Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bookshelf Before and After

Today I decided to start tackling the hot mess that is my bedroom.  Since hubby took care of my laundry I had let pile up, and the mountain of stuff that was my side table I didn't have to worry bout those.  Just the two shelves to the right of my bed.

I'm sure I've shown pictures of them before.

This one to the left here is probably the easiest to fix.  I need to go through it and decide which books to get rid of and which to keep.  I need to re-arrange a little and make more use of the space that I do have, since I don't have much space.

I thought I would start at the top and work down, but changed my mind.  I decided I'd start with the most annoying one.

The second shelf down, where everything is all leany.  That is all of my craft magazines and spiral bound notebooks.  And every time I pull one out, they all flop over!

The Leaning Tower of Notebooks!
I thought, I need a magazine file, but I didn't just happen to have any of those on hand.  Then I thought, how hard could that be to make?

So I went to youtube, because youtube is my favorite, and I found a video for a 3 pocket magazine holder.  All I needed was some boxes, and some paper.  And some glue.  And I had all of that on one.

At first I was worried that I woudln't be able to find enough similar sized cardboard to make it.  However, a trip to the recycling trash can brought me to these boxes.

They are from my husbands last order of Snap-N-Store Double Wide CD Storage Boxes (he uses them to store his DVDs in) and they turned out to be perfect.

I mean, they were the perfect thickness.  And the perfect size.  And there was the perfect ammount of them.

I even have one left over that I think I'm going to try to make a pencil cup out of.  But that would be another post.

So instead of hitting that shelf, I dug out a too small cutting mat, a box cutter, my metal yard stick, and I proceeded to make a hot mess.

My crafting process isn't pretty.  And my "studio" is a baby's room.
There is a reason I'll never be a "professional" crafter.
 My husband had been mildly amused to see me dragging his boxes back inside out of the recycling.  He was pretty much non-interested in the craft at this point.

This is also the point where the baby went to bed for his afternoon nap and I had to move to the dining table where I may or may not have glue some scrapbooking paper to the table while turning those cut down peices of cardboard into this:

I was surprised when I showed it to my husband and he thought it was "neat."  He said, "Thats what you made with the boxes?"

Yep.  I made a thing.

Then I took the thing into the bedroom and started stuffing my stuff into it.

The notebooks went in the left.  Magazines in the center and right.

Admittedly I didn't organize the magazines, just stuffed them in.

I had a 6 year old and a 2 year on in my bed at that point, and there is where I had the stuff laying.

Then, taking it one step forward, I turned the box backwards, completely hiding the stuff!

I put the other things back on the shelf, all in a row instead of a leaning tower just waiting to fall down and impossible to get things back where they came from because of the crazy tilt.

So, I only got one shelf done, but really, you can only do one shelf at a time anyway, right?

And I hope to make a second magazine file to go to the right, to hold unused canvas boards, and blank 8.5x11 papers that are on that shelf (and others) as well.

I have to go on another cardboard hunt though...don't have enough of those perfect boxes left.

When I get the cardboard for the second one, I think I might make a more detailed tutorial post on the process.


  1. OMG! You are so good! I would have never been able to make one. I bought a couple at Target. Looks awesome!

    1. My comments seem to be going nowhere tonight. :(

      I would love to have a shelf full of matching plastic ones actually, but storage is not in the budget right now. Free, however, is totally in the budget.

  2. I love the idea of turning it around backward. I never would have thought of that. When I worked in the schools each kindergarten student had to bring a cereal box for similar purpose. They were supposed to cover them at home, but often parents did not do that, so then the teachers came up with stuff to cover them with. Do you have cereal boxes? Oh, and I probably am going to borrow at least some of the idea.

    1. Go ahead and borrow away. I can't claim the idea for myself, just copied a youtube video.

      We don't have any cereal boxes at the moment. Not big cereal eaters here, it takes us a while to empty a box.

  3. I think you need to come to my house with your craftiness :)

  4. What a great idea! And it sits perfectly on your bookshelf! Will have to look up those videos!

  5. Brilliant way to organize! Thanks for sharing with Let's Play!


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