Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blogjob Rewards Program Suspended

Yesterday (May 4, 2016) Blogjob announced it was going to have to "temporarily" disable its rewards program.

I saw the signs of the end to this revenue stream.

Blogjob was one of the revenue sharing blogging sites I had most recently been writing on.

I can't say that I was surprised by this announcement.

Why?  Because I've been a member of profit sharing websites for a while, and one thing they all have in common is that the always quit sharing their profits.  Either they will come forward and bravely admit they cant pay and have to stop, or they will just sit back silently and not paying out.

I was a little shocked by the timing of this one though, because just earlier this week it cut its points payment system by 50 points, so you could only earn 100 points a day (minimum) instead of 150.

Now, I know (again from experience) that cutting payment earnings is closely followed by the removal of payment entirely.  I've just never seen it happen that quickly before. 

The next step will be that the site will likely either be sold, or disappear entirely.

This happens all the time for the same reason.  These sites share revenue, which means the give back some of the money to its writers that they earn from the ads there.  But these sites never generate enough ad profit to keep paying the tons of writers there to earn a buck.  There is just never enough search engine traffic.

And the owners always try to fix it, but it can never be fixed.

I hope I am wrong, and that Blogjob can come back from its downfall.  But I'm not holding my breath.

I was, of course, sad to see it go.

Losing Blogjob means I'm losing money.
These sites all seem to fall down after I discover them.  I make one cash out, get close to a second then it happens, it gets harder to earn points, and I never do make it to that next pay out before they shut down.

Many people have been burned by all the sites, just like I have, and are talking about moving their posts to their own domains.

I would do the same, but have never had any luck at monetizing my free blogspot blogs.  And I certainly can't afford my own domain.  I'm working on these revenue share sites for a reason, after all, and that reason is because I have $0 leftover after bills are paid.  My online earnings are supposed to be my fun money.

I will not be posting on Blogjob while its rewards system is suspended.  I can post for free right here on Noner Says.

I will, however, continue to read and comment on the blogs that I have been following there.  That is, if those bloggers continue posting there.

There are other sites that still share revenue with their writers, but I'm not "good enough" to write there.  Which is to say, I'm a personal blogger, not an article writer, and most of those sites don't look kindly on personal blogs because they don't bring in enough revenue (case in point being Blogjob).

Meanwhile I'll be posting here and hoping to get enough traffic to my own blog to maybe convince someone to click an amazon link and buy a thing.  That's as close to monetization as I get. 


  1. I hope for the sake of our friends Blogjob doesn't go under. However, seeing the patterns of previous websites. I can see it burning in ashes. I am removing my content, slowly. Since, the website keeps timing out with an error message. I will keep reading and commenting my friends as well. I refuse to add any new content. Since, I am removing all mine. My point is in the (-) minus. I refuse to create all new posts to make the minus go away. I know it is far enough I know I can never catch up. However, I refuse to write for free when I too can do it on my personal blog. My views are growing little by little the more I post. I think we can grow our blogs together. Just try to blog something every day. Even if it something little or photos.

    1. Luckily I don't have to move anything, since I never write anything serious there. I'll leave it just in case. One good thing about being a personal blogger. I for sure need to get in the habit of posting more often. Once upon a time I posted every single day. Back when I was blogging for fun. Guess I need to stop trying so hard to earn and start having fun again.

  2. I am being optimistic because I made A LOT of money in a short time. I don't think any BLOGGING site can expect writers to work there, after all of I was a writer in the sense I could get a job at the newspaper or a magazine I most certainly would not be writing on a penny site, so the people paying these sites have to know this.

  3. I too want the points system to come back. I do not mind not being paid for likes, or being paid one point for 10 comments, but at least there was one site where casual blogging still ruled.
    And yes buying ad maintaining one's own domain is not possible for everyone.


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