Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ending the Holidays

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Today has been a good day.

I slept until around 9:30 when my husband woke me up.  He was going to go outside and start putting up the outdoor Christmas decorations.

I asked him if we could go to A.C. Moore because I decided last night I wanted a pot-holder loom.  He said we could.  He called his mom to make sure she wasn't going anywhere, and she mentioned having some hamburger meat thawed so she came over and we grilled burgers and hotdogs for lunch.

So, we went to the mall and got the potholder loom.  We also went to Target and got an electric can opener, because the hand held ones I keep getting keep not working.  (Really, it shouldn't be THAT hard to open a can of tuna!)  We also got boxes of valentine chocolate because that was out already.

The book behind me says "Edge of Normal" and that amuses me.
So, Nanna stayed with the kids in the playground for the 40 minutes we were in Moore and Target.

After that we went to the library.  Its close to the play place in the mall, so it was a quick trip across the parking lot.

Between my husband and myself we checked out 38 items.  He checked out a lot of DVDs and comics.

If you want to see all the books I checked out, then click on my Library Haul blog link.

Once back home we put the baby for a nap, the older one played Mario Maker, and hubby took down the rest of our Christmas stuff.  No more tree in the living room now.  FINALLY it seems to me.  I'm such a Grinch/Scrooge about Christmas anymore.

While he did that I made potholders.

Well, in theory they are pot holders.  In actuality the box said they are decorative only, so I'm afraid they'll melt or something, so I'm using them for coasters.  I think I have enough loop to make 2 more, but that's not what I really wanted the loom for.  I wanted it for this:

That is, in theory, a dish cloth.  Which clearly I need a little practice making.  But maybe, possibly, in the future, I might be able to make them good enough to sell in my etsy shop.  (If not, the loom costed less than $3 after a coupon and its fun to make the pot-holders/coasters)

We shall see.

Then, while everyone ate leftovers I cleaned off my desk.  One of my resolutions (if I ever get around to writing them) is going to be more neat/tidy this year.  

We were gonna have a game night, but a family friend came over, bearing gifts for the boys.  So he sat and talked, and played with the boys. 

He got them a huge set of toy cars, a lego type fire truck to build, and a Bambi toy for the baby.

I washed dishes and will soon disappear into the bathroom for a quick hot bath therapy.  Back to work tomorrow.  (Oh, and a blog post will be coming about THAT one soon.)

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful new year so far!

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