Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Freebies and Online Earnings

I forgot to do this for January, but hope to keep this up for the rest of the year.
This will be where I share what I earn from my different sites online.  It will also include all the freebies (full product and samples) that I receive, and items I purchased using Amazon gift cards.


(These were earnings actually Received.)

1.  $15 from Swagbucks. (join swagbucks today and you can earn too!)
2.  $10 from BlogJob


1.  365 Inspirational Quotes: A Year of daily wisdom from great thinkers, books, humorists and more - Received from Callisto Media in exchange for an honest review. (Read my review HERE on Noner's Bookmarks)
2.  Wreck and Order by Hanna Tennant-Moore  - Received from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. (Read my review HERE on Noner's Bookmarks)
3.  Careful Gardner Garden Hose Nozzle - Received from Tomoson in exchange for an honest Review.  (Read my Review Here)


(These were not free for review, but they WERE paid for entirely using amazon gift cards, and free shipping from Amazon Prime. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial )

I broke my mixer by using it to make bread.  (dough climbed my beaters, and into my mixer, and then more mixer) so I used my amazon gift cards to buy this Hamilton Beach  6-Speed Stand Mixer.  The mixer comes off the stand so it is also a hand mixer for my hsuband.  Oh, and It also came with bread hooks and a whisk. The bread hooks will hopefully keep me from killing this one the first time I try to make a loaf of bread with it.

This is a Boys Navy Blue Cardigan Sweater from French Toast that I bought for Parker for school.  They wanted a navy blue jacket or sweater that opens in the front and does not have a hood.  He did not have such a thing.  He had some navy sweatshirts, but they were not solid navy.  He had a Darth Vader jacket, but it was black...and also has a hood.  Oh, and it looked like Darth Vader.  Well, this sweater meets all the criteria, so he should be good for the rest of winter.

I also bought a box of 144 pink cap erasers.  These were not all for Parker.  I intend to send this whole box to Parker's teacher to share with the whole class for the rest of the year.  Because...little kids erase A LOT.

I might stash some around the house too though.  Why?  Because he does homework here and little kids erase, A LOT.


  1. This is a good place to keep track of what you are accomplishing, even though you also have a full time job, and two kids and a husband to take care of.

  2. Congrats on cashing out at BlogJob. I knew you could do it.
    How did you get your mixer for review? The sites I visit seem to offer supplements or things like socks.


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