Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fat Girl Problems

Chapter 1
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Men can be clueless sometimes.

See, I'm a big woman.  I'm not talking about "I need to lose 5 pounds" big.  I'm in the "morbidly obese" category.

Recently I've lost about 15 pounds and 2 pant sizes.  I'm feeling all proud of myself cause I'm rocking a pair of size 18 jeans.

Meanwhile, hubby is watching The New Girl and he keeps commenting how fat Zooey Deschanel looks.

Wait.  What?

Zooey on the left.  Me on the right.  Clearly she is huge.
(and that was sarcasm)
So I'm around 220 and she's around 120 so if she's fat, what does that make me?

I'm trying NOT to be mad and NOT get my feelings hurt because he doesn't mean anything by it, but at the same time...

I'm sick of him and pretty much all of society calling tiny little women fat.  Like, if you can't see the outline of all of their bones then they are fat.

WT actual F people.  Do you not realize what kind of message you are sending?

So, I'm trying to get down to 120.  I've got 100 pounds to lose.  And 120 would put me close to her weight.  But she's fat?  So I'm supposed to get down to what... 90.  Maybe I'll be thin then.

Its not surprising that so many women these days suffer from anorexia and other eating disorders.

Because you can literally NEVER be thin enough to make people happy.  Even people, like my husband, who like big girls (I was already huge when he married me, this isn't like a new development or anything) You would think they'd not go around calling tiny women fat, but they do.

And that hurts in ways that he can never imagine, even if he doesn't want it to.

Oh well, on to...

That Made Me Smile

1.  Playing with Spencer in the bath.  He thought the airplane water squirty toy was the most awesome thing ever.
2.  Reading a bedtime story to Parker.  One that HE picked out from the library. (The Perfect Clubhouse)
3.  Food.
4.  Coffee.
5.  The cold weather.
6.  My bed.


  1. In the picture the dress on Zooey is not very figure flattering. I am right there with you weight wise. Yes, my hubby likes "big women" and I gained like thirty pounds the first two weeks after he moved here, literally. I have not been below 200 since then. I would be so ill if I lost down to 120. I have big bones and I build lots of muscle. Be you, and no one else.

  2. I understand completely where you are getting at. I was skinny when I got with my boyfriend. I have gained weight. I also was diagnosed with diabetis and have stomach issues with swelling I had no before we were together. Thank fully he likes big women. I have seen some women he has been with in the past. I am one of the skinny ones. even at my current size. I want to get down to 120 again. I haven't been able to reach that weight since my teenage was son 17 years ago. I am not sure if I ever will. I'm short. So extra weight makes me look bigger than I am. I am currently down to a size 12 / 13. Last time I weighed myself, it was 180. I am not sure where I am at now. As I stopped doing that when I started having issues.

    My boyfriend is really great and tells em how beautiful I am every day. He makes me feel special. I don't think guys really know or understand making comments like that, how they really can affect a girl with self esteem issues to begin with. I have been told I am over sensitive since I where my heart on sleeve.


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