Monday, July 13, 2015

Garlic Cheese Bombs: A Pinterest Experiment

I'm not much of a cook, but every once in a while I'll see a recipie that looks divine that also seems simple enough for even me to do it.

These Garlic Cheese Bombs by Spending with Pennies that I found on pinterest was one of those things.

It was simple enough.

1 can of biscuts
some cheese
some garlic
some butter
some more cheese (parmasan)
some dried parsley

For the recipie you halve your biscuts.  You wrap your biscut halves around a cube of cheese.  You close the biscut around the cheese and roll it into a ball.

You melt your butter (3 tsp) and your garlic (1 clove crushed).  You roll your cheese biscuit balls into the butter/garlic, then roll it in the cheese/parsley then bake until golden brown.

The pictures on pinterest were amazing golden brown Ooey Gooey GOODNESS.

So what happens when the cooking imparied gets ahold of it?  Well...this happens.

The original recipe called for a can of 10 biscuits.  Since I knew I'd be the only one eating these I only used a can of 5.  This makes 10 "bombs".  I thought my cheese to dough ratio seemed pretty good.

I didn't have any parsley, so I just dipped mine in the butter/garlic and then into some Parmesan.  I'm not sure how much the parsley would have changed the flavor. (PS Please don't judge me on the condition of my pizza pan.  I'm not a food blogger after all.)

Hot and fresh from the oven.  There is cheese oozing out where I didnt so such a good job of  sealing the biscut dough.  Oozing cheese is promising though.

I grab one and break it open and...

There was not as much ooey gooey cheesey goodness inside as I was led to believe!

What did I do wrong?  I think maybe my hunk of cheese needed to be bigger.  But if there were much bigger I don't know if my biscuit halves would roll around them.  Next time I might try it with more cheese though.

Now, if MY Garlic Cheese Bombs look good to you, you should check out the REAL recipie and all the proper cooking instructions at Spend with Pennies!


  1. Your garlic cheese bombs look yummy!! I made something like that without the garlic before. Looks like your cheese came popping out. I have done that before. Makes one heck of a mess.

    1. Yep, my cheese oozed. But that's okay, I just got to eat the crispy cheese off of the pan. They all actually turned out really yummy, but I've gotta figure out how to get more cheese inside next time.

  2. This looks delicious to eat. I have not eaten something like that. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    1. They were good, and really easy to make. You should try them.


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