Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Musing on a Wet Morning

Under a Red Umbrella
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I woke up to darkness and rain.

And I loved it.

Parker padded into the living room holding his blanket and his Creeper and asked, "Is it morning?" because the house was so dark he really couldn't tell.

I put a mason jar out to collect some rainwater, and took the trash to the street because I forgot to do that last night.

By then it had quit raining and there was some blue in the sky.  Tree frogs were singing up a storm in the palm tree in my back yard.  That tree must be FULL of those noisy amphibians, but I can't ever see them.

Just before 10 the sun went away again.  A second night had fallen. Then the rains came pouring down.

THIS is the kind of rain that I love.  HARD rain that can wash away impurities.  But not so much thunder and lightning that makes it a nightmare.

On a perfect day I could open my bedroom window and crawl under the covers with a good book.

Its not a perfect day however, it is a work day.  So as the cleansing water pours from the sky outside I get ready for the real world in here.

When the thunder finally does break free and rumble over the sky, and Spencer starts to cry, Parker comforts his baby brother.  "Its okay, Baby." He says. "You're protected."

Skyfalls cleansing kiss.
Sudden shouts from Heaven come.
Brother loves brother 

There will be a lot more rain in the next few days as tropical systems throw their curving clouds our way.

 I can't help but find it symbolic.

Like I said earlier, I'm looking at the removal of my gallbladder as a symbolic good thing.  Then I find out that not only is this surgery happening on the first day of a new month, but its also happening on a New Moon.  Then there are the rains, finally come, washing away a summers worth of dust and debris.  

Good things are going to happen, I'm sure.

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  1. Yes I do believe good things are headed your way!

    I love the rain and a book too :)

  2. I always believe in positivity and great things waiting for all of us ahead :)


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