Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Visit - A Movie Review

Chapter 1
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I almost forgot to blog tonight, because hubby wanted to watch this movie.

Becca (15) and her brother Tyler (13) go to stay with their grandparents who they have never met before.

Their mother left the family 15 years previous and has not spoken to her parents since.  But her children want her to go have fun with her boyfriend, and they do want to meet their grandparents.

Becca also wants to make a documentary about her mother's separation from her grandparents.  She wants to find out what happened the day her mother left, because she will not talk about it.

At first things seem great.  Nana and Pop-pop are happy to have them, and they are happy to be there.

But then the kids start noticing strange things.  Specially at night.

Pop-pop says that Nana has a condition called Sundowning, but even he is acting a little strange.

Tyler is freaked out, but Becca wants to stay. She says they are just old, and old people can act strange.  And their mom deserves to have a good time and not worry about them.

Of course, things start to escalate or there would be no movie.

I enjoyed the film a lot, but the direction (which was shot documentary style) annoys my husband. He keeps saying, "She/he would have dropped that camera by now!"

It is a PG-13 movie.  Some jump scares, but no gore, which is rare these days.

Check out the trailer, then buy the film on amazon! 

that made me smile today

1.  Got a new belt from target.  I can hold my pants up again.
2.  Reading Parker a bedtime story.  I love that boy.
3.  The weather.  Its cold, but I'm still liking it.
4.  Getting to watch a decently creepy movie for a change. (Hubby's not a fan of horror/thriller movies so we don't see them often.)
5.  I got an almost full cup of coffee from my coffee maker this morning.
6.  Hubby had pizza ready for me when I got home tonight.
7.  A cold night means I should sleep well!


  1. I am not a fan of that genre but I think I might like this one.

    1. It was pretty good. More thriller than horror really.

  2. Sounds like a good one to me.

    1. I enjoyed it a lot. One of those movies that you keep trying to "figure out" but still just as good even if you already know whats going on.

  3. I want to see this one. My boyfriend loves horror movies. I don't mind as long they are not gory. My daughter is care of horror movies of any kind.

    1. I wish my hubby loved horror. There are lots of horror movies I'd love to see, but he never wants to watch them.

  4. Can't say this movie excites me so I probably won't watch it. I haven't heard the term ''sundowning'' before but I get the general idea that it's a kind of dementia-related confusion.

    1. Thats about right with the sundowning term. In this movie it was rather more severe than the definition makes it sound though. Of course, this IS a movie.


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