Thursday, July 2, 2015

On Floods and Rainbows

This morning it was cooler outside by a degree or two and the sky was heavy with clouds.

Maybe we'll get some rain today, I thought to myself.

There are areas in the world that are currently getting TOO MUCH rain.  Such as where my friend lives, as her house is getting flooded out an she's asking for help on how to solve some of her flooding problems. (so visit her flood pics and see if you have some good ideas!)

When it rains really hard here our back yard floods.  It lays low, so its like a big bowl.  But it rains here so infrequently, the second it stops raining the ground sucks the water in because it is very, very thirsty.

Normally we get enough rain here during the hurricane season, but that also means wondering if a hurricane is going to blow through and carry us off to Oz like Dorthy and her tornado.

Lately we have just been getting a lot of clouds.  And a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

But one time recently when it rained we did get a rainbow.

This rainbow watched us carry our groceries in one Friday.

The Bible says that that God sent the rainbow as a promise that He would enver destory the world in a flood again.

Instead now he just floods parts of it at a time.

And my husband often asks a question that I've started to wonder about msyelf.

If they can build an 800 mile long pipeline to carry oil, then why in the world can't they figure out a way to carry water from places that frequently flood to places that frequently run out of water.

I'm sure parts of California would love to have some of what parts of Ohio are getting right now.

But I guess we all know the answer to that question is Money.

Carry oil makes money.  Carrying water would only save lives......


  1. Oh how I love your husband question. That is something we have been pondering in my area. You would think someone would be on that to help the areas that flood alot and help those who are in need of water.

    1. Yeah, it had never crossed my mind until the first time he mentioned it. Now I wonder it too, every time somewhere floods.


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