Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bookshelf Makeover

I was off work yesterday and, left to my own devices for a couple of hours while my husband went shopping with the boys, I could have done anything I wanted to to!

What did I choose to do?  To FINALLY attack and tackle my hot mes of a book shelf!

Here is what it looked like at the very beginning.  Books behind books, books in front of books, junk mail, magazines and all sorts of random ephemera piled up there.

I started at the top and worked my way down.  The top shelf had been paperbacks three deep!

As I was cleaning each shelf I had my boxes.  One was recycling (magazines and junk mail), one was books to be re-shelved.  The last was books I didn't "love" to be sold or given away.

I meant to take photos of each shelf as I cleared it, and what was happening above and below the current shelf as I worked on it.  But, clearly I didn't do that.  Here I am with the top shelf done, the middle one in process, the third one empty..bottom still untouched.

Here is the end result.  Can you even tell a difference from begining to end?

The books I kept are now only 2 deep instead of three.  I do have a lot of them in the back turned on their sides and stacked up to take up less room.  I tried to make the front row to be all series and make them look presentable.

There are approximately 222 books on this shelf, not counting the notebooks/photo albumson the very bottom.

And this is why I will never have a "Curiated" bookshelf that looks so pretty and nice.  Because I have too many darn books for that!  lol

Now, I have the Stephen King shelf on the left to straighten (gotta make room for the new ones that kinda got shoved on top) and the two book shelves in my room (with craft books and craft supplies.)

But I feel pretty good about what I did accomplish.


  1. I think you did a great job and accomplished a lot with your bookshelves.

  2. The books look great after the makeover.


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