Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bats in the Air - Not in Your Hair

One night recently it was late as we came out of the grocery store.  It was dark outside, the paring lot lit up with the florescent.  We heard a large plane that sounded like it was flying low.  My husband and I both looked up to see the plane, but I didn't see it.

What I did see was bats.

Many, many, many bats were flying overhead.  They swung and swooped and dived and danced their little winged mammal ballet above our heads.

They could be hard to see.  I flash of silver.  A dash of grey.  A shadow of a shadow against the sky, behind the lights.

I hated to look away from them to unload the groceries from the cart into the car.

They were, of course, attracted to the bugs that are attracted to the lights in the parking lot.  Quite possibly if you looked skyward in any parking lot at night you could see them.

It struck me as funny though, how many people were walking under this colony of bats.  I could just imagine the hysteria if the sun were to suddenly come up and people realize how many bats were over their heads.

Myths About Bats
The women especially I could picture throwing their purses over their hair because from the time we are children we are told stories about bats. Stories about how they will dive down and get caught in a woman's hair.  Stories that they are eager to drink our blood.

This swooping colony above us was only interested in insects.  Given a choice between a monster sized moth, or somebodys hair, a little brown bat is never gonna say "Gimmie dat weave!"

Despite the fact that everyone KNOWS someone this happened to.  The ever present "friend of a friend."

Meanwhile my husband is nudging me with a bag of potatoes in an effort to make me stop watching the display and help him load the food into the car.

I said, "Does it make me weird that I like bats?"

He said, "Yep."

Shun thee, non-believer!

Holds up to 20 bats
Holds up to 20 bats!
I told him, they eat bugs you know.  Bats are GOOD, apart from that whole rabies thing.  But its not like they're gonna bite us or anything.  They just want our creepier crawlies.

Right now if I thought they'd eat the spiders that have started living in there I'd put a small brown bat in the bathroom.

I told him we should put some bat boxes in the backyard and attract them.  I'm sure they would help with the Palmetto bug problem we have.  Or at least in my "lets be friends with all the bats" bliss I convinced myself they would be.

But, since he is one of the bag-phobic he shunned my idea.

However, if you are not afraid of the big bad bat you might want to set up some bat boxes on your property.  Then sit out at dusk and watch their aerial ballet.

If you can stop being afraid they are going to end up in your hair, it is really very beautiful.

Want to be a bat watcher?

Here are some things that might help you attract bats to your yard, and maybe even to figure out if you have a little brown bat, a large brown bat, or a *vampire bat living in your bat house.  (*just kidding.  Unless you are in Central/South America it is highly unlikely you have a vampire bat living in your bat box.) 


  1. I love watching bats. I don't see them as much. Since, I live in the city. When I lived in the trailer court out in the country. I had the opportunity to watch the bats fly to get the insects flying at the light right outside my window. They never harmed me. They did caught a ton of bugs.

    1. Its funny, because I say way more bats in the city than I ever did living in the country. Some nights I see them flying in 2s or 3s over our neighborhood, just not as many as I saw over the Kroger. I've never been afraid of them really. I love to watch them fly.

  2. Surprisingly there are lots of bats in our place. We are in the middle of the city but we still have lots of trees, clean surrounding, water and a lot of treats for bats.

    1. I've seen more bats since moving to a city than I ever did in the countryside. Guess those streetlight bug feasts are just too much to ignore.


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