Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers day is rough for me.  It has always been a holiday full of mixed emotions.

As a child I hated mothers day.  It made me sad to see all the mother filled commercials, and doing all the projects "for mom" in school.

I didn't have a Mom.

My mother and I.
Well, I guess I did have a mom, somewhere.

But she was not part of my life.  In my mind she left me when I was a baby.  I didn't even remember her.

As an adult I know it wasn't all her fault that she was gone from my life.  As an adult I know that my dad most likely played a part in keeping her away.

But as a child all I knew was my mom left, and I didn't have a mom like everyone else did.

Of course I had mother figures.  I had my Granny, and Aunts that I loved as much as I could have loved a mom, and they loved me as much as their own children too I'm sure.

And there was my Mr Mom.  My single dad raised me, and played both roles as well as he could.

As an adult I've still got conflicted emotions about Mothers Day.

As an adult I have my mother in law, who is wonderful.

I also have two little boys who are my whole world.

My sweet boys.

But I also still have that little girl feeling of never having a mom.

I also have a husband who does nothing to make mothers day special for me.  My boys are too young to even know what the day IS, so it would be up to him to make it special at this point.  (of course he doesn't do anything special for his mom either, so its not just me....)

So, I've never had a mother, and I'm not exactly ever celebrated in my own motherhood.

Meanwhile, there is a whole world of moms outside of myself.

We have a family member who lost his mom not even a whole month ago.  He's still hurting, a lot, and the whole world is yelling Happy Mothers Day.  Not that it matters how long ago you lost someone you loved.  When their special day comes around the hole they left in your life aches.

I have friends who have lost children both born and unborn.  I have friends who have had to give their children up for adoption.  I have friends who desperately want to be parents but are unable to conceive for one reason or another.

In conclusion...

Moms are great, except when they are not.
People love their moms, even if they are gone.
Moms are moms, even if they no longer have a child to hold.

Moms from my favorite show.  Bonus points if you know who they are!
So, what are you doing special for you mom today?  (even if its just in remembrance)
If you are a mom, is your family doing anything special for you?

Forgot a gift? No problem, send your mom or mother figure an amazon gift card so they can treat themselves to something nice.


  1. Mother's Day in the UK is in March and yes, I did make it a special day for the mother in my life!

  2. My mom is coming over for a bit to visit. I need to call my stepmom and wish her a happy Mothers Day but feel guilty since I have a mother.

  3. I feel for my husband. We lost his mother and step-father just over three years ago. He was very close to all three of his parents, and they are all gone now. They are greatly missed! My mother-in-law was one of my best friends <3

  4. I had a wonderful Mother's Day with text messages and calls from my oldest daughter and my wonderful grandchildren. I also received calls and messages from numerous "adopted" kids, ones that have over they years called me mom. I love that I have so many children and grandchildren that I didn't even know I had. However, it was sad also since my youngest daughter has "left the family", including her 2 oldest children. Her hubby is very controlling and she bows to his wishes and they have been out of the family for well over a year. I'm hurt for her children, but they both are so close to hubby and me that I know they will never want for anything. They will always have me as a gramma and mom. I'm sorry your hubby didn't help your boys even with a crayon colored picture. Hugs to you on Mother's Day Noner.

  5. I share your not-so-happy Mother's Day sentiments. To combat my mom's day blues I spent most of the day with my dog Valentino at the dog park in the sunshine.

    1. I understand Ruthi. I am just trying to keep my focus on other things and my little son Murphy is a good way to do that.

  6. My Mom is deceased. Some years I do things for my dad's wife, but she has a family and daughters near her. I called my daughter last night to short circuit the disappointment I would have felt if my kids did not call. My son did not call and was at his inlaws. My daughter in law told me on FB how much she loves me, though. I would faint from shock if my son initiated anything. On the other hand, hubby surprised me with a special trip and meal. He knows I get blue. I posted about it on myLot.

  7. It is extremely hard when we don't fit the stereotype Mother that is portrayed in all the greeting cards and such... I am blessed, I have been a mom who lost her child, but I am also a mom with three children who care. I feel your pain when you have children that are not encouraged to do something for their moms' by their other half. My husband always says I'm not his I know what you are feeling. Thank God, I have other anchors to hold onto, that I know are there for me. When those feelings of loss are at their strongest, I grab hold to my anchor and know that I am safe.....Loving you as one mom to another!


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