Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Onlne Earnings and Freebies

Goodbye September 

Fall has arrived and the holiday season is approaching way to quickly.


(actually received)

Nothing earned and received this past month.



I got a few free books this month. 

I got the physical book Extraordinary Ordinary Moments from Blogging For Books.  It another creative journaling book where each page is a prompt and you are supposed to fill it up.  I'm in LOVE with this one, and will be reviewing it soon.

From NetGalley I've gotten several e-books to read and review.  Those inculde:

Reviews of each of the above will be shared on my book blog as soon as they've been read.

Free Sample of EmergenC and EmergenC Immune Support. - Get Yours Here!

Free Sample of Truvia Nectar - Get Yours Here!

Various free magazines (Shape, Family Fun, Parenting, Cosmo and more) - Give me your e-mail and I can send you a referral.

Influenster's Vox Box  including coffee, pens, laundry detergent, floss sticks and more - Click here for more info.

Free Sample of Nivea in Shower Body Lotion - Get Yours Here!

Free Sample of Astroglide - Get Yours Here


I earn money and gift cards online, and you can too!

Join any of these places and you can start earning your own PayPal payments and Gift Cards today.

Swagbucks is my #1 earner.  I can usually get at least 1 $5 gift card a month just from answering polls and doing web searches and occasionally watching videos..  I could get much more if I put effort into it, or if I did a lot of online shopping.  You earn more when you shop.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What's Online at

 While that is my main earner I do earn other places as well.

ForumCoin - A discussion forum.  You can earn 10 FC a day, and can cash out for $5 for 500FC

MyPoints - this one is a slow earner for me, becasue you mainly earn from online shopping.  But you can also earn from reading e-mails, and doing searches from their site.  You can redeem a $10 amazon gift card for 1700 points.  Other gift cards can start as low as 1600 points, or you can donate your points to a charity for even less.

MyLot - another discussion platform.  You earn cash for quality participation in other peoples discussions or by participation in discussions you start.  Current payout threshold is $5 paid if you reach that amount by the end of the month.  If it is not reached, the amount you have earned rolls over to the next month until you reach minimum.


  1. Ibotta is also a good way to make money from grocery shopping if you haven't tried that.

  2. I got to get something up to make more money online,


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