Monday, August 1, 2016

August Goals

Okay, once upon a time on a different blogging site I started each month with a list of simple goals for that month.

Might as well start over doing that here.

So here are my goals for August.

1.  Get Rid of 30 Things

This does not have to be "throwing away" 30 things.  When I say get rid of I mean to toss out (as in magazines), or use (as in my jewelry hoard) or to sell (as in any finished art/craft items).

I might even return a thing or two to work that I bought and haven't used yet.  If I can find the receipts.  (Because associates are not allowed to return anything ever without a receipt.)

This fits in with my Personal New Year goal to purge some stuff before my birthday rolls around again.

Started off today by putting 2 boxes I had been hoarding "to do something with" into the recycle bin.

2.  Be a More Active Blogger

I'm still only managing to post once every few weeks.  This is bad, bad blogging.  Since I've been approached by a different blog asking for an interview on myself and my blogging I'll have some new traffic flowing this way.  It would be nice to give them something to read when they get here.

Now we all know I'm a personal blogger, and I've about given up being anything EXCEPT a personal blogger.  But, my blog title being "Noner Says" what would YOU like to see me have my say on?

3.  Use my Happy Planner

I bought a Happy Planner in May and for 2  months I've not really used it.  Turning into a waste of money!

Now I don't really hae enough in my life to NEED a planner, but maybe I can fiture out a way to help my happy planner help me with my blogging.

Anyone have any good ideas on how to do that? 

4.   Get Up Earlier

This has been a goal previously.   I seem to have trouble getting out of bed.  Every morning I say "I'm going to set my alarm for 6am and have some "alone" time before the kids get up.  And every night around 3am when I gotta go potty, I turn my alarm off.

It never fails.

So, with it being Back to School time (Even though my husband decided to give Home Schooling a try this year) I figure its a good enough time to try and get my lazy rear out of bed earlyer.

(So far this has been a fail.  I set my alarm for 6...and got up at 9:30 this morning!) 

5.  Drop Some Weight

I plan to lose 10 pounds this month. Having almost 5 full weeks I shoud be able to do that if I lose 2 pounds MOST weeks, and it gives me a little leeway for a bad week.

Normally I would have been walking the kid to school every morning, but since I won't be doing that this year I'm going to have to figure out how to get some walking in based around my crazy work schedule.


So, there you go.  5 Goals set for August.

Come back at the end of the month and see how I fared on this month's quests.  OR...visit every day and see how I'm doing on #2 for yourself!



  1. I need to get a schedule and make some goals also.

  2. Good luck w your goals 😊

  3. Good luck wit your goals. I need to blog more myself and I should make a schedule since thing are about to get very busy around here.


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