Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Artful Blogging as a Life Goal

Well, it's happened again....

We went to the book store today and while we were there I went by the magazines and...

I left with a copy of Artful Blogging.

I've mentioned this magazine several times in this blog and some of my others.  I love it, though I very rarely buy it (it's $15 an issue).  When I do get one in my grubby little hands, I devour it.

Then I get all mopey.

Why does actually getting my hands on a magazine make me all mopey?

Well, because I want my blog to be the kind of blog that can BE in the magazine.

And its not.  I mean, content and photographic skills aside (which I've brought up before in Beauty and Bowls), Noner Says sometimes isn't "family friendly" and you kinda gotta be to be featured.

I've often though that I could easily just start another blog, build it up for a year, and submit it.  Blogger is free, I can have as many blogs as I want.  Many of the bloggers featured in Artful Blogging have free blogspot blogs.

The only thing stopping me would be a "theme."

I'm a personal blogger, but I don't live a beautiful or bloggable life.  I work retail. I come home and play on the computer.  Sometimes I make crafts, but nothing like the amazing things in artful blogging.

Today, looking at the photos in the current issue, I found msyelf thinking about my last post here.

If my Dream of Homesteading was able to come true, I would have something PERFECT to make an Artful Blogging blog about.

Rustic and Rugged farmhouse photos.  Chickens, and nests full of handsome eggs.  Rich dirt in gritty gardens.  And myself and my boys living and loving an artful and fufilling life.

Yeah, that would be a much more appealing photographic feast than me trying to sneak pictures of the grey wall across from me as I stand behind a register for 8 hours a day.

Not to mention that countryside itself makes tons better pictures.

Look at this handsome beast!
(image credit)
Who would not rather see a picture of my (hypothetical) neighbors cows than a picture of the crack house down the street?

Some people can find beauty anywhere.  They could take my little Cannon PowerShot, shoot a photo of a manhole cover, add a filter or two, and have a work of art.  I am not one of those people.  I gotta have something beautiful to work with to take even a halfway decent picture.

The Potholes on my street are not so photogenic.
(image credit)
So, I'm about halfway though this issue and I've all but decided that I'm gonna have to do SOMETHING.  Because I need a goal in life, and since every goal I set for myself turns into fairy dust I need an ACHIEVABLE goal.

Is creating a new blog good enough to get into Artful Blogging an achievable goal, when I live a life like the one I have?

Nope, its not.


  1. Yes, it is an achievable goal.

    Let me ask you a question, how do you think my home is like based on seeing my blogs? Trust me when I say I edit many things out from the blogger's eye to have blogs that are appealing to come back to. My kitchen is tiny with hardly any cupboards. A draw does have a face to it. Another is screwed on to look like a draw but really isn't. I take pictures on top of my deep freezer or kitchen table. As I have absolutely no counter space to do so. I have a shelf to store things. It is one jumbled mess. As my daughter will place things in the first empty space she can find. Instead of their proper spot. Her chore is to put dishes away. Sometimes I take twenty photos to get one just right to use in my blog.

    So, yeah if I can do it. I think it is a very achievable goal for you.

  2. I've never heard of the magazine. I'm not sure if i want to read it or not! haha. I think that your answer of 'no' might be too pessimistic. After all, I've seen some really unattractive blogs of all kinds (homesteading too). I think you can do just takes more creativity to take attractive blogging photos in our neighborhoods. By the you live near me? I think your crackhouse residents do business in my parking lot! ;)

  3. I admit that I get a little envious when I see so many professional looking blogs out there, especially compared to what my blog looks like! I actually like the look of all of yours. I also prefer personal blog posts.

  4. p.s. The magazine I want to buy every time I see it in the store is The New Pioneer.
    It's $10 an issue at the store. I see that I can get it for $25 a year for 4 issues online. I need to make that a goal!


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