Friday, October 14, 2016

Post Matthew

It rained.
The wind blew.
Trees fell down.

Matthew came through and trashed some stuff.

We were lucky really.  No damage was done to our home, just loss of power for many days.  Loss of everything in the fridge. 

It was painful throwing things away, a full head of lettuce.  Most of a bottle of salad dressing.  Half a jar of jelly.

Loss to our checking account as we were overcharged for a hotel room (charged more than double their regular rate apparently) and having to buy canned mac and cheese for the kids, boxed juice and chocolate milk.  Bottled water and food for us.

The power was restored by linemen who worked tirelessly.  Most from other cities, other states.  Most people not being grateful they were working just complaining they didn't get the power back on fast enough.

The first night I lay sleeping under my own fan after a hot bath I loved them.

It had almost been nice with the power out.  We spent the night playing scrabble at the table with candle light.  I slept with the window open, the barred owls hooting at me.

In the end it was little more than a scary inconvenience.

We were the lucky ones.

Now its back into the swing of things, going to work every day.  Restocking the fridge.  And now, blogging.  Though I've failed at another ultimate blogging challenge.  :(

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