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Careful Gardener: Garden Hose Nozzle

The Carful Gardener Garden
Hose nozzle is available to
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My husband and I have differing views on what a garden hose nozzle should do.  He likes the kind that only have one spray.  And that spray is a narrow and hard stream that is good only for one thing.

When I am looking for the best garden hose nozzle I want a premium hose nozzle, something that will give me more choices.

After all, you don't just use your garden hose to wash your car.  You also use it to water tender young plants in a garden, or to wash a beloved family pet.

The Careful Gardener Garden Hose Nozzle is a premium nozzle that offers several settings when it comes to producing water.  So it has the powerful jet that my husband likes so much, but it also has a gentle mist and a soaker setting so that I can water my flowers and gardens without worrying that the water spray is going to tear up the soil or damage my plants.

 The Careful Gardener garden hose nozzle dwarfs our current spray nozzle, but that size does not make it unweildy.  It is easy to use, and you can even change the spray settings one handed (as I demonstrate in the video below)

The handle has softer plastic at the squeeze points so as not to tire your hands.  It also offers an auto flow function for when you have a lot of watering to do and don't want the spend the whole time squeezing it.

Speaking of auto also comes with a free detachable shut off valve (which I can't remember the name of in the video below), and a leak free guarantee AND a lifetime warranty.

Check out the images and video below to see the Careful Gardener Garden Hose Nozzle in action as I show you each of its flow choices and other features in action.

The following is the products description as provided by the company.

Garden Hose Spray Gun/ Nozzle - Premium Quality, Best for Lawns, Plants & Shrubs, Washing Cars, Dogs + Pets. Soft & Ergonomical Handle/ Easy Control Flow Settings/ Durable, Rubberised Plastic, 9 Settings. Backed by Lifetime Warranty

  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE - high quality, solid construction of comfortable moulded, soft touch plastic,  
  • 9 WATER SPRAY PATTERNS - Nine spray settings for maximum flexibility - from a gentle mist for flower beds and pets, to a jet for the car or other more stubborn jobs, 
  • SOFT RUBBER COMFORT GRIP – Easy on your hands.  Soft touch plastic handles provide maximum comfort, for long watering jobs, 
  • WATER PRESSURE CONTROL KNOB – you’re in control with flow control adjustment, and maximum water spray versatility, 
  • AUTO SPRAY FUNCTION – with metal clip designed to save conserve strength in your hands for longer watering jobs,100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – with all Careful Gardener products, you’re backed by a Lifetime Warranty.  We’re here to serve you with high quality products, and if you have any issue at all, we want to know, and we will fix it. 

 Now, if you like everything you've seen and read about this garden hose nozzle from Careful Gardener, then you can order one at amazon right here:

(Disclaimer: I received this product for free, or at a deep discount, in exchange for my honest review.)


  1. A thorough review - maybe I will consider this when the times comes for me to buy a new hose.

  2. I am absolutely like you, I need different setting so not to blast a plant into the core of the earth.

  3. What a great review! I replace mine about 2 years ago. I ended getting on of those hose that reels back up. Not a choice. Since than I have been watering by water jug. Thank goodness I have two of them.

  4. Totally agree with you different settings including more gentle ones are important if you are watering plants, seeds, veg etc in a garden. Great review.


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