Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Visiting the Duck Lake - Wordless Wednesday

Today we took the boys to the park to feed the geese and ducks and seagulls that hang out there.

Here are my little troop of men and mini-men. 

Last time we took Spencer to the lake he wasn't even walking yet.  He looked a little unsure about those birds to start.

Parker didn't want to go to this park because he was afraid of the geese last time.  This time he got excited and laughing at them.  He thought the gulls were really funny.  He was calling them, "Those tiny ducks."

I don't know what he was pointed at, but it must have been pretty exciting.

These guys were like, "No, we're not gonna get out of the water."

I wandered farther away from the feeding frenzy, I just KNEW there were turtles hanging over here.  Well, there WERE, but they all splooshed in the water when we came close.  Except this one guy, who splooshed after I took this picture.

He said he didn't see the turtles.

 These three ducks were buddies.  They traveled around in this little group of 3.  Where one went they all went.

He got tired of the ducks.  He wanted to sit down for a minute.

Then there was this duck.  This duck was awesome.  I want to duck-nap this duck and keep him in my yard.


  1. It looks like a great time at the lake. I am glad the boys were able to enjoy it.

  2. Haha! what a nice little troop & photos I hope those ducks didn't drive you quackers :-)

    Have a quacktastic rest of week :-)

  3. How cute it looks like you all had fun. It remnded me of when I did things likes this witth my son.

  4. Its been awhile since we last do this! I suddenly miss feeding the swans and ducks after seeing your photos. Looks like a fun trip!

  5. It looks as though all had a great time at the park with the water birds! I would want to duck-nap that one same as you!


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