Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Freaky Nighmare

I had a HORRIBLE nightmare last night.

I killed a woman seemingly for the fun of it (and that's not even the worst part of the dream.) Then I befriended and started a relationship with one of the people looking for her (I think it was a coroner?) Then something happened that I don't remember (I remember being on the front porch of Daddy's house and a noise and bright flash but not why there was noise and a bright flash)

Then I was in the afterlife/underworld following the dead woman on a path. She was following a wooden ball that was rolling down a rock wall beside the path. It was picking up other wooden balls and getting bigger (like snowballs do in cartoons) But then it rolled OFF the wall, and got small again. 

It rolled off the path and into a forest.

The woman kept following the ball and I was screaming at her to not follow it, to stay on the path, but she followed it off the path anyway.

Then the ball changed direction shot at her and went in her chest. She fell down paralyzed but her eyes were moving, and this was where I started getting really, really afraid in the dream.

She stood up, ripped all the skin off of her body and said, "I have been delivered. I have been delivered into the Desert."

Then there wasn't a forest anymore, but a blasted desert wasteland all around.  Where the woman had fallen when she was hit by the ball was a smoking blackened crater.  She walked away, past me, and every place her foot touched turned into a smoking black hole.

Then I woke up to the sound of our doorbell ringing. A very clear and loud Ding-Dong. Except our doorbell DID NOT RING. Everyone else in the house was still sleeping peacefully. Even the dogs. Only I heard the doorbell ring.

It was exactly 3am and I was totally freaked out. I got up looked out the door and saw nobody, walked around the house, checked on everyone. My heart was pounding and it took me FOREVER to be able to go back to sleep.

Meanwhile 6 hours later I'm still creeped out by the dream. 


  1. Oh wow what a creepy dream! I hate having dreams that scare the heebie jeebies out of me.

    I dreams about ducks.

  2. Sorry your having dreams like that! I use to have nightmares but its been a long time since I had one. I hope you do not continue to have them.

  3. I'm creeped out by that dream and it wasn't me who had it!

  4. It was a creepy dream. The ringing that used to wake me up was of an old fashioned rotary phone, that did not exist. I finally figured out that it was from a Star Trek (?) show where Data's mitochondria was calling him on a phone in his chest. I would hear it at about 1:30 in the morning on occasion
    . Not sure why.

    1. Hearing ringing of a phone, or doorbell, or even knocking, upon waking or just as you fall asleep is actually a phenomena. I can't think of the proper name for it right now.

  5. wow, what a dream


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