Friday, December 25, 2015

A Few Gratitudes

I know that being Thankful is expected more at Thanksgiving than Christmas.  However, a good friend of mine suggested a few days ago that I should make a gratitude list to work on changing my currently (even more so than usual) negative perspective.

1.  I am thankful for our overabundance.

This might sound funny since we can sometimes struggle, but even when we struggle we are blessed.  There are almost always leftovers in the fridge.  We are not going hungry.

2.  I am thankful for family, near and far.

My mother in law lives right across the street from us, and she has been an amazing part of our lives.  Just today she (and my sister in law) cooked us an amazing and delicious Christmas lunch.  We'll be eating the leftovers from it for days.

My brother called me today and it was great to hear his voice.  I'd love to give him a giant hug, but a phone call is great too.

(I need to make more of an effort to communicate with my brothers in this upcoming new year)

3.  I am thankful for my children.

6 years ago we had a tiny little wonder in our home, still so new we barely knew what to do with him.
Today we have two walking (or rather running) riots.  Parker and Spencer can be a handful who try mommy's patience, but they are a blessing regardless.  Right now they are sitting and playing with their Christmas toys together, and the sound of their playing is a balm on my tortured soul.

4.  I am thankful for my house.

Its old, and there are a lot of things that I do not like about it, but it is a house.  It is OUR house.  A roof over our head, walls around us.  Protection.


There was meant to be more than this, but its late, and I have work tomorrow.  I'm going to go climb into my bed, turn my fan on, and drift off to dreamland...until tomorrow.


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  1. It is so good to remember our blessings. I sometimes turn into a very angry (for no reason) person, and it feels much better to be a blessed person. Merry Christmas, noner. I hope it is not a very difficult day.


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