Sunday, July 5, 2015

Share a Link - 7/5

Good Morning fellow bloggers!  How are you all on this 5th of July?

Did any of you celebrate the 4th of July last night?

Now, its Sunday so its time to SHARE!

Remember, it doesn't have to be something you wrote today, or even this week, just as long as it is something YOU wrote.


  1. Happy 4th of July weekend, Winona! I was home alone with my dog Valentino for the day. That's okay, as it was a productive day of writing.

    1. I hope you enjoy your day Ruth! Give Valentino a good scratch in his favorite spot for me!

    2. Valentino appreciated the scratch behind his ears, Nona!

  2. Good morning to you too. I have just joined you here. Nice meeting you.

  3. Thanks for hosting.I hope you'll drop by and visit this week's Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) - it opens later today at


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