Sunday, January 3, 2016

Selfie a Day, Winter has Arrived, and the Importance of E-mails

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At Home

I am cold.  Sitting here in a tank-top.  I don't wan't to change into long sleeves though.


I like cold.  I mean, I don't like BEING cold, but I do like cold weather.  And winter took so very, very long to get here this year.  I'm almost superstitious.  If I put on long sleeves I might chase it away again!


Have you noticed a trend in my past few posts. They all include a selfie of me, such as this rather unflattering image.  I'm planning on taking a selfie every day this year.  Selfie a Day 2016.

Why?  Because I hate having my picture taken.  That means...I'm not in a lot of pictures.  I don't want to be that person who is missing from the family album, so, I' going to desensetize msyelf.

Meanwhile, I'm looking a bit disheveled here, and a tad cranky.  Well, I WAS disheveled, but not cranky.  Just tired.  This was taken right at the end of my shift at work today.

Work wasn't bad.  The Holiday Season is over, after all.  We are in that lull between New Year and next halloween.  BUT..

Talking about Work Now

Remember me talking about losing my job (Failure to Provide).  Well, due to a letter I wrote, and my boss kind of not following procedure, I've been giving a second chance.

But its a SMALL second chance.  I have just two weeks to make a "marked improvement" in the store's e-mail and VOC scores.

Its gonna be hard, because for me to make a "marked improvement" I have to make doesn't depend on me.  It depends on my co-workers.  And the Customers.

Short of begging people to do the right thing so I can keep my job I'm trying to follow company procedure to a T.  That means lots of "observations".  And I cringe inwardly every time I hear a customer say no to my cashiers.  I sort of want to shake them and scream, "You're going to make me lose my job!!!"

But that would be downright unprofessional.

I just hope that doing things the way my DM says to will make a big enough difference for me to keep my job.

That Make Me Smile

  • I woke up cold this morning.  I love it.
  • The flower bush in my back yard is blooming in white AND pink.
  • The way my kids run to me for hugs when I get home from work.

Meanwhile, on Instagram

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  1. I really do not like the policy of stores asking for my e mail, or my phone number or my zip code. The stores do not get it,people still want a little privacy. Good luck on this. Your job should not hang on what other people are willing to share.

    1. I agree, my job SHOULD NOT hang on what other people are willing to give. But it does.


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