Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Digging in the Dirt - Wordless Wednesday

 This little circular "garden" was growing nothing but weeds.  So I tore the weeds out.

 See, it looks much better now.

Then I platned some flower seeds.  I planted a lot because I don't really expect any of them to grow.  Right now I'm calling it my "Popsicle Stick Garden."

If it does grow I will have hollyhocks, 4'oclocks, and sunflowers.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard:

 Can you tell that this is a section of  yard surrounded by bricks?  I can just barely see them and I know where they were.  So I started digging them out.

 The first night I only got about half of the bricks uncovered before I ran out of sunshine.

The next night I got the rest of the border uncovered.  It looks better.

BUT, its still a work in progress.

Because in the center of that circle of bricks, is a rectangle of bricks.  It is a grave left behind by the previous owner of our house.  Her dog is burried there.

But you can't see the rectangle of bricks so the next thing I'm gonna do is unearth those.


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  1. My yard needs so much work but I can't motivate to get it done.

  2. I plan on picking dandelions today. I n less than an hour when my daughter gets home to help me. As i can not do all that bending down.

  3. I hope to see a future update of your brick garden of flowers! I like your discovery but think I would leave the rectangular brick/grave in peace for the pup that lay buried there.


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