Sunday, July 3, 2016

Classic Board Game Family Night

Tonight was Game Night at our house.

Does your family have game night?

We used to play board games every Friday or Saturday night.  Occasionally we would have a Nintendo game night where we usually played Mario Party.

Then I had a kid.  Then I had another kid.  And game night started only being once a month, or sometimes less.

Now our oldest one is really started to like playing board games, even though he's still a bit of a sore loser at times.  But the little one is still too little, and that makes game night a challenge still.

However, we decided to brave the 2 year olds temper tantrums (and I tried to distract him with fruit ninja on my kindle) and invited my mother in law over to play games with my husband, myself and the boys.

First Parker wanted to play Operation.
Broken Wishbone?  Charlie horse?  Water on the Knee?
You operate on Cavity Sam to fix his ailment
but you gotta be careful.  Make him better but don't
get the buzzer!

We have the classic version with Cavity Sam, but there are many characters you can get your hands on to operate on these days.  Spongebob, Shrek, a Minion, and there is even a Finding Dory Operation game!

It was a risky situation.  Sam was a sick, sick man.  He had a broken heart, he had butterflies in his stomach.  He had writers cramp.  I really was touch and go.  I had to call in an assistant surgeon to help me out!

When the baby got his hand on the tweezers he stuck them in the charlie horse hole.
"I DID IT!" he proclaimed, as Cavity Sam lay have a buzzing red nosed seizure on the
operating table.
After quite some time, a lot of glowing red nose, and letting the 2 year old jam the tweezers right into Sam's metallic innards just to hear him giggle, my husband won the game.

Then we played Life.

I pretty much always buy a yacht in this game. I feel like
I should just go ahead and pay the $36,000 up front because it
happens every time.

The life we play is the classic version.  And when I say classic I mean CLASSIC.  It is the board game that my husband has had since he was a kid in the 60s!

I'm always the yellow car.  My husband gave my pink peg a pink peg partner instead of a husband, and we adopted a cute little girl peg from another country like all the fashionable people do.

There was a wardrobe change between Operation and Life.  We also attempted to put the baby to bed.
I started off strong, but then I bought a yacht, then my yacht hit an iceberg, and somehow I ended up losing the game by $40,000 dollars.

My husband won.


Then we broke out Jenga.

Jenga. Jenga. Jenga. Jenga.

Jenga is... Jenga.  There is not a winner of Jenga.  Hubby started playing dirty early on, so I joined in the filth, making a lot of single block layers.

My mother in law was the one to make it all come tumbling down.

After that the rest of the family retired to the living room to play some games on the old N64 system.

OMG! The controllers are connected to the game system with cords!  What kinds of backwards technology is this!

Yes, even including the 2 year old, who just refused to sleep while everyone else was up playing video games.

And I came over here and started typing up this blog post.


  1. Those icebergs will get ya every time 😃

    1. One memorable game night I bought that Yacht and hit that iceberg about 5 times, since I kept landing on the spot that sent me BACK to buy ANOTHER yacht. So my yacht buying is a running joke for us with this game.

  2. I could imagine all the fun that you're having! And do I see someone turning into a surgeon with Cavity Sam? :)

    1. Yep, myself and my eager young co-surgeon trying to save a life.

  3. Those pictures are really sweet! My mom and my son and I play board games when she's over for a weekend, and we have a lot of fun. :)


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