Monday, August 8, 2016

Tales of a Dream Desk

Its still on my Wishlist if someone wants to buy it for me.
Today while window shopping on amazon I popped into my Wishlist to drool over all the things I've wanted but could not purchase.  And there, right in my wishlist, was this desk you are looking at right now.  This lovely desk, with a lovely small hutch over the top, in a lovely brown color.  This Desk...

See, I've been looking at desks for a while, really wanting a desk for my bedroom.  But my bedroom really is packed wall to wall corner to corner and there is no room for a desk in there.  But...

I don't really like the desk I'm currently using.  I mean, it has served me well for most of my life now.  But its wobbly.  It is tiny.  It is not photogenic.  And currently its full of silverfish.

I told my husband, "I need a new desk, the silverfish are eating all of my papers!"  And he said, "Bring some boxes home from work.  You can take all the stuff out of the drawers and take it outside to go throgh it and I'll spray - (insecticide) - it."

Oh well.  No new desk.

But today, the desk above, my current dream desk, was on sale for ONLY $98!! 

I say ONLY in a semi-sarcastic way, because $98 was a great deal for a desk that was $150 the first time I saw it. But as broke as I am $98 is still far, far, far away from my $7 budget.

*insert longing sigh here*

Then I got inspired.

I have a lot of stuff around here that I could try to sell.  I have a lot of stuff around here waiting to be made.  I have a few PPV sites that I write for that I haven't actually written anything for in a while.

Suddenly $98 seemed very doable! 

I love it when I get all inspired!

Trying to do mental math (which really hurts my brain) I ran back to amazon to get the affiliate link to link my desk to this blog post and.... *poof* it was back to full price.

Well, that was pretty demoralizing.  I mean, it was probably going to take me a month or more to get up to $98.  $150 was impossible.

Well, that's a bummer.

But then, when I looked again a few hours later, the desk was back to  $98 but there was only one of them in stock!

So, whether or not I become the proud owner of my current dream desk is still to be seen BUT.... the moral of this blog post isn't about a desk at all.

Its about using what you have to get what you want.

What I want is what most of the world wants.  More money.

Now, I live in a house with ac and running water and food and I've got it pretty damn good.

But that doesn't stop me from wanting better things.

Now, I know I can make money by selling my crafts and unused craft supplies.  And I know I can make money by blogging.  And I spend a lot of time thinking "If only I had _____ then I could make ______!" instead of giving it a gosh darn try with what I already have!!

What I need from you, my loyal readers, is just a little help.

If I post about something I'm selling and you don't want to buy it, you can still SHARE it.  Someone out there wants it I'm sure.

While we're talking SHARE, I need you to spread my 'ish around social media like crazy.  The more eyes that touch my stuff, the better my chances at everything are.

Oh, and if you're gonna shop for something for yourself from amazon, click one of my links first.  You don't have to buy what my link takes you to, but anything you but from amazon afterwards will give me a small commission at no extra cost to you!

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