense) and other forms of monitization, and the ability to REALLY customize how my page looks.

So, I'm thinking of making TWO personal pages.  Keeping Noner Says, and starting a new one, under a different name, on Wordpress.

A test, maybe.  Update each one semi-daily.  Promote them the same amount.  See which one grows the most?

What do you think?  Have you ever felt this way?


  1. I am thinking of starting one on Wordpress. As I have been told by all the big time bloggers making money that you need a wordpress blog. That you own. Affiliates do well that way.

    1. I know its better for pro bloggers and that possible advertisers take it more seriously. I just wish I could somehow suddenly earn enough to afford it.

    2. I have heard the same thing. When I first first I was advise to use blogger because you can get adsense. But, because of a problem last year I had to remove my account and start over. It took me a while before I decided to start over. I have been thinking about it myself but I would just start something different and see what happens.

    3. I started a wordpress blog. I have one blog on it right now. I haven't shared it too much. I have to say I hate the set up compared to blogger. I don't like what you get to choose one for a free site. I figure til I get enough posts i would keep it free at first.

  2. Your testing theory makes sense, but I would suggest starting a new blog on the paid wordpress if possible. For the reasons you state, you will have control over ad co's and affiliates directly from the beginning and the monetization options.

    1. Sadly paid is not an option. We have $0 left over for my non-essentials. If I could MAYBE earn enough from PPV sites to pay for it, but that's not happening.

    2. Nona are you writing on Niume? There are many there that are writing as little as 5 lines and getting views. They pay out at the 10.00 level every month that you have enough views. A paid WP theme and hosting will cost you about 100.00 to set up and then 25.00 roughly a year for 10 months if you put that 10.00 away you could do your own thing......if you are interested have a look around. I'll give you my link, you can use it or not up to you! Take a look around, they even have a FB page so that niumers will follow others in order to grow their audience. Let me know if I can help you in any way...

    3. I am on Niume.

      I have written 6 articles and earned $0.58 I don't see myself able to get $10 a month there.

    4. Are you using flipboard? my views are up since I joined.

  3. I would keep all of them :) I know you have things to say and things to show. GO FOR IT!

  4. I have not read the comments yet, but am doing that next to see what is being said. I first wanted to say that ...I feel similarly. Often. My favorite blog is the least productive. So, I have started to try to get myself more disciplined and have started some blogs that are more focused/niche. I think you should keep Noner Says, but start a very focused, niche one somewhere. And see if that does better. ...That's my newbie and inexperienced advice. Now i'm off to read what the others say.

    1. I'm not a niche writer. There is no one things in my life that I care/know enough about to write exclusively. I think that is why I fail at being a blogger.


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