Thursday, October 27, 2016

Imma Failure, Destash To Be Announced


This is said after a 2 hour attempt to make a 5x7 thin slab out clay.

5x7 isn't that big, really.  And with not one, not two, but THREE packs of clay as well as a clay "pasta" machine and a rolling pin it should have been acheivable.

Nope.  Not for Noner.

Noner fails at everything exepting failing.  Noner excells at failing.

Some of you might try to waive away my declrations of failure, try to tell me I'm creative and etcetera etcetera.

But I know better.

As I tossed about $8 of sculpy into the trash today I realized...

I'm just not a crafter.

As much as I want to craft, most of my crafts are fails.  I have more horrible projects than I do ones good enough to share.

Crafting, like art, just isn't meant to be part of my life.

Which is sad.  Because I really want to be a creative person.  I've always wanted to be a person who creates things that other people ooooh and ahhhh over.

That is simply NOT meant to be.


I think I'm going to be destashing some of my stuff.

I'll keep the things that I'll still use, like my paints and brushes.  (I might suck at art, but I still have fun doing it)  I'll be keeping kiddie crafting stuff to to the easy things with my boys, But I think I'm going to start getting rid of the stuff I don't use.

I have a couple of boxes of beads and misc jewelry findings that I'm never going to use, if we're realistic.  I've had most of the poop for years now and I can't remember the last time I tried to make something.

On the plus side, if I can actually, maybe, possibly SELL some of this stuff, then maybe I'll earn a little towards the $100+ it will take to get me a self hosted wordpress blog.

I might suck at crafts but I have a little tallent at writing.  Lets see if I can make something come of it.

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  1. I suck at most of them too, so I paint weirdo stuff and write weirdo stuff and ya know what? people like it :)

    Sell it and get your wordpress, you are a good writer.


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