Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Art Class - Primary and Secondary Colors

Today, since I was not at work, I got to teach my son's art class.

Parker is in 1st grade, and my husband decided he wanted to try to home-school this year.  Mostly he does all the home-school work because I'm usually at work.

We are trying to homeschool for free, using resources found mostly for free, or borrowed from the library.  Though we have bought a couple of workbooks.

Today was an "ART" day, and he's learning about Primary and Secondary Colors.

The first thing I did was go to pinterest and found a free printable!

Fun Color Theory Activity Pack For Kids

I printed out the 5 sheets, but only used 3 for today's lesson.

First I put the 3 primary colors down and explained to him that red, blue and yellow are the primary colors because you use those three colors to make all the other colors.

I told him that green, purple and orange were the three secondary colors and we were going to learn how to make them today.

I used a clean Styrofoam tray and q-tips along with my print outs for today's art supplies!  Re-purposed and reused items.  I even had the acrylic paint on hand because I paint a lot.

First I showed him how to put a little of each primary color on his paper, and mix them together.  I asked him what he thought each color combination would make, and he was right every time.

Then we used the primary paints and the colors he mixed himself to paint the boxes on this sheet:

I let him use pre-mixed secondary colors to paint the color wheel that came with this free printable pack:

The next part wasn't part of the free color theory printable. I had him color 3 different shapes in primary colors on one index card.  Then I had him color the 3 secondary colors on a diffferent index card.

He used a gluestick to glue his painted index cards in the right spots, then I had him write his color names beside each card.

Then I let him use all the extra paint for free-play art time.  He painted a solar system.  You can see his solar system on my instagram if you want.


  1. I hope the homeschooling works out for your family.

  2. Very nice! Good teaching and good painting!

  3. looks like fun indeed, Noner.. I bet he enjoys homeschooling


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