Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Top 4 Retro Horror Movies

Scary is a rather objective term.  Different things scare different peple.

People who know me now might be surprised to find out that when I was younger I HATED horror movies.  In fact, I hated anything even a tiny bit scary.

When I was just a little Noner I remember my aunt putting in The Labyrinth for me and the first time they showed the gobins (puppet goblins mind you...this was a Jim Henson movie) they scared me and I would not watch the whole movie.

Over time I learned to love the horror genre, and while they very rarely scare me anymore, I still enjoy watching them.  Some of my favorites are older movies that are almost campy and cheesy.

Here is a small selection of some of my favorite horror films.

The Gate - Its an oldie, released in 1987, but this is the first horror movie I remember watching and ENJOYING.  It still scared the pee out of me, but it was the first time it was an enjoyable scare for me.

Since it IS an 80s movie it probably wont be scary at all to people in this day and age, and its not scary to me any more, but I do still love to watch it from time to time.

In this one two boys, Glen and Terry, accidentally open a gate to hell.  Tiny demons come from the gate, which is beneath a rotten tree in the familys yard.  The two boys and older sister Al are alone and have to figure out how to survive the tiny demon hoard and  how to close the gate before their parents get home.

One scene, where the tiny demons were in the walls, really freaked me out when I was a girl.

And, so you won't be to sad when the movie ends I'll let you know that there is a sequel.  The Gate 2.

In the Mouth of Madness - In this film novelist Sutter Cane has written a novel which seems to drive everyone who reads it insane.  Murderiously so.  When Sutter Cane disappears the publishing agen gets an insurance investigator named John Trent to find out what is going on.

Trent finds himself surrounded by people, and places, that take place in Cane's latest mind altering novel.  He eventually finds himself trapped in the town of Hobbs End, which he thought as a fictional place. 

At the end of the movie you are left wondering if any of it was real, or if Trent has been in "The Mouth of Madness" the whole time.

While there are monsters and the usual horror fare in this one, it was more of a psycological kind of scary to me.  Messes with your brain.  If I ever see a novel by Sutter Cane on the shelves I don't think I'll be reading it.

Demon Knight - This one is a Tales from the Crypt movie, and when the Cryptkeeper is involved you just KNOW you are getting a decently mixture of scary and funny.

A stranger named Brayker turns up in a small town looking for somehwere to spend the the night.  As it turns out he is the protector of the last of 7 very special "Keys."  The Key is really a container that holds a small ammount of the blood of Christ.

He has to explain this to the band of misfits he is sharing a run down bed and breakfast with in order to get them to help protect him and his relic from the demonic Collector.

If the Collector gets the last Key he can open the realm of hell and chaos on earth.

Over night the Collector haunts the B&B.  He can't come inside unless he can convince one of the people inside to let him him in, and he tries very hard to get in.

From Dusk 'til Dawn - Easily the most adult of the movies I've shared here this one was made back when vampires were still bloodthirsty killing machines.

The Gecko brothers on on the run after Richard breaks Seth out of prison.  Seth is a bit of a hothead, so even though Richard wants to keep a low profile they end up leaing a wake of death and destruction behind them.

They steal and RV, taking the family inside as hostages and end up seeking refuge in a seedy truckers bar with the colorful name of the Titty Twister. 

As the sun goes down they realize the establishmen is a nightmares, as all the people who run the place, from the band to the strippers, turn into hideous vampires.

The Gecko's and their hostages end up having to work together to try and survie the night.

Interested in checking out some of my favorite horror films?  They are a available through Amazon.

(Today's post was inspired by Rusty 2 Rusty's October 216 Writing Challenges.  Please take a moment and read about the scariest movies she has seen.)


  1. I do love disk till dawn! Great list!

    1. Thank you. Gotta love From Dusk Til Dawn. Its been a couple of years since I've watched that one. I need to sit down with it again.

  2. I love the dusk to dawn series. Vampires is my preferred horror flicks. Or zombies, werewolves or anything super natural.

    1. The first one is my favorite.
      I love a good zombie flick too. Its scary that now they are even making the zombies more human like than monster like.

  3. dusk to dawn is a great movie, when I was young I love horror. I don't really watch them to much anymore. having children does that to some people.

    1. My 6 year old has grown up watching old sci-fi horror with his dad. He likes some "horror" fare, specially monster movies like Tremors and Eight Legged Freaks.

      It does stop me from getting to watch the gory ones that I would like to see more of.


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