Friday, August 28, 2015

My Imiginary She Shed

Today a friend of mine posted a link to Facebook about tiny homes, and it made me start thinking.

I would never want to live in a tiny home.  My own home is on the small side, but far from tiny, and I already don't have enough room.

That got me started thinking again about the concept of She Sheds.

You know how men have their "man cave."  Well, historically the female version of the man cave as the laundry room.  NO MORE!  A She Shed is typically a garden shed that has been re-claimed as a getaway space for the lady of the house.

Well, since my second son was born my "office" has become a 3x2 foot corner in a doorway of our dining room.  High traffic, loudest room of the house, no privacy, no extra room.

And I really want a She Shed of my own.

I found one I really like the look of:

This is the Santa Rosa 12 ft. x 8 ft. Cedar Garden Shed, and it has several of the things I want in a she shed.
It has a floor.  It has windows (with flower boxes!) and it has a porch.  I really wanted a covered porch, so I can put a rocking chair on it.

Unfortunately with a $4,000 price tag, this beautiful shed will not be mine any time soon.

But, just for fun, here are a few things my dream She Shed would have:

It would be the shed above, painted in yellow, with white trim.  I would have a rocker on the porch, and a little table.  I could sit there in the mornings, and have my coffee before the kids got up.

I would put a gutter on it, and it would drain into a rain barrel.  I would collect water in them to water the plants in my planter boxes, and the other plants in my yard. Or for filling up my paint brush rinsing cups.

I would have solar panels on it, to power my shed, so I would not have to run electricity and pay "the man" for my shed's power.  That would also let me run a stand alone AC in the summer, or heater in the winter.

It would be surrounded by a garden bed full of cedar chips, in which I would grow some greenery like Hostia plants.

Inside on one side I would have this kind of desk/shelf built:

That would be for my writing desk, with my notebooks and journals stored on the shelves.  I could write in my notebooks, or I could take my laptop out there. another wall I would have a fold up table.  Something not always in the way, but that I could fold down and use if I wanted to do some beadwork out there, or work on art out there.  I really like the look of this one to the left.

I like the extra storage inside the table.  I might not like the chalkboard though.  I'm not crazy into chalkboard.  Probably I'd like a cork board there, to pin up pretty pictures and inspiration.

Then, on the third wall of my imiginary she shed I would have a futon.  It could be a sofa, or I could pull it out and lay down to read or take a nap if I wanted to.

The floor would be unfinished.  Rough.  I would make a latchook rug for it, or a rag rug.  When I wasn't painting I would have the rug on the floor.  When I was painting I could pick it up.  I would not care if my floor got paint on it.  It would make it feel more like a studio to me.

I would paint the inside walls white, but there would be TONS of bright colors.  The rug.  Art on the wall.  The curtains.  I love color and won't have to be drab in my She Shed like I have to be in my own home.

I would have SHELVES everywhere on the wall, but I want the metal bracketed kind.  Where you lay a plank over movable boards.  So I could always move them to make room for bigger art or more books.


Well, I spent a LARGE part of today scrolling pinterest, finding things I want for my imiginary She Shed.  I guess I better quit wishing and face the $4000 reality.


  1. I love your new header!!! It looks fabulous!! I want a she shed myself. A place where it is all mine. I decorate or put in what I want. It would be my writing study. Must have internet. I would start when boyfriend went to work til he came home and be done for the day. Okay, teens get home two hours earlier than him. So, I would have stop sooner and start dinner.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you like it!

      Maybe one day we will both get our She Sheds.


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