Thursday, July 7, 2016

UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium

I was off today and my husband (who only had to work 2 days this week) woke me up bright and early this morning and asked, "Do you wanna go see some fish?"

Last night he couldn't decide if he wanted to take the boys to the small local aquarium, or if he wanted to take the oldest to see The BFG while I stayed home with the baby.

Seems like fish won.

The "aquarium" is actually The University of Georgia Marine Education Center and Aquarium
and whatever you have pictured in your mind right now, get rid of that image.

There are no huge floor to ceiling tanks with exotic bright colored creatures.  There is certainly not a glass tunnel with a moving floor and whale sharks over year head.

There is one room with a few tanks displaying the local inhabitants of our Ocean. 

They do have a shark though.  A bonnet head.  They also have a magnificent pair of lion-fish, some seahorses, and a tank of moon jellyfish.

Oh, and a pair of baby alligators!

Maybe underwhelming if you've been to a "big" aquarium, but decent entertainment for a 2 year old and a six year old. (and me)

We were a little disappointed that the octopus was gone.  There had been a octopus last time we went, and after seeing Finding Dory Parker was excited to meet one.

Who wouldn't want to meet an otopus after seeing Hank on film.
Am I right?

There is a second room upstairs with a touch tank, some fossils and artifacts, and the jawbone of a whale.

They loved the touch tank where they got to touch some crabs.  Parker wouldn't touch the ghost crab but the did touch the Horseshoe crabs.

This is a horseshoe crap shell from a recent trip we made to the beach.
Nobody was home. (he was deceased)
A gentleman who works there heard Parker ask where its eyes were (Parker is very into things eyes for some reason) and came over.  He pointed out where all the crabs sensors were and flipped it over and told us about it.

He let us know the tail was not dangerous at all.  He said they really only used it to flip themselves over if they ended up on their backs.  He lay his hand on its underside and said they don't hurt, they just try to push you away.

He also said they have blue blood that is often used for scientific study.

I never knew they had blue blood!

Out back there is a pic-nic area and a nature trail.

We walked out on the boardwalk, looking out the river, and took the short trail.  We didn't think the 2 year old would want to walk the long one, plus the second half is woodsy and overgrown and we were slightly worried that one (or both) of the kids might get eaten by an alligator.

As it is we did see a pair of deer as we neared the end of the trail.

It was a great day which I would love to share pictures of but my memory card reader decided to stop working randomly and suddenly without warning after 4 years of service.  Go figure.

So, how was your day?  Did anyone else have a mid-week adventure.

PS. Parker got to go see the BFG too, so his day was even better!

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