Saturday, September 3, 2016

September Goals

So, last month I decided to set some goals for myself for the month, because goal setting is important to goal achieving!

You'll notice, as usual, a couple of carry overs from last month.  That's to be expected, as I aim to meet some of these goals if it kills me!



1.  Make and List 10 Pieces of Jewelry - This can be bracelets, necklaces, earrings, whatever.  Just 10 pieces of jewelry.  I would like to sell at least 5 of the 10, but that's not up to me.

2.  Lose 10 Pounds - I started on September 1st weighing in 220 pounds.  Due to a surgery (also on the 1st) I can't exactly do a but load of exercise right now, but there will be some dietary changes because of said surgery.  I bought a MAMBI Happy Planner Fitness Expansion to help me track, now if I can just make myself start using it regularly.

Hand in hand with this, I want to start wearing my fit-bit and to take  about 400,000 steps in the rest of this month.

3. Blog Every Day - I have blogs at multiple places.  There is no reason that I cannot make one blog post every day.  If nowhere else I can post here, where anything goes!  I would paticuarly like to get my animal/pet blog up and running.  Need doggy/kitty/critter info.

4.  Spend More Time Outside - It is that time of year where the weather is changing.  It is starting to be cooler in the mornings and evenings.  Time to go outside a little more often.

This will help me out with goal #2, whether I'm walking around the neighborhood or just in my back yard.  Not to mention that sunshine is supposed to be good for you mentally and physically.  Need some of that shiny vitamin.

It will help me unplug a little.  I'm totally a facebook addict.

5.  Start Writing My Novel - One night I could not sleep.  I had a novel idea in my head.  So I got up, turned on the light and scribbled out on several notebook pages what turned out to be most of an outline of a novel.  I want to actually start writing this novel

So, there are my 5 goals for September.  Lets see how this goes.

Now, how did I do last month?

August Re-Cap

(Read my August Goals post first)

1. Get Rid of 30 things - FAIL - I did list one thing on a for sale site (It did not sell) and threw out some old shoes.  That's it.  Not even nearly 30 things.
2.  Be a More Active Blogger - FAIL- I'm still stuck in a "my blogging is not good enough" rut and therefore not producing much content.
3.  Use my Happy Planner - WIN - Well, I still don't have much to put in my planner, but I did get a couple of layouts prettied up.  AND I made a fitness planner to use too.
4.  Get Up Earlier - FAIL - Yeah, I didn't really expect this on to be a win.  I'm so very much NOT a morning person.
5. Drop some Weight - WHO KNOWS - Seeing as how I didn't really keep track of my weight for the month of August, who knows if this one is a win or a fail?  Not me!


Do you set any goals for yourself?  How are you doing on your goals for this month?  This year?


  1. I use to set goals for myself. I need to start doing it again. I was able to get much more done having goals.

  2. Good luck with all of your goals I hope you make great progeess.

  3. I need to work on my children's books and other books and I am trying to lose weight too.

  4. You can do it, Its hard to start with but I make 4 big ones each year, sometimes I accomplish it in the last month of the year sometimes in the first month.

    I have a book written and I have just about all the photo`s needed, I just have to put it together and Publish, maybe an e-book. I started another but..... well ya know.

  5. Personally, I don't believe in setting goals. I'd rather live in the present moment (from the perspective of purpose) than constantly worry about whether or not I'm going to reach some destination.


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