Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Waiting Room - Wordless Wednesday

Is there nothing more thrilling than a waiting room.

This one was pretty.  Dark floors.  Nice ferns.  The other side was marble floors.

It was also hot as the surface of the sun in there!

Had a surgical consult.  But that is where I spent my morning, and I spent my afternoon/evening at work.

Noner needs more time to blog.


  1. That is a pretty waiting room, as waiting rooms go.

    Our doctor's office has a grandfather clock with a pendulum. They don't have it going anymore, but when my son, now almost 15, was very small, he was fascinated by that pendulum. Early signs of his physics-mindedness, I think.

    I hope the consult went well, and that more time to write is in your future! And I'm sure glad you found me so I could find you, because there's always room for a little more cheery insanity amid my lovely chaotic life!

  2. I hear you about waiting rooms, I've spent a lot of time in them. Learned where the free donuts and coffee machines were. Funny cuz I was at a clinic just two days ago and took some phone pics. It's a hospital with clinics that is maybe a year old and had fruit infused water, very nice.

  3. I love a colorful waiting room. Gives me more good spirit :). Thanks for stopping by at my blog, Noner..

  4. Hopefully nothing too serious! Thanks for linking up!


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