Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Place of My Own - Wordless Wednesday

Lately I have felt suffocated, at work and even in my own home.

I've been struggling to find one little slice of something that is MINE.

I've been reading about "Sacred Spaces" (which I will talk about more in depth later).  And decided maybe I needed a space of my own.

The house is full, so the only space I really have is my catch-all bedside shelf.

Yesterday it looked like this:

Today I took everything off of the counter itself (ignore the messy shelf to the right...not sure what's gonna happen with it right now)

Going into my fabric stash I found a scrap of fabric I liked.  I've had it for years, even taken some photos of my rats on it before.  It doesn't cover the whole shelf, but it does help to seperate a section, to call it out as "special."

Then taking another scrap of fabric (lacey), my itty-bitty Buddha and some fake succulents, along with my current journal (in the bottom right if you don't see it) I'm starting to fashion a Sacred Space of my own.

This will be a little slice of the house that is MINE.  I will keep it clutter free, but will add things to it that I like, things that make me happy.

I'll talk more about it later when I have more on it.

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  1. I think you are off to a good start. Everyone should have a little space to call their own.


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